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Won-Ton Reflects

I Have Been In The Hospital

April 12th 2012 2:36 pm
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I have had way too many medical adventures these past few months. I do not like that kind of excitement; it is most unpleasant. But, sadly, I have not been a well kitty, and my mom and dad needed to help me get better by taking me to the specialist hospital.

I was having tummy trouble, with lots of pain and discomfort. It got worse and worse until one night I threw up a hairball of profoundly gargantuan proportions. I doubt that in the entire history of catkind, such a gigantic hairball has ever come out of such a dainty little girl such as myself. It was truly shocking. My mom was scared of it, it was so massive. She was almost afraid to touch it, but she mustered the courage from somewhere deep within and cleaned it up. Sometimes I really admire her bravery.

But even after getting such a monstrous object out of my tummy, I still felt really horrible. So much so, in fact, that I vomited a huge amount of blood. My mom and dad were very extremely scared by that, and took me in to the overnight emergency clinic. They gave me pain meds and something else to help my stomach.

They also said that I needed to get an ultrasound to rule out an obstruction, but they could not do it there, we had to go somewhere else to have it done. But the place they sent us to couldn't do it, nor could the place the second place sent us to. And even the next place couldn't do it. There was nowhere in 2 counties that could do an ultrasound that night. It felt like I was spending more time in my carrier in the car being driven all over creation looking for an ultrasound than I was at home. It was scary and stressful on top of me already feeling really sick.

Finally my mom and dad found a place that could do the tests I needed, but it was a long drive away. The people there were very nice. They gave me pain meds and lots of friendly scritchy-scratches, and I had a little snuggle-bed to hide in like a secret cave. I had to stay there for several days because of so many tests they had to do, but my mom and dad came to visit me every day, so that was nice.

I felt really strange from being on pain meds for so many days. It helped the pain to stop bothering me, but I felt so . . . peculiarly silly and goofy, I guess you could say. Everything felt soft and cottony and everything was so relaxed and nice and I didn't care about anything that was happening, because of how the pain meds made me feel.

Except for the day they did one particular test, called an endoscopy. When I woke up from that I felt really lousy, horribly lousy. Not even pain meds helped me feel okay. On that day my mom came by herself to visit me and I spent the whole visit curled in her lap with my eyes closed, feeling miserable. I was so glad I could lay on her tummy for a little while and get some peace and comfort, but it wasn't long enough. I wanted to lie there until the misery went away, but after a little while a nurse came into the room and brought me back to my little snuggle-bed in the hospital. I could tell my mom was really sad that no one knew what was wrong with me and she was really worried.

The nice people at the specialist hospital tried ever so hard to figure out what was wrong with me. All they knew for sure was that I'd had a bleeding ulcer but no obstruction. I had thickening of my stomach but no cancer -- but abnormal cells in the stomach region anyway. No one knew exactly what was making me sick.

I was on a lot of meds for a while, and I had a feeding tube in my neck. I don't know why I had a feeding tube because I wanted to eat regular food and I was able to eat regular food in the regular manner, but I still had a feeding tube because they said I had to have special food that had to get into my tummy whether I felt like eating or not. I didn't mind getting meds through the tube, but getting the special food through the tube was really yucky. I did not like that one bit. My mom and dad gave me plenty of my regular food that I ate eagerly so they were able to taper off the special yucky food, but I still had to get my meds through the tube, and on a strict schedule too because one of the meds had to be given on an empty stomach and the rest had to be given with food. It got so complicated my mom had to make a flow chart just to make sure the right things happened at the right times and that she and my dad didn't forget anything or give the wrong medicines at the wrong times.

The day the feeding tube came out was one of the happiest days of my life. The end of the tube had kept on getting loose from its sleeve around my neck and poking me in the face, and it itched where it came out of my neck. I kept on trying to scratch it but it was attached in such a way that I couldn't twist around far enough to reach it. I was supposed to wear one of those [CENSORED] cones, but my mom and dad wouldn't put it on me. They knew it would stress me out too much, and they watched me to make sure I didn't scratch the incision site or pull the tube out. They were even more glad than I was when the tube was removed.

It took me a while to recover, and I had a little relapse where I had to go back to the specialist hospital to get another ultrasound, but all in all I am feeling a lot better than I was. The inflammation has gone down but I still have the abnormal cells that are supposedly not cancer. My ulcer has healed and I haven't been throwing up lately. So that's good. I have days where I don't feel quite myself and I spend them quietly curled up in my mom's lap or on the shelf in my dad's office, but days of quiet curling up are good. Too much adventure is tiresome after a while. I look forward to more quiet days. My mom doesn't feel very well either, so she and I can keep each other company.


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Purred by: ZACK (Catster Member)

April 12th 2012 at 8:39 pm

Oh my goodness, you poor girl and what you have all been thru to see what is wrong!! So frustrating when you can't find that out. Purring for you that you start feeling like your normal self soon and the tummy problems go away.

Purring that both you and your mom feel better soon.

Purred by: Won-Ton (Catster Member)

April 12th 2012 at 9:09 pm

Thank you, Zack, for your kind wishes. My mom and I are doing a lot of cuddling!

head bonks,

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