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Willow's story

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Time to say hi and tell of our new big adventure

January 20th 2012 11:20 pm
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Wow has it really been 8 months since we last posted a post here? Where has time gone? We have big new adventures coming up and it will be another year before we will get to post here again so we need to say goodbye and tell of our adventure to come.

Our human is going away for 1 whole year and cannot take us with him. Silly humans we should be able to go with our human on his adventures as well. So after searching very hard for a new cathouse to live in we have found one. And we are going to live with a dog. I dont mind dogs but my brother Muffin doesnt like them very much. But we get a whole room to ourselves on the second floor of this cathouse. And as this dog is very old, he does not do stairs according to our human. We also get a nice very large fenced yard to explore and catnap in.

Its been quite the year 2011 with lots of new people in our cathouse and now we start this year off with another big new adventure.

We hope all our friends here are well and we will Meow at you all again next year.


Hi all

May 16th 2011 10:23 pm
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I know we have been bad about visiting here for a while but our human has had a hard time of it since we moved last fall. And he just recently got the internet at home again. I see we have missed quite a bit. I am not feeling well and will have to see the dreaded vet as soon as my human can afford it. I have had a sore spot on my back for a few weeks and my human just noticed the lump there that I have been trying to hide from him. Its not a very big lump but it hurts. Overall my activity level is ok and I am eating normally but my human is concerned. We will post here when we have further news. Meow.


Blackies Big adventure

June 27th 2010 11:26 pm
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Well, I ran away this week for 3 days. I got scared by our humans mom and jumped out of a 2nd floor window onto grass. Our human was out of town again and my brofur and I wanted to go outside so I went. Our humans mom did not see me for 3 whole days but when our human came home all worried about me, there I was waiting for him. I was not hurt in the jump. This recent move along with our humans continuing absences are making this adjustment very hard. My brofur Muffin has started to make friends with our humans mom but she scares me and I dont know what to do. Well I guess I should catnap on it Meoq till later.


Moving update

June 20th 2010 12:00 am
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Well we settling nicely into our new house and gettiing outdoor access again. Where we live now, there are few predators with no Coyotes and few Cougars so we will be getting lots of outdoor time. Today another cat came into our yard for a visit. An orange tabby came to welcome us to the neighborhood. He didnt like our human and ran away but I think we might have a new friend. We have a very big patio thats purfect for lazing around in the Sun and a very big yard with lots of birdies in it to chase. Dad mentioned the V word saying we need to get our shots if we are going to be outside lots and the hate that V word. Oh well time to join dad in bed. Moew for now



June 3rd 2010 3:55 am
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Hi all, long time no meow. Well what a day, 5 hours in our cat carriers. It waas moving time and we moved a long ways, 3 hours by car and 2 hours by ferry. Now we have the internet again and will be regulars here once more. Time to go and continue exploring our new house. Meow for now


Bad news today ;-(

September 3rd 2008 9:57 pm
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We just learned that our sweet sisfur Cinamon is going to the bridge tomorrow due to to bone cancer. She is/was such a sweet friendly girl who never met a human she didnt like.

Please join us in purrring for her and her human tomorrow around 4pm PST as she goes to the bridge.



August 27th 2008 6:29 am
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Well we are slowly settling into our new cathouse and exploring. We still hide alot but get into bed with our human when he is sleeping. We still have not been allowed into our room as it is full of boxes still but maybe soon. We can hardly wait.

Later all.

And our friend Harbour never returned home and has not been seen by the neighbors. Hopefully he is still well.


We have moved

August 24th 2008 8:08 pm
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OMC it happened, we had to take a ride in those horrible boxes to our new cathouse last night. We dont like it and we let our human know by hiding right away and then attacking him constantly all night Hee hee, he didnt get much sleep last night. Well back to nap here so we can keep him up all night tonight.
Blackie+Muffins human here, well they still were hiding all day today, but they found their food and litter box so hopefully they will adjust. This is only their second home after being caught as feral kittens and joining me so they havent gone through this before. I didnt know when to move them and waited until almost the last minute not sure what would be the easiest for them. Hopefully they will settle down quickly because I sure need my sleep.



August 16th 2008 6:41 pm
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We have decided that we do not like moving. All these strangers coming and going, our favorite sleeping spots disappearing. Our human told us we will be moving next week too. I have all my toys gathered up except for the ones under the fridge. But my brother Muffin insists he isnt going anywhere in that horrible box again. He is acting weird and not happy either. Oh well probably next Friday we will be exploring our new cathouse hopefully we will like it.

Oh and please purrr for our friend Harbour who fell out of a second floor window this week and has not been seen since. His family is worried sick about him. Harbour is not a on catster yes but maybe soon if he comes home.

Purrrrs all.



August 4th 2008 5:39 am
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Uh oh what is going on? Boxes appearing, strange people going through my house and stuff starting to go away. I am not so sure I am liking this moving. Our human is telling us that we will have our own room and internet every day. He insists it will be better than our current cat house. But we have never moved before. We will see soon as our human said we will be moved by the 20th so we will see. I guess I'd better point out all our toys under the fridge and everywhere else we hide them so he wont forget them.

Purring for all the sick kitties, later all.

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