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MED UPDATE: Sammy 2/19/09 DAY & NIGHT and more...

February 20th 2009 3:58 am
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CONCATS to our special furriend Monte Carlo ( fur being a DDP today! HOORAY!

Also, we continue to PURRRRR furr our sweet buddy Hooch with his dreadful hyperthyroidism and nausea and vomiting. He started his meds today so we have our paws crossed it will help.

MED UPDATE FROM MOMMY: SAMMY WAS SUCCESSFULLY WEANED OFF OF OXYGEN TODAY! YAY! Starting at 11am he was in a regular cage with no oxygen tubes. Unfortunately, the trade-off was a telemetry patch trio...which means the little patches and wires that monitor his heart. The only trouble being that since cats don't have skin like people where the patches can be adhered to, he had to get 3 more spots shaved down and the patches were STAPLED into his skin. OUCH :( But I guess it's a small pain with a great gain: so Sammy can be safe and the vet can be alerted if he starts having heart failure or dangerous acceleration. Sammy will be tested tomorrow for Pericardial Effusion --hope i spelled it right-- (means if the sack around the heart is filled with fluid). He still has a bit of Pulmonary Edema -- blood& fluid swelling the lungs, but it is less today. He still has popping congestion sounds after he drinks water and he sneezes a bit, but all in all, he is doing amazing not on the oxygen...exceeding our expectations!!!! Sammy didn't eat all day until 2:45 am (it was already the 20th). Sammy is still VERY lethargic and tired. He refused food all day until the last minute before I was going home for the night. When Sammy does eat food this indicates that he is gaining interest again in small activities which may mean that his pain level is reducing! I also noticed that the pink color has come back to his nose!STRANGE NEW DEVELOPEMENT: Sammy has muscle spasms in his thighs and the doctor said his kneecaps were popped out :( ???? We are unsure how this happened; maybe his little legs buckled with the trauma of collapsing twice last Sunday and Tuesday ???

SAMMY SAID: Meowmy was with me 3 times today -- from 11:00am - 2:30pm / 5:00pm - 8:30pm / and 10:00pm - 3:00am. The vets didn't even mind because meowmy cooperates and stays out of everybodies way. She just sits in a chair infront of my cage and keeps her warm hands on me while I rest. I refused food all day long until 2:45 in the morning right before mom was going to leave to go home and sleep, she tried once more to feed me. A very nice nurse heated up some canfood for me so I could smell the meat and enjoy it warm! I acutally ate about a full tablespoon (licked off my mom's finger), and drank more water. I still have not gone poopies since Sunday, so I am on "bowel movement watch". If it gets really bad they'll do an xray to see if I am compacted but It's probably cuz i'm tired and weak and haven't eaten enough to push it out. If I continue to do well, then I may get to go home Saturday! PAWS CROSSED! ALL YOUR PURRRRRRRRRRS ARE STRENGTHENING ME & HELPING! THANKS EFURRYBUDDY FURR PULLING ME THROUGH! AND THANKS TO SIR SONNY & THE OTHER ANGELS WHO SPRINKLED ANGEL DUST OVER ME TO GET BETTER! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET HOME AND SEE ALL MY GIFTS! THANK YOU! LOVE, HUGS, WHISKER-KISSIES, HEADBONKS, PURRRRRRRS AND PEACE TO ALL!

BEST PART OF THE DAY: I am OVERJOYED to report that at 10:00pm I brought Sammy's little sis-furr to the hospital and we came to visit Sammy together! I put her in the cage with Sammy and they were immediately shocked and relieved to see each other. They slept side by side, pressed up against each other (Taylee hogged the blankie though, MOL!) Truly a kodak moment! I really feel this helped Sammy. He immediately fell asleep and got some good rest because he was comforted by Taylee's presence. I even fell asleep with my head inside the cage, resting on my arm with Sammy's face against my hand.We stayed together for the whole night and Taylee even got a few licks of Sammy's food, MOL! THIS IS A NIGHT I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, WHETHER OUR TIME IS LIMITED OR WILL BE PROLONGED. OUR LITTLE FAMILY OF THREE WERE TOGETHER AGAIN. I FELT THE BLESSING AND THE MIRACLE & BONDS OF LOVE WITH MY KITTIES AND THAT WILL LAST FURREVER! I hope I can return all the love that has been showered upon us by such dear catster furrriends during our time of crisis. LOVE TO ALL, Sammy's momcat.


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