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Fur Fun With Fred

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Inundated with Chocolates!

February 15th 2013 10:02 pm
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Catster was kind enough to make the big heart-shaped box of chocolates in the gift shop FREE on Valentine's Day, and OMC! did a lot of furs take advantage!! MOL!! We figure we'll be munching on chocolates until Memorial Day if not longer!!

We have a big furrmily, and several of our furriends sent chocolates to all of us - Meowmi says she counted thirteen pages of gift notifications on her yahoo account. . . at 25 gifts per page. . . . hm, I ran out of claw-I can't count that high!! Now I wonder how many chocolates are in each box, and if I multiply that by the number of boxes. . . oh, chocolate heaven!! Purrrrs!!

Thanks to all our furriends who sent chocolates to us!! Meowmi got a few sent out in the morning & intended to send more when she got home from teaching, but she was so tired she just sort of fell asleep. . .


Official Olde Furt

January 27th 2013 9:26 pm
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Sure enough, my angel brofur Junior got me an invitation to join Olde Furts, so I've been checking the place out and meeting some of the members. Looks like a good and supportive group of furs, and best of all, NO KITS!!! MEOWWWWWW!!!! They have a great breakfast club with all the yummies a fur could dream of, and places to honor members who are having birthdays or bridge annifursaries, or who have received recognition like Cat of the Week or Diary of the Day! (Like my angel brofur Junior, who has been a Daily Diary Pick not once, not twice, but THREE times this month! But far be it from me to say he's being piggy! MOL!

The members have been very welcoming in the group forums and even with rosettes, too! Calvin and Misha Angel sent fun Snowmen and the group as a whole sent a Heart Rosette! Very considerate and friendly furs!

Think I'll head back over to the group house and if I can find a good napping spot away from the kits around here!


Feelin' Old & Cranky

January 20th 2013 9:57 pm
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Have been so annoyed with the foster kitties taking attention that should be directed to ME lately that my angel brofur Junior decided to ask the Olde Furts group if I could join so I'd have a place to hang out away from the craziness of the kids. Sure enough, today I received an invitation to join, and now I am an Official Olde Furt! Hey you kits, get off my lawn!! MOL! I'm looking fur some peace and quiet (along with my senior discounts)!


Sweet Giselle

October 19th 2009 12:00 pm
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Our little foster kitten Giselle left for the Rainbow Bridge today. Meowmi's lying in bed now, wondering if there's something else she could have done to save Giselle.

She was only about 6 months old, and we have had her since the beginning of June. She always seemed a bit sickly and small for her age. But last week she was suddenly unable to use her front legs. She was at the emergency vet for a couple of days, then at her regular vet daily through Thursday. X-rays didn't show anything, and blood tests were negative. . . The docs put her on antibiotics & steroids, and she was looking better by Thursday. . . but she started going downhill over the weekend. Meowmi took her back in this morning, and the doc agreed she looked much worse. She ran a blood test, and the liver value was "off the charts" - the doc said she had never seen that value so high in any cat. After much discussion of options, Meowmi and Doctor agreed the prognosis wasn't good, so to avoid more pain for Giselle, Meowmi decided to have her assisted on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge.

RIP sweet Giselle (4/15/09 - 10/19/09)


Happy Birthday to Me!!

April 14th 2009 9:38 am
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MOL! Meowmi forgot to make a birthday photo for me to use today, so I'm recycling one from last year! Can't believe it's been a whole year since I turned 8!

It's been a wild and zany year with all the foster kittens coming and going -- I'm surprised I haven't turned grey from all the excitement!

But I have my beloved fiancee Cookie to keep me sane. . . purrrrrrrrr. . . can't wait 'til the day we slip off & tie the knot!

Thanks to Catster HQ for the Birthday zealies!


Proposed Vet Services Tax in California

February 5th 2009 6:43 pm
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Meowmi wants me & Bondi to campaign against the proposed extension of the California sales tax to veterinary services. . .

I agree with Bondi - we think vets should be just as expensive as possible so Meowmi won't take us! hehehe!

But here're the instructions for calling the Governator for those cheapskate who don't want to pay a little extra to bail out the mess those politicians got us into. . . purrsonally I'm glad I'm a cat & don't have to worry about paying taxes.

* Call the Governor’s office at 916-445-2841.
* Select your language choice.
* Press “5″ to leave your opinion on a current issue.
* Press “1″ to select the issue of extending the sales tax to veterinary services.
* Press “2″ to “oppose” the Veterinary Services Tax proposal.


Purring for Conner on his sudden trip to the Bridge

December 13th 2008 9:00 pm
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Meowmi took some foster kittens to the vet today for the "Big O" -- but she came home with one fewer than she took. . . poor little Conner didn't make it. Apparently the surgery went fine, and there was no problem with the anesthesia. The assistant reported observing him starting to wake up . . . but when they took the carrier back to get him they discovered he had died in his cage! He was about 3 months old and seemed to be healthy. . .the vet was astonished. . . the other three - Santa Cruz, Penny, and Hershey are doing fine. . . Meowmi is sad. . . she hadn't even taken photos of him yet. . .


Polka Dot

December 1st 2008 10:16 pm
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Meowmi just heard from Polka Dot's new meowmi -- it sounds like Polka Dot is happy in her new home - so happy, in fact, that her new meowmi has renamed her Nirvana! Purrrrr. . .


Another Adoption or Three!

December 1st 2008 10:53 am
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Meowmi took some of the foster kittens to an adoption show yesterday, and one of them, Polka Dot, was adopted by a lovely lady who has a 5-year-old cat that needed a companion! Meowmi will miss Polka Dot, since she's a very sweet and cuddly kitten, but this looks like a great home for her. Meowmi's been so swamped lately that she doesn't have photos up of Polka Dot or the other newer kittens.

Another family put in an application for two younger kittens, Santa Cruz and Penny, but they couldn't take them yesterday since the kittens haven't had the "Big O" yet - Meowmi will have to try to get them in for the operations this week! But she doesn't want to count on the adoption yet, since she has held kittens and cats for people who didn't return for them.

We're all still touched by the Catster support on Felix's passing to the Bridge. This is a great group of furs!

Meowmi finds herself walking into the kitchen, thinking "I'd better put fresh water down for Felix" or looking at the clock to check if it's time for Felix's meds. . .

One analogy she came up with for him, when trying to describe Felix's dignity to friends, is that of a giant container ship (piled high with huge railroad boxcars of goods from overseas) placidly moving through the harbor, oblivious to all the tiny motorboats and sailboats darting past. I guess you need to live near the major harbors to appreciate that! When Felix was ready for dinner, he'd walk up and stand looking at Meowmi until she got up & headed for the kitchen. He would parade before at a stately, dignified walk, and there was no getting past him to hurry things up! If she was feeding him in the bathroom (so the kittens wouldn't steal his food), he would wait for her to warm it in the microwave, then again parade ahead of her to the bathroom, ignoring other kittens or cats in his path, where he would stop & look up as if to say he was ready for dinner to be served.


It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

November 29th 2008 10:15 am
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I was surprised when Meowmi logged in to Catster this morning and discovered I had been selected as a Daily Diary Pick! Thanks, HQ! And thanks to those friends who have sent well wishes!

Unfortunately the honor comes at a sad time for our furmily . . . the patriarch of the furmily, 19-year-old Felix, departed for the Rainbow Bridge yesterday, leaving me as eldest of the furmily. It was bittersweet bidding Felix goodby -- we're sad to have him depart this world, but he hadn't been feeling well the past few months. So we know he's fully restored and enjoying the reunion with sisfur Fanny and brofur Alex, along with many furriends who preceded him to the Bridge.

We thank all who have sent condolences on Felix's passing, and we'll try to thank each one purrsonally as Meowmi is able.

Purrrrrrrrr. . . . .

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