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Bitu's Diary

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Our First Loss

October 28th 2007 10:20 pm
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Our KittyWhiskas For Catsters group has more than 100 members after only about a month. But now we've had a loss of one of our members. Mortimer died on October 27, 2007 of throat and mouth cancer and failing kidneys. One of our other members who was eager to post members' birthdays tried to list them three years in advance, but Bitu tried to explain that you can't always predict whether somebody will make it to their next birthday or not, prompting her to resign her appointment as Vice President. But Mortimer was lucky to make it to his 2007 birthday this year. We're hoping that the system will allow Mortimer to be nominated to the KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall, because somebody else we've been trying to invite hasn't made it through. I don't think the higher-ups realize the havoc the changes in the system have wrought in their efforts to show themselves "economical". They should go back to what they had before so that group invitations can go through. Mortimer's people really need it now, especially since his people have lost three cats in his family within one year. The only good thing about this is that those of his family who've been waiting for him are being happily reunited with him now at the legendary Rainbow Bridge, and none of them are suffering from the things that took them. Mortimer was just as valuable to our group as anybody who might have the good fortune to stay with us longer, and he will be greatly missed.


Bitu's Busy Day At the Spa Meow

October 27th 2007 7:38 pm
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Bitu offered her services to the Brusselball Club's Spa Meow, citing her experience with giving kitty massages at home to her people (meaning my brother and I). But since she'd never given kitty massages from a distance before - especially since the Spa Meow runs on East Coast time and we're on West Coast time - Bitu was nervous and wondering if she were cut out for the job. Fortunately, there were a few familiar faces there to help break the ice. Bitu gave ten kitty massages over the day and evening - nine to cats and one to a gerbil who belongs to a group known as the Creatures. She was invited to the outdoor garden for awhile to visit their outdoor haunted house, since it was a Halloween party. At one point, there was a monster in a witch's cauldron which reminded Bitu of a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Sometime after that, somebody got caught in a spider web and Bitu tried to get him loose. Then a monster tried to scare everybody away, but he was repelled with a basket of brusselballs before everybody headed back to the safety of Spa Meow. Some of the patrons insisted that Bitu should relax and not work so hard, but she wanted to do a good job. Everybody who had a kitty massage seemed to enjoy it (even the gerbil). Bitu was tempted by some of the snacks, though she wanted to be available for anybody wanting a kitty massage. When she was offered some tuna gravy, she wished she could send it to Minnie up in Heaven, since Minnie had more of a taste for fish in life. Given that Bitu's kitty massages got such rave reviews, she might offer her services to the Spa Meow on the next special occasion. Hopefully, though, there won't be anything scary involved like at the Halloween party.


The Next "Interview of the Week"

October 26th 2007 5:20 pm
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Bitu has finally been picked for the "Interview of the Week" by the "I'm No Longer Alone" Club. I tried to help her finish it all in one night, but my brother couldn't wait that long and I had to start over again this morning. It's supposed to come out on the page next week. I might copy into the diary after it goes up, though I hope they don't leave anything out. I hate being cut short, and I think Bitu does, too. We know that Minnie's been given the short end of the stick, and that's not fair to somebody who didn't know about this page in life and had no pictures to put up because none were ever taken until just after she died. But the Humane Society won't let us have that picture, so that's just as unfair to Minnie as anything else. But I wonder what she'd think if she knew that Bitu's going to be the next "Interview of the Week".


The Ghost Cat of the Highway (A Story Inspired By a Friend)- By Bitu McClintock

October 25th 2007 2:49 pm
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There once was a cat with the sleekest black fur that anybody had ever seen. The fur was rather long, though it was rumored that he was only partly Persian. Though he lived in a city apartment, he found that living a life of leisure didn't seem to be enough. He craved excitement and found it by defending his territory against all the neighborhood cats. He'd venture outside, scanning the street up and down from his favorite vantage point. Then when he thought that a strange cat was coming too near his apartment building, he'd confront the intruder by blocking his way with a silent challenge. Those not wise enough to back down right away were in for quite a fight, and they'd always come out on the losing end. When he wasn't busy adding to his victories against the neighborhood cats, he liked to climb his favorite beech tree. He thought his idyllic life would never end. But one day he chanced to fall asleep under a car whose driver didn't know he was there. After the car accidentally ran over him, he was so badly hurt that he had to be put to sleep. His heartbroken people buried him near his favorite beech tree, hoping that he could now climb and play on it without the pain that so tragically cut his life short. He did climb the beech tree and play on it, though nobody saw him. But sometimes, if an unsuspecting passer-by came too close, they would sense that something was blocking the way with an invisible, silent challenge. If they tried to dismiss the invisible presence as nothing, they were soon reminded by a scratch such as the neighborhood cats always got in their fights with him. People learned to give wide berth to that beech tree without knowing who was protecting it so fiercely. But in time there were plans to build a highway where the beech tree was. People who were familiar with the legend of the scratching ghost cat begged the developers to let the tree stand, though some of the developers didn't believe it. When a surveyor was sent out to the proposed route of the highway, he was stopped near the beech tree by the same silent, invisible challenge that had stopped so many others. Though the surveyor tried to dismiss the invisible presence as nothing, he was given the same kind of scratch as all the others who had thoughtlessly tried to invade the ghost cat's territory. When the developers saw the scratch on the surveyor, they went to the beech tree to see for themselves. When they came in sight of the beech tree, nothing could be seen, though they were confronted by the same silent, invisible challenge as all the others. But not even the expensive suits of the developers were enough to protect them from the same fiercely-delivered scratches that all the other intruders had received from the ghost cat. The highway eventually went through, though the route was changed to allow the beech tree to stand. There were even signs put up saying "Ghost Cat Crossing - Proceed With Caution". One day, the ghost cat's people happened to drive past the beech tree, thinking of the cat they so loved. They slowed down a bit as they came near the tree, sensing the same silent, invisible presence as all the others. Strangely enough, however, that presence wasn't as frightening to them as it had been to everybody else. Suddenly, it appeared as though a black cat with rather long fur streaked across the highway, first one way and then the other. As he started to climb the beech tree again, he disappeared. As his people went on their way, they were sure that their beloved cat's favorite beech tree was in good paws. They hoped to be able to see him again someday, even if only for a moment.


Bitu's Canine Secretary

October 24th 2007 9:03 pm
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There have been a couple canine additions to the KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall. It's just as well, because our first canine enrollee (Corky [in loving memory]) will be better able to go to the Dogster pages when welcome letters to canine additions will need to be written. Bitu likes to be able to write welcome letters to new arrivals, but in the case of the departed dogs, there's no way to get to the Dogster pages because of our not having a dog to register, even though we had dogs years ago when my brother and I both still lived at home. There's supposed to be a third canine addition to the KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall pretty soon, owing to a special group enrollment request from the higher-ups at Though I helped Bitu send the official invitations, the prospective arrivals haven't shown up at the Memorial Wall yet, so I wonder if they knew what they were signing up for. But if it's true and we do get a third dog, I know I can count on Corky to get the message through for Bitu, though I suppose he has some difficulty from not being able to come down whenever he wants so he can communicate with his living family and friends. But as the first canine addition to the KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall, he thoroughly relishes being the top dog among so many cats. Is it any wonder why Bitu nominated him as her "doggy angel" secretary? I'll bet the living members of his family will be proud when they find out about his appointment.


How Can Real-Live Be Fake?

October 23rd 2007 11:12 pm
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I was hoping that I could find a picture that looked almost like Minnie to use on her page, but the higher-ups said it would be fake, even if it were of a real-live cat that almost looks like Minnie. How can the picture of another cat be fake if you know you didn't have pictures taken in life that people can go by to know what she looked like? They don't object to other people making pictures of their cats wearing clothes and stuff even if they don't really have clothes on, so how can that not be fake in a way? The best I can do to give people an idea what Minnie looked like in life is to compare her to Bitu and point out the differences in their eye color (Minnie's eyes were green and Bitu's eyes show yellow in her Humane Society picture) and the differences in the pattern of their fur, even though they both have orange, black and white fur. There's also a two-year age difference because of Minnie being born in 2000 and Bitu being born in 2002. But if I revised Minnie's age to reflect real life, she died at about four and a half, even though she would be seven now if she were still alive. Why are people trying to make like Minnie never existed even though we know she did? Why can't something be done to accommodate those pets unfortunate enough to not have pictures of them taken in life who their people don't want to forget? It's not fair, no matter what anybody says.


Another Gift From Beyond (Sort Of)

October 23rd 2007 12:47 am
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Bitu got a black cat "rosette" to add to her collection yesterday (October 22,2007). It was sent from the cat who was our first successful enrollment on the KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall (Bitu is the living caretaker). It must be hard for the departed cats here to come down and communicate with the living cats, even though they need help from their people to do it. On the other hand, it probably gives the people a sense of comfort to think that their departed cats think of their people as much as the people think of them. We like to think that Minnie thinks about us sometimes, but she can't come down to say so, though we wish she could. I wonder what kind of "rosettes" Minnie would give if she could...


Between One Mailbox And the Other

October 21st 2007 11:12 pm
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I've had to help Bitu keep up on her Catster Mail so much that I can't empty my own e-mail box as often as I used to. When we were between computers the first and the second time, we had several thousand emails to go through when we were able to get back on-line again. The same thing happened when I was in the hospital for almost a week for my sore leg in 2005. But now that I have to go between my own e-mail box and Bitu's Catster Mail box, my own e-mail is piling up again. I'm shocked how a couple thousand e-mails can pile up in the e-mail box over a couple days. But if I don't see mail in Bitu's Catster Mail box often enough, I worry that she might be losing some friends. I've tried my best to get along with all the cats here, but it seems that I haven't been doing as good a job as I probably should have. And on top of it all, Bitu has offered her kitty massage services to the Brusselball Club's Spa Meow for their Spa Party next month, even though she's only given my brother and I kitty massages at home until now. I wonder if Bitu's gotten too ambitious for her own good, both in terms of getting friends and participating in clubs that she's not been in too long. But I'd rather she gets to keep her friends. The kitty massages at the Brusselball Club Spa Meow can wait for awhile.


A More Distinguished Pedigree?

October 20th 2007 6:37 pm
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Somebody who recently joined KittyWhiskas For Catsters has been insisting that Bitu might be a Maine Coon. But if she had been a Maine Coon, I think that her Humane Society papers would have said so. When we first got Minnie, the guy who gave her to us said she was half-calico-half-persian, so that's what we called her as far as her mix, even though we never really knew what she was. It's been the same for Bitu. I suppose that the new member meant well in trying to give Bitu a more distinguished pedigree, but I think she's more concerned about being the top cat both with us and in KittyWhiskas For Catsters. We've told some of Bitu's Maine Coon Catster Friends about this, but we're not sure what they think about somebody trying to make Bitu join their ranks, distinguished though they may be.


A Gift From Beyond (Sort Of)

October 19th 2007 10:00 pm
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Bitu's starting to have some success in finding occupants for the KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall. The first successful enrollment was from some members who wanted to remember a departed family member. Fortunately for them, they had a picture to go by so people can see what he looked like in life. Then today Bitu got a heart "rosette" as a thank-you from that cat. He must have had quite a time coming down here so that he could give it, though Bitu appreciated his kind thoughts. She wrote a thank-you note, expressing hope that this cat and Minnie are getting along well in Heaven. Of course, since the cat who sent the heart "rosette" was the first cat on the Memorial Wall, then we suppose he's the top cat among them. I just hope that Minnie won't be too jealous over this.

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