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"Thanks Zack, it's hard to get the ears myself! This picture is old, but still a favorite. We are angel brothers now."

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Sex: Male   Weight: 8 lbs.

I was so nice and healthy in this photo, before the asthma began.

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"I was so nice and healthy in this photo, before the asthma began."

Thank you for all the purrs.  My pals are the greatest.

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"Thank you for all the purrs. My pals are the greatest."

This is my favorite toy.  I used to love to play with it.

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"This is my favorite toy. I used to love to play with it."

Cat nap with Zack, before he left for the Bridge. (Picture taken Jan 7th, 2008)

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"Cat nap with Zack, before he left for the Bridge. (Picture taken Jan 7th, 2008)"

You can see where they shaved my leg to give me my shots, I had a bald spot. but it grew back.

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"You can see where they shaved my leg to give me my shots, I had a bald spot. but it grew back."

~Sleepy purrs and love to my friends~

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"~Sleepy purrs and love to my friends~"

Chillin' out on the counter.

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"Chillin' out on the counter."

Having a good day.

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"Having a good day."

Thinking about my lovely  Arwen.  She is my forever love.

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"Thinking about my lovely Arwen. She is my forever love."

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Stinker, Stinkster, Mr. Purr

Quick Bio:
-part feral-cat rescue

October 1st 2001


dinner time, being hugged, laying on dad's chest, laying on the kitchen table

sharing us with other cats, especially Jack, giving up his chair, when momma won't let him in the office

Favorite Toy:
long tail mouse, wrestle toys (mean kitty dog toy), leather whip toy which he drags to us to play, Christmas bow

Favorite Nap Spot:
On top of the refrigerator, rocking chair (cushion ruined long ago and replaced with a kitty bed), strangely enough, this cat hardley sleeps when we're home during the day. I think that may be why he is so neurotic.

Favorite Food:
Purina Pro Plan Turkey, milk, ham lunch meat, Friskies treats

14" long tail, catching toys in mid air, saying "Maw", and"maw-ma, talking to himself, he can spell "pill"


Arrival Story:
Stinky had a rather unusual beginning. We were wiring a computer network at a trucking company and heard a cat crying somewhere in the building. The receptionist said that there was a cat trapped in the wall between the men's and women's restrooms, and had been down there several days. With a rigged up pole and rope, we were able to fish him out. Boy did he smell, hence his name! Once out he clung to my shirt front, looked up with his still cloudy young eyes, and meowed once. My husband immediately said "No more cats", to which I replyed, "Too late, we've already bonded." He answered, "How can you bond with one meow?" Easy! We learned he was part of a feral litter born behind the building, and was about 3~4 weeks old. He weighed just a little over a pound so we bottle feed him untill he learned to drink out of a bowl.

Stinky's first night, he slept in my lap, and for the next two years he always slept touching me, even when I'd nap on the couch, he'd be right beside me. He always was a nervous, jumpy cat, but it really got bad when we brought home Jack. Jack was the first adult male we had rescued, and Stinky was too afraid to make friends. He is such a scardy cat, he growls and dives under the bed whenever Jack shows up. When Jack started sleeping beside me, Stinky doesn't (he's now in his rocking chair), and I really miss his special touch. He has grown into a beautiful boy and we love him dearly. Even though he's a pretty large cat, he insists on eating out of the tiny ceramic kitten bowl I bought him when he first came home with us. He still wants to be the baby. To us he always will be. Update: Jack decided he likes the hearth better, so Stinky has moved back to bed with me! Ridiculous, how much you can love a cat. After many years, Jack and Stinky have finally come to an "agreement". Jack keeps a respectable distance, and Stinky allows him to live here, with no fighting. They actually lay beside each other occasionally, but never touching. Stinky is still jealous, but has mellowed into a very sweet boy, with the loudest purr in the house. Update: Stinky became very ill last year (2008) and was diagnosed with acute asthma. We have no idea how this happened, he never even had a cold before. So my poor boy is on two medications for life, which only barely keep it under control. When the weather is humid or rainy, he struggles to breathe. It breaks my heart. But he faithfully takes his medicines every day like a champ. My prayer is that one day he will breathe normally again. This boy has my heart, and yes, he had it at "Meow".

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I had her at 'meow'

Birthday : October 1, 2001

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Arwen & Stinky
Anniversary~September 25 (07)

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My Lovely ARWEN

We're a purrfect match!

I love you, my beautiful Arwen

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Diary of a Deranged Black Cat

Heaven Received My Angel Boy Today

August 15th 2010 6:37 pm
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I will write this for my Stinkster, but soon, he will write again in his own special voice.

I just got home from a very long day of work today, we were working out of town. I found my precious boy lying under a small table in the hallway. I called his name, and called it again. He did not rise to greet me like he always does.

He was already cold and stiff. I cried and cried as my husband helped to pick him up.
I was not there when he needed me the most.
Oh God, why was I not home? Did I fail him in his last minutes?

We had a special bond, Stinky and I.
We had that bond since I first held him when he was a one pound kitten. He was always "my boy".
I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to my precious boy.
I knew this day was coming. For months we have been discussing if it was time to take him on a final trip to the vet, then he would rally and start eating with vigor. I told him he could stay as long as he liked. Some nights I think he only ate because I asked him to. I would say "just one more bite sweetie", and he would grab another mouthful as I held his plate. It helped if my husband or I held the plate at a comfortable level so he didn't have to bend his chest. It exhausted him to eat. His breathing was so bad, despite all the meds.
I am thankful that my boy is now at peace. I will never, ever stop thinking of him, or missing him.
Please understand if I am not able to write back very promptly.
Thank everyone who has always been so supportive and kind in Stinky's Catster life. Please help me keep his spirit alive.

Love always,
Teri and David


Scared Her Good!

April 12th 2010 12:03 pm
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Hello my friends,
I haven't been doing a very good job keeping up with my diary. Sorry.

Last night, I decided I wanted to sleep outside "my room". Mom tries to keep me in the room with my air-purifier machine, (by the way, the new one works great) but sometimes I get "cabin fever", and have to get out and roam around. So this morning, when mom got up, she went to look at Lucy, and then went to find me. I was curled up in one of the suede beds. Totally curled up in a ball. Mom touched me and thought I felt stiff. Her heart jumped. She stroked my face, and I didn't move. She thought, oh no, oh no, and touched me again. This time I raised my head and said "huh?" "You need something mom?" I heard her sigh and she said "Stinky! Don't do that to me again!" Hey, I was just sleeping soundly. Thats the good news. I haven't sleep so good in a year at least.

I also may be going to try something new. I will tell you more about that later, but it is an inhaler system that uses a human asthma inhaler, and a special mask to fit cats. Our dear friend, Luke sent a great link that shows just how to use it. Thanks buddy.
My super-kind friend, Miko, and his family are sending it to us. His beautiful angel sister, Mea used it when she was ill. Mea, I would be honored and very grateful.

Thanks, friends for caring.

Rattly purrs, Stinky


Aw, Missed It!

March 25th 2010 9:35 am
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Well grrrr, I missed my special day being a DDP.
We didn't get to spend any time on Catster yesterday, and I just found out.
Hey, it's just as nice though. Thanks Catster!

Thank you to my friends who wrote and sent some things. I am not going to let those thank you's get away from me this time. I'm going to do them right after I finish this.

Oh, and the new CVS cat beds washed up just fine. We went back to see if they had a couple more, but the store by us was already sold out. We'll look at another one later on.
Mom spent part of yesterday washing up most of our older beds. She did 14, I think, and there are still about 10 more to do. It's a big job.

Also, it's a perfect day here today. It was forecast to rain, but the sun is out, the birds are singing, and I'm happy!

Many rattly purrs, my friends.
Love, Stinky

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