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My mom and dad call the police

April 12th 2008 1:04 am
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Last night my mom and dad had to call the police. Yes, it's true! No joke. It was scary for a while, and exciting for a while, and a mystery for a while because I was shut in the bedroom and didn't know what was going on.

It all began when my mom was up late in the living room working on her little laptop, clickety-clack, clickety-clack. Soon she heard a noise that was not her own clickety-clacking. It came from outside. I heard it too, but I thought it was just a raccoon or possum.

Then there were more sounds coming from the front door. My mom paused her clickety-clacking to listen. I too raised up my head from my dozing next to her to listen. There were distinct noises coming from the front door. This was most peculiar. It was after midnight and both my mom and dad were home, so why was there someone outside the door?

The house was really quiet so it was easy to hear the odd sounds outside. It sounded like someone was pushing on the gate (which is big and sturdy and was locked). My mom sat frozen for a few moments, then set her laptop aside and strode to the front door. She turned on the porch light and opened the door.

I was most interested in what she might find. I did not see anything out the door. Neither did my mom, at first. Then she looked down at the stoop and said, "What the hell are you doing there? Hey, you! What the hell are you doing there?!"

There was no response.

She shut the door and went to wake up my dad. Her voice got high and tight explaining to him what was going on. He struggled into his bathrobe as he went to open the door. He yelled the same kinds of things my mom did at whoever was lying on the stoop.

There was no response.

Then my dad yelled some very bad things at whoever was lying on the stoop.

There was no response.

So he shut the door, and my mom called the police. She explained what was going on, and then my dad got on the line to give a description of the man on the stoop. In a few minutes some police cars showed up, and then everything got very confusing.

A policeman came to the house and talked to my mom and dad, who were both talking at the same time, and then the policeman was talking on his radio and other police cars were driving up and down the street, and I was trying to say hi to the policeman, because we never get any company over here and he looked like a very interesting person to get to know, and then I was trying to look outside, because the door was wide open and the night was so inviting and interesting outside, which made my mom and dad distractedly try to shoo me back into the house, and then my dad finally scooped me up in his arms and put me in the bedroom and shut the door.

That's when things got mysterious, because I was in the bedroom and didn't know what was going on. I heard my dad and the policeman go out of the house, and I heard my mom pacing around in the living room. After a few minutes my dad came back and he and my mom talked about what had happened. A few minutes later they let me out of the bedroom, and I explored all the interesting new strange man smells and policeman smells and mysterious night smells in the entryway while they talked some more about what had happened. When I was done nosing around, I sat between them on the couch while they talked for a long time about the strange man on the stoop who didn't respond at all when they yelled at him and then wandered off down the street only to be surrounded by five police cars and questioned by the police.

My mom and dad were shook up by it but eventually calmed down. It was very interesting here for a while but then it went back to being the usual quiet. We all went to sleep after a while.

Maybe that policeman can come back sometime, because I bet he's a very interesting person to get to know. I bet he's very nice and maybe has even helped to rescue kitties sometimes, when he wasn't chasing after strange men wandering around on people's stoops.


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