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Rockin' With Riley

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Remembering...For Bubbie

September 5th 2009 8:47 am
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My brother, Zack, was writing to his fiancee, Kiwi, and telling her the story of my friend Bubbie, who was a victim of the horrible Menu Foods recall, that killed and sickened so many pets.
I still love and miss you Bubbie.
I was off Catster when you died, my friend. I know your mom tried to reach me when you became sick, and our computer was down. It still haunts me that I was not able to be there for you when you needed me. I hope you forgive me. I hope you are a happy angel now. I will tell Zack to look for you. I am glad we can still write to each other. I have been thinking a lot about you, so I decided to dedicate this diary to you, and to all the other cats too.
So much information is available now, to hopefully prevent this from ever happening again.
We will always remember.

Love, Peace and catnip purrs,
☮ Riley


My Nineth Birthday

October 15th 2009 9:38 pm
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My birthday came and went this year, without much fuss. With two of my brofurs sick, there wasn't a lot to celebrate around here.
But I did have a good day. I got extra treats, and mom brushed me, and I got to sleep on her head. She really hates this because I am so heavy, and I tend to pull her hair out if she moves. But she let me. *grins*

I received some nice birthday gifts!

My pretty friend, Pooters, sent me an Acorn, thanks! You made my day, Pooters. :)
My pal Casey, sent a tasty Shrimp. We're the same age now, Casey. Thank you, dude.
Three gorgeous sisters, (two who are newlyweds!), Little Bit, Sugar Bear, and Chai sent me a Beanie to wear! Thanks gals, can't wait to see what that will do to mom's hair, MOL!
And last, but never least, I received a Crown from my brother-in-love, Wally, and his fab brofurs, Alfie, Teddy Bearz, and Milo, and his beautiful angel sister, Sydney Rose,
You guys are always in my heart.
I also received an anonymous Birthday Cake, a few days before my birthday. Mom says she and daddy didn't send it, so I would like to sincerely thank the nice cat who did. It looks awesome on my page.

That's all for now.
Wishing you all Peace, Love and Catnip Purrs~
Riley (aka Beanbag)


More Gifts...WOW!

October 16th 2009 12:33 pm
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Hey, this birthday just keeps on getting better! COOL!

Daddy bought me a new bed. It's thick and soft, and fits between their pillows.
Mom hopes this will keep me off her head at night. hehehe...we'll see.
(there's a picture)

I got more presents from my friends too! wooohoo!

Teebo & Callie, and Tate & Tonka sent me cupcakes with blue icing! See? *sticks blue tongue out* Those are delicious!
Tony, and his very beautiful sister *heavy sigh* Anna, sent me a football and a very nice note.
And I got to wear a Crown from darling 'Lil Muppet. How nice that you came by on my birthday!
Also my pals Touky, Sacha, and Minette sent a cupcake with pink icing to our Birthday Page. I'm saving that one for after dinner. Purrrs.

My birthday wish is that each and everyone of you have a healthy, happy year, and come back here on my next birthday so we can do this again!!!

Peace, Love & Catnip Purrs~


Rude Riley~Bad Cat!

October 23rd 2009 10:28 am
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I bet you thought mom was saying that, and I was sleeping on her head again, pulling her hair out. NOPE. It's me saying that.
The reason, is because I STILL haven't even started sending out my thank you's to the nice friends who sent me birthday presents. But I pawmouse, I WILL!
We've been really busy here, and that's no excuse 'cuz everycat and their families are busy these days. Please bear with me, and the rest of my family who is even later than I am, s-h-e-e-s-h! How embarrassing.

If I don't write again, have a Spooky Halloween, and stay safe indoors!

Peaceful Purrs,


Holy Catnip! DDP!

October 29th 2009 1:44 am
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I'm a diary pick today, YAY!
Thank you, darling Muppet, lovely Nakita, and family, for the Pumpkin rosette, and for letting me know!

I have a Halloween story to tell you. I hope none of my brothers or sisters have already told this one.

Many years ago, my mom worked as a manager for a 24 hour convenience store.
On Halloween, the employees all wore costumes to work. Mom dressed up as a big mouse.
As she walked around the house getting ready that morning, her mouse tail kept getting caught on the doors, cabinets, etc. (Funny, my tail never gets caught anywhere) Anyway, she got to work, and as she started in the door, she was pulled up short because her tail was caught again. She turned around to see what it had gotten stuck under this time, and there was a big orange tabby, clamped down on it, and not letting go! He caught the BIGGEST mouse he had ever seen, MOL! All the customers were laughing, and it made the day more fun.

So I hope you all have a fun Halloween too! Stay indoors, kitties, and especially you black cats!

Peaceful Purrs, Riley


In The Hospital

November 23rd 2009 4:38 pm
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It all happened so fast...
I have always had a problem with nasal infections, causing me to get stopped up, and Dad has to routinely clean my nostrils of buggers. (sorry) That's why mom lovingly calls me Booger Boy.
I also get baby nose drops to keep them open. This last week, mom and dad were both sick with bad colds. Stinky was also having a really bad time with his breathing so mom has been sleeping in the office with him, on an air mat. All this leads up to the fact that they didn't see that I was not eating. I am a chubby cat, and hide that fact well.
But Saturday mom could tell I wasn't feeling well. My nose was clogged, so she cleaned it and put drops in. Sunday I seemed worse, laying around all day, and not participating. They left early for work today, and when they got home they found I had peed all over myself on the bed. Dad helped give me a warm sponge bath, and mom blow dried me with the hairdryer. Then she called the vet and asked to get me worked in.
I rode, wrapped in a big towel, on her lap, to the vets.
Once there, they took me quickly, and I got blood and urine tests, X-rays and an ultra-sound. The news was very bad. I have an infection of unknown origin (no wounds or abscesses anywhere) and it has spread throughout my body. My kidneys are in total failure (one was unrecognizable on the X-ray) and my liver is affected too. The numbers were too high to register. I am being given a strong all-over antibiotic intravenously tonight. If I make it through the night...I have a slight chance of a limited survival...but anything past that will be by the Grace of God. I need a miracle.
Mom stroked my face, and kissed me goodnight in the hospital, and she prays, and I pray I will still be here in the morning. Please will you pray too?

Thankful purrs,


I'm Still Here!!!

November 24th 2009 6:45 am
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I made it through the night!
I felt the purrs of so many wonderful friends.
I felt so many angel friends nearby, watching over me, and my brother Zack, and Wally were here all night.
I sat up this morning. :)
Mom has not been here yet, but will be soon. She talked with my vet, who is a little more optimistic today. The vet is giving me oral antibiotics too, on top of the intravenous ones. The infection is the big thing, the kidney issues are being dealt with with fluids, for now. If I eat, that will be very important for my liver, which is very compromised right now. I will have to stay in the hospital again today and tonight, but then we will see. I sure want to come home.
I love you all very much, and so do my momma and daddy.

Purrs, Riley


A Quick Note From Mom

November 24th 2009 12:25 pm
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All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you for all the purrs, notes, comments, rosettes etc.
I just got back from visiting Riley, and I am so happy at what I saw. He purred up a storm, nudged my hands and arms, and then plopped on his back for a belly rub! He kneaded the air with his paws. I can't tell you how this made me feel, and the tears of joy it brought to my eyes.
He is still in serious condition. Tomorrow morning they will repeat the blood and urine tests and see if the numbers have improved. I can't help but believe they will have because it is evident he is already feeling better. They said he ate a small amount for breakfast, but it was not enough to stop the liver from sustaining damage, so that will be another mountain to climb.
I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my boy well. There is more I want to say, but I have to go to work and make some $$$ for my expensive babies!

With love and a happy heart,
Teri & David


Another Night!

November 25th 2009 6:41 am
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Day Three:

Still hangin' on, my pals!
I had one small mishap, but I'm OK. I was purring and rubbing against the bars of the cage at the hospital (I'm still in the isolation room) and the latch popped open and I fell out on the floor!
I still can't see, the infection in my eyes has made them cloudy, so I meowed, but my meow is a little high pitched squeal. I got a little tangled in my IV line too.
Luckily I was in the bottom cage, because yesterday I was in the top one.
Finally someone came in and rescued me. Mommy says that latch is stiff, and has to be pushed down hard.
Today I have more tests done to see if the medicines are helping my kidneys and liver. I think they are going to start working on my eyes also. I hope I will be able to see again, there is too much I would miss.
I will write again, later today, after the test results come in.
I want to wish everycat and their families a happy Thanksgiving. Maybe I will get to come home and eat turkey?

Peace & purrs,


No Turkey For Me, But I Can See!!!

November 25th 2009 7:41 pm
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Riley here...and guess what?
My eyes are showing improvement, and some of the cloudiness is going away!
I think my nice vet has a little crush on me too, because she has the isolation room door open, and it lets me see straight down the hall to the lab. She says she is pretty sure I am watching what she is doing. *grin* The vet tech said I was "perky". Perky?
I don't feel so perky...and actually I would rather be on my soft bed at home. Hey mom, maybe you could bring it up here?
Well, I have to stay tonight, and probably tomorrow. My numbers have improved, but not enough yet. One number is now 80, from over 130, but it should be around 30. Still, that's progress. Also I ate a whole can of food today. I think that roommate cat I had who ate all day long, got me hungry. He went home, and now a very loud orangie is in the apartment above me. I hope he's not planning any Thanksgiving parties because I need some sleep.
That's about all I have for tonight. I hope everyone has a fun and filling Turkey Day!
Please, would ya save me some leftovers? I like the drumstick!

Goodnight purrs,

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