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We Mades A Blawg On Blawgger, Yesh!

January 21st 2014 1:57 pm
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We ish furry excited about it and we hopes to see lots of our furriends oFUR there - it ish furee and easy to make a blog, and some of our furriends ish already on there - yay!

Humphrey And Roger's Catnip Corner

If yew clicks on that link it will take yew there - we hasn't posted much yet but we hopes to make it a fun place and ish shtill figuring out how things work on there - we loves all of yew!


We Needs To Find A New PURRlace To Play

January 17th 2014 12:19 am
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We just hash no words fur how betrayed and upset we ish right now about Catster and Dogster being erased on March 3rd - Meowmy ish acually sick to her stomach because of it - but we wants to move furwards if we can and brainstorm about a new place to move to. If anypawdy hash any good ideas - and no, *not* Disgracebook, we do not like it there!! - purrlease let ush know. We wants to stay in touch with all our shweet furriends.

The worst PURRt ish losing my angel sisfur Greta's page - it wash a labor of love fur Meowmy and made her feel she wash still close to ush - visiting her page wash so wunnerful and the fact that Dogster will be destroying that page and the page of so many other angels is despicable. We dun want to be on the site any more at all at thish point, but are going to stay fur now so that we can exchange addresses with our furrriends, save all our diary entries, make screen shots of our pages and hopefully find a new place we can all move to together. I ish crossing my paws fur that to happen....

Much, much love to all our beloved furiends on thish site - the people who are doing this furry, furry sad thing know not what they are doing, and how many hearts they are breaking - I ish so glad I ish not a human, they makes the worst decisions sometimes and thish ish one of them.......


The Spring Tag Game

April 14th 2013 12:22 am
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My furiend Nermal tagged me to PURRlay the Spring tag game - I ish to write five things I likes about Spring and then tag five furriends to play, yesh! My favorite things about Spring ish:

1. I loves to hear birdies singing, even sometimes at night - so much fun!
I sits and watches furry carefully by our back screen door to see if I can see them too. Our bedroom window ish alsho a wunnerful PURRlace to birdy watch from, and I gets to lay on the big comfy human bed while I ish doing it.

2. Spring breezes ish the bestest - I loves they way they shmells flowery and FUResh, and sometimes a bit like birdies too.

3. In Spring Meowmy opens up our big bedroom window in the evenings fur me and my brofur to sit underneath and watch wildlife out back in our patio - sometimes I gets to see skunks and possums!

4. I likes all the nice flowers that bloom in the Spring - my brofur likes to eat those, eeesh - they hash such interesting and nice scents. Catnip grows furry well in the Spring too, MOL!

5. I loves all the nice Spring bugs, like ladybugs and spiders and butterflies - I hopes some come in the house so I can play wif them, even though I ish not allowed to, I always try to enjoy them when Meowmy ishn't looking heehee!

I will tag my furiends Timo, Midnight Son, Sparky, Edward and Zoey. Happy Spring, efurryone!


My Furry, Furry ImPURRtant Jobs Around The House

November 4th 2012 1:48 am
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I thought it would be a furry good idea fur me to list all my imPURRtant jobs, so that way I can make sure I does them efurry day - in case I furgets one, I can reFUR to my list. Most of them ish helpful things I do fur Meowmy, and sometimes my brofur Roger too.

1. I helps Meowmy wif making the bed when we hash new freshly laundered sheets to put on it. I helps hold them down when she puts them on the bed, especially in the corners of the bed, ash she tucks them in. I alsho helps by laying on them and smoothing them out fur her.

2. When Meowmy gets up off the couch or the bed, I goes right to the spot where she wash sitting or laying, and lays on it, to keep it warm fur when she comes back. Roger neFUR does thish, so it'sh extra imPURRtant I do.

3. If any food in my bowl ish not furry fresh, I paws things oFUR it, like the rug or if I can find it, maybe a magazine or some newspaper, to let Meowmy know the food ish not furry good. She doesn't seem to think thish ish furry helpful, but I tells her it ish - really.

4. I neFUR, eFUR wakes Meowmy up when ish shleeping and ish furry thoughtful and quiet on the bed no matter what time it ish, or even if I ish wide awake, I just waits fur her to wake up on her own. Yesh, sometimes I gets up furry close and stares, but the imPURRtant thing ish ish that I ish furry quiet about it, and nefur do anything to wake her. I finks it ish imPURRtant to get lots of shleep, and humans neFUR gets those all imPURRtant 20 hours of it a day like we cats does - I ish trying to help Meowmy be more cat-like.

5. Even though my brofur Roger ish half my size, I always let him win in games of run and chase and pounce and things like that. I think it ish my job to not make him feel old (he ish 16!) or like he ish not King Of The House, because he wash the only kitty here fur 10 years and now he hash to share Meowmy wif another kitty (me), and I try to always be a good little (large) brofur - shometimes that ishn't easy, because he can be furry cranky, but I likes a peaceful home, so I always lets him think he ish the boss. He hash no idea how much bigger I am than he ish, so let'sh not tell him - it makes him happy to think he ish the boss.

6. I help Meowmy wif insomnia by always being cuddly and affectionate at bedtime - lots of headbutts, happy paws, and chirping - she likes all that and I do too - I know it ish us kitties job to make sure our humans ish more relaxed wif ush around, so I hope that I ish good fur Meowmy's health. I think that ish my most imPURRtant job of all, and I ish furry dedicated to it. We bring human's blood pressure down just by being in the same room wif them - I finks we ish the best medicine in the world fur them - that ish just so kewl. It makes me furry PURRoud to be cat.


My Wunnerful 6th Birfday

May 22nd 2012 3:08 am
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I had a wunnerful birfday weekend, wif lots of Fancy Feast, extra playtime wif that mysterious red dot thingy, my brofur being extra nice to me, and Meowmy singing me the Happy Birfday Song several times. She hash a terrible singing voice, but I loves to be sung to, and efurry time she sang it to me, I chirped along wif joy.

The best birfday prezzie though, came earlier thish month, when we had our bedroom window (which hash been stuck closed fur years!) repaired and now it'sh kitty cat T.V. fur Roger and me efurry single day. We can hear and see lots of nice birdies, and shmell the wunnerful outside scents of flowers and trees, and feel the cool breezes wafting over our fur and it'sh just wunnerful. I can sit on the bed now and watch all the things going on outshide in our PURRdy courtyard, whenever I likes, and it makes me so happy. It'sh like television, but better, because it'sh scented and airy too! It wash scary when the repair PURRson wash fixing it (OMC so loud!!), but it wash worth it, yesh! *purr*

Thank yew to Guido and hish family fur my wunnerful star, to Alfie and hish family fur my beeyootiful big cake, to Squirrel fur my PURRdy heart, to Gimli fur my yummy shrimp, to Mietzi and Timo for the kelw pawtee hat, to GK fur the deelish cupcake - I loves all of yew furry much! I dun looks or acts any older and Meowmy finks I will be kittenish fur some time to come. I ish sho glad she saw my baby photo on Petfinders and adopted me - being born in a cemetery wash a scary beginning to life, but life ish catastic now and I loves efurry minute of it.


My Noo Year's Rezzy Lutions Fur 2012

January 4th 2012 1:57 am
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My number one rezzylution ish to be more assertive wif my big bossy brofur Roger thish year. I ish twice hish size and I ish tired of hish always having the upper paw in our house! I started the Noo Year off right by hissing at him the other night when he wanted me to get out of my heated cat bed sho he could get in it. He hash one just like it! Okay, so I did get out of the bed, but the imPURRtant thing ish ish that I hissed at him furst - that ish a good start fur me. I alsho shtarted shtanding over him when he ish in *hish* heated cat bed, furry close, and it makes him feel furry crowded, just like I feels when he does it to me. MOL!

I ish also going to try to get over being sho freaked out when Meowmy puts on her coat and shoes to leave the house - I dun knows why, but I always runs to my "office" (the hall closet) and hides when she does that. It'sh shilly after 5 years, I ish not going to see the White Coats just because she ish getting dressed, and I really dun knows why I always does that. I ish going to work on that!

I ish also going to try to work up the courage to shtay on the couch wif Meowmy longer when she ish watching movies on the big picture box thing, because it'sh lots of fun and I enjoys it, but Roger makes me nervous so I gets down after about 5 minutes. Again, I just needs to be more confident and assertive - I hopes I can do it!

I wash going to say I ish going to try to enjoy being picked up and carried around the house more, but I finks that might be pushing it. I can do that fur a couple of minutes, and I finks that might be long enough. I ish a Taurus and we likes our paws to be on the ground, where they belongs!


Meowmy Tricked Me!

September 15th 2011 11:17 pm
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I ish writing thish from the vet's office, where I shnuck out of my cage (I am shtaying over night eeeesh!), and logged onto their computer, yesh.

Things hash been sho nice at my house all week, wif lots of extra treats fur me and lots of them inshide my porta-prison, which sits out in the living room all the time, but that didnt' worry me because I never goes anywhere in it sho I thoughts it wash safe. I wash sho wrong!! I hash been finding yummy tuna in it lately and thish morning, sure enough, there wash shome more so I went in to have shome, and Meowmy shlammed the door on me! It wash furry upsetting and I threw all my 20 pounds against it and clawed and pushed and did efurrything I could to get out, but I didn't work.....

Then she took me to that big grey mechanical thing wif wheels on it that makes a loud noise when it ish moving, and put me, in the porta-prison, in the back seat, and she tried singing to me, which I usually loves in the house, but that washn't furry much comfort, nopers! The trip wasn't furry far, but I thought it wash never going to end.

The White Coats office wash furry crowded, and it wash all doggies in there and humans, wif no other kitties at all. I didn't like it one bit! I wash furry, furry brave though, because I let the White Coats poke around in my eye with things, and shine lights in it and I didn't scratch or bite. I did a tiny bit of growling though, sho they would know not to get too carried away. I has some kind of a shmall growth on my eyeball, and they ish going to do shome tests and I hope I can come home tommorow. I misses Meowmwy and Roger and it's not that much fun here - I hopes Meowmy hash all my favorite food waiting fur me and she said she wash furry, furry proud of me while I wash being examined. Oh, and it's official, I weighs 20 lbs and Dr White Coat said that ish purrfect fur my size - I ish a furry, furry large boy!

I knows I wash trapped when I wash a baby in the cemetery wif tuna at the back of a trap when I wash 8 weeks old - when will In learn to NOT go in shmall places just because there ish treats in them?! Eeeesh!


Today Ish My Five Year Anni-Purrsary Of Being Adopted, Yesh!

September 7th 2011 5:58 pm
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It's a furry special day today fur me and my family - five years ago today I wash delivered to my new home by my foster Meowmy and it'sh been sho wunnerful ever since.

I wash born in a famous cemetery, and wash feral fur the furst 8 weeks of my life, until a nice lady trapped me and one of my brofurs and took ush to our nice foster home. I had never been handled by humans before, or been inshide a car or a house, and it wash furry scary fur awhile. I'm sho glad it happened though, because little by little I wash tamed, and Meowmy saw me on Petfinders, came to meet me and then I had a furever home to go to and I'm a furry happy boy now!

Today I am having shome yummers Fancy Feast din din and later shome hand fed tuna too - my favorite! Roger ish not allowed to chase me today at all, and Meowmwy ish showering me wif extra love and cuddling - I have a wunnerful life and am sho grateful fur my loving home. Thank yew to my shweet Catster furriends who have sent special wishes to me too - we loves all of yew.

I hear shome tuna calling now - heehee.....


Where Is Humphrey? MOL!

May 25th 2011 3:36 am
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Yeshterday, I played one of my favorite tricks on Meowmy. I dun does it furry often, but I enjoys it sho much! I ish always furry gentle and nice, and never does anything mischievous, but I does like to do just one thing that ish kind of naughty.

Efurry few weeks or so, I likes to hide from Meowmy, someplace in the apartment, and then not come out, no matter how many times she calls me or shakes a bag of kitty treats. MOL! It takes her furever to find me, even though our home ish furry shmall, and I likes to change my hiding places too, so I can keep confushing her. I never comes out, no matter what, but once she does find me, then I do, because it'sh not fun hiding any more. Shometimes it'sh hard, because I does love kitty treats, but I forces myshelf to shtay furry shtill and quiet.

Yeshterday, I did it for 10 minutes underneath the rocking chair on my boogie mat, and it worked catastically! She really wondered where in the world I wash - my brofur and I ish indoor only kitties sho she really can never figure it out.

I ish working now on my next hiding place, but I can't say here what it ish, just in case she reads thish. Heehee! Does anyone else enjoy doing thish too? It'sh furry good to teach yer pawrents who really ish boss in our homes.


I Ish Five Years Old Today, Yesh!

May 19th 2011 12:58 pm
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I ish sho excited to be turning five today and I've some such a long way from being born in a cemetery, as a feral kitten! I'm sho furry cuddly and loving and I dun even let Roger push me around any more in our house MOL!

Today Meowmy ish going to shpend lots of extra time playing wif me, and I'm going to have a special fancy gourmet dinner, and I finks she ish going to get me my favorite bonito tuna flakes treats - YUMMY! Roger ish not allowed to chase me today, and I am just going to spend lots and lots of time wif Meowmy, being petted and loved - that ish the bestest present of all.

I ish furry grateful to my foster Meowmy who trapped me in the cemetery in 2006, and helped me to undershtand that nice humans make wunnerful furriends, and fur putting my baby photo up on Petfinders, fur Meowmy to see me and so I could find my furever and furever home My life ish sho wunnerful and I am proud to be a big grown up boy at age five - even though I sthill meows in a tiny baby kitten voice, and acts like I ish 5 months old inshtead. I hope efurryone has a wunnerful day today, I knows I ish going to.

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