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Mischievous tales from an orange tabby

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Happy Birthday to me! ME-OW

September 3rd 2015 9:24 pm
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Thanks for the birthday wishes and pressies, they are much appreciated.

I feel terrible not writing in my diary for awhile. Mom says I am getting up there in age and she is very happy I came into her life. I have now been with the family 11 years. We moved last year and the family built an awesome screened in porch this spring. When the weather is nice, I like to sit out there and relax in a sun spot. The family likes that I can go out there and be safe since it is enclosed. Usually the dogs will be out there with me.

Speaking of dogs, they adopted this female shih tzu mix named Salad. I don't know what her problem is but she likes me a little too much. She was adopted from a shelter like I was and the pawrents say she was raised with cats. I guess she is OK but sometimes I find her annoying.

Anyway, I am doing pretty well and enjoying my birthday. Sweet 16! My health issues continue to be kept in check so that is always a plus as well. Can't complain too much.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes




November 21st 2013 8:16 pm
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Pawsome! I'm feeling so loved with COTD honor and now a Diary pick. Thank you so much Dogster and thanks to all my furiends for the concatulations and pressies. This has been a pawsome November.

One new event has happened since my day in the spotlight, the pawrents went to the shelter and adopted guessed! I'm surrounded by canines. I really don't mind though because dogs don't bother me. Mom thinks I might be part dog, MOL!

Thanks again pals



What a Cat-Tastic honor!

November 11th 2013 10:51 am
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I am so pawcited to be Catster's Cat of the Day!

While I'm not REALLY a sailor, my boy is and that is why mom dressed me up as a sailor this year. You see, my boy joined the US Navy when he graduated from school and just this year he re-enlisted for six more years.

Mom texted him this morning to tell him the good news about me and he was very happy to hear. I don't get to see him very often but whenever he visits, it is like he never left. We are inseparable and I sleep in his bed again. I have no use for his room when he isn't here. I'm so happy to hear he is coming home for the holidays :) ME-OW! Purrs of joy

Today is so special and I am getting tuna added to my dinner tonight as concatulations!

Thanks for the wonderful pressies and the pawsome furiend invites. I'm a lucky cat

Purrs, Emmett.

PS - I still have some medical issues but they are mostly under control. I can't complain, I'm a happy kitty


Under the weather

August 6th 2010 6:33 pm
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Went to the vet once again but they still don't know what is wrong with me :(

I have been constipated and vomiting yet the x-rays don't show blockage (just full intestines) and my kidneys are remaining stable with their values. Mom is at her wits end because I don't want to eat all the time and have overall been feeling pretty crummy.

For now I am on a laxative and on moistened food. Wish me well, this has been an on again and off again issue for several months now and everyone is stumped.



10 years old today!

September 3rd 2009 7:23 pm
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It was my birthday/gotcha day today and to celebrate I got canned Wellness seafood variety for dinner and some freeze dried Salmon. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love that salmon! Anyway, it was 9-3-04 when I was adopted and this has been my home for 5 years now. Call me one of the lucky ones. Wishing all my Catster pals the very best.



I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!

May 24th 2009 9:56 pm
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OK, Emmett is in the house and causing a stir!

It is not easy being the only cat in a house of dogs, but I manage and along the way may have learned a few things. The first thing I learned is the art of thievery. I am becoming proficient at this fine art and whenever possible I try to blame it on the dogs (the wrench in that whole theory is that the dogs seldom steal). Well, I'm working on the blaming part but it seems I usually get busted (like the time I stole the lemon bars and knocked the dish onto the floor that left it in a million pieces). No dogs to blame that time since they were all in bed for the night. OK, so I just need to work on NOT being the first one blamed . Bwaahahhahaaaha

Anyway, another thing I learned was that if I cause great bodily harm to the humans they will decided that giving me a BATH is not worth the effort at all. I have done GREAT in this category. It is amazing what torn clothes and claw marks can do to the fragile human psyche. One for Emmett! I have practically mastered that one.

Finally, the weather is warmer and I find that if the humans are busy cooking on the grill and have their hands full, it is the perfect time to run out and eat some grass. I will get picked up and placed immediately back in the house, but usually I get just enough grass to sufficiently throw it up in the least convenient spot.

So there you have it. Mischief managed!



Happy New Year Catster

January 1st 2009 8:15 pm
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I can't believe it is already 2009. Where does time go? Yesterday was so exciting being chosen as the Catster Diary of the Day! It was the purrfect way to end the year. Thanks for the great honor and thank you all for the pressies, concatulations, and all the pal requests. As I was enjoying the limelight, mom worked hard at creating a page for our beloved angel kitty Kammie. If you haven't had a chance, pawlease check it out and send her a friend request. I know she'd love it.

Have a healthy, happy, and blessed New Year!



OMC, I'm the Diary of the Day!

December 31st 2008 6:31 am
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Nothing exciting like this ever happens to me, but today I'm the Catster Diary of the day! Typically this is the canine house and all the cool stuff happens to the dogs, but today is my day. I'm purring like crazy over here. I still can't believe that I'm on the front page. I got a really cool letter from Catster and I already have new furiend requests! I love new furiends! Thanks Catster, you have made me one happy cat. I'm thinking with this great honor I'll even get some of those pawsome freeze dried salmon treats that mom has deeply hidden in the cabinets because I keep trying to chew through the packaging every time they are out. MOL

Happy New Year's Eve Catster!

Purrs of gratitude,


Updated my page

December 29th 2008 11:01 am
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I'm gearing up for change and sprucing up my page to welcome in 2009. Feel free to drop me a pawmail and tell me what you think. Mom thinks it truly represents me, whatever that means.

BTW - I've been pretty naughty lately. I've been quite the little thief and the pawrents are having to lock all food away in cabinets. The other day I found a brand new bag of dog food and chewed a hole right through it and started eating it. I got caught, too. :(

Oh well, it was certainly fun while it lasted.

Have a healthy and wonderful New Year!



It's true, I'm a sourpuss!

October 13th 2008 8:43 am
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I was busted yet again stealing lemon goodies off of the counter. Last time it was the delicious lemon bars (unfortunately I batted the tray onto the floor and it shattered glass everywhere!) and this time it was the lemon poppy seed muffins. Mmmmmmm, they are just so good that I licked the top off of one of the muffins. Now they are calling me a sourpuss. So there you have it, I'm guilty as charged.


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