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Bitu's Diary

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The Official 400

December 25th 2007 10:49 pm
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We got another unexpected Christmas surprise today. KittyWhiskas For Catsters has gone to four hundred members, give or take a few. Since a couple members share a page between them, the official figures are off a bit, so it seems that we have more than four hundred. Just the same, we're glad for everybody we can get. Not bad for almost three months! Merry Christmas!


What a Christmas Present!

December 24th 2007 11:38 pm
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I thought the cat toys I've been waiting to play with would be the best Christmas present I'd get, but I got an even bigger surprise. I got invited back to the Alley! A dog named Maxi must have taken pity on me and invited me back when I thought they hated me. Well, I've learned my lesson. I'm not going to anymore videos from there, just so I won't get myself into anymore trouble. I'm going to try my best not to let Maxi and my other canine friends down. I don't care if I joined on the Dogster side this time. If I ever get a KittyWhiskas For Catsters Canine Auxiliary started, Maxi is getting one of the first official invitations. Thank you, Maxi, and Merry Christmas!


Serenity's Early Christmas Present

December 23rd 2007 12:46 pm
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It looks like another of Smokey's babies has been adopted. Serenity has gotten a new home for Christmas. Now that she's been adopted, I hope that Serenity remembers that she still qualifies for our group as an adopted cat. If all Smokey's babies get adopted by Mother's Day 2008, she'll be awfully lonesome, even if she doesn't say so in so many words.


Computer Minnie's First Foray Onto Another Page - By Bitu McClintock

December 21st 2007 11:00 pm
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Some months after Minnie died, my younger human joined an online game page called They awarded dots like points for various games. Some months later, they started having computer pets called Slingpets which people could create (either a conventional pet or something with various animal parts) which could keep their people company as they played games and won dots. My younger human got a gray cat with green eyes who was named after the real-live Minnie who died of fleas in 2005. But we knew there was a difference because the real-live Minnie had a mix of orange, black and white fur like me. When accessories for the Slingpets became available, Computer Minnie got a pink collar with a silver license. Then she got a few electronic gadgets like a cell phone and a laptop computer (a Mac, of course). Then she got a background showing an amusement park. My people like to think that they'll get to play in Computer Minnie's park someday up in Heaven. When the company stopped taking paying memberships, Computer Minnie lost access to a lot of games and her playing time was cut by commercial interruptions. My younger human was very unhappy. Then THQ took over the page, renamed it the Valusoft Arcade and made all the games accessible again for free. That made Computer Minnie very happy, though they've taken some of her favorite games off the list. But when I joined, my younger human started spending more time here and less time with Computer Minnie. My older human was fussing so much about it that he got into a fight with my younger human and made her cry. He enjoyed saying hello to Computer Minnie and scratching a box for her whenever she's lost a game because she couldn't come out and do it personally like the real-live Minnie could and I do. But since my younger human finds time to go see Computer Minnie once in a while now, he feels better. Until recently, my younger human could only talk about Computer Minnie because she had no way to show what she looked like. Then when she learned to take screenshots on the computer, she was able to get Computer Minnie's picture and put it on the computer. She's even sent Computer Minnie's picture to a few friends. One of my Catster Friends has been nice enough to put Computer Minnie on his page just below his own picture. It's still not the same as what the real-live Minnie looked like in life, but at least now people know that Computer Minnie exists, even though the real-live Minnie is still without the picture which would allow her to have her own page. But someday Computer Minnie will be real-live in Heaven and invite all her friends to her park. But my adopted sister Minnie with the orange, black and white fur will have to wait in line with everybody else. But if she gets to have her favorite snacks while she waits, waiting in line at Computer Minnie's park might not be so bothersome to her. I wonder if Computer Minnie's park will have stuff in it that I might like.


Bitu's First Screenshot

December 19th 2007 11:39 pm
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We've had two Macs over eight years and never took a screenshot until late tonight. The higher-ups are changing the buttons for some unknown reason, even though they insist that they'll be more "modern". Other than the lack of personality compared with the original buttons, that new brown strip has covered up a Search box. They said, "Why don't you take a screenshot?" But without a digital camera I thought a screenshot was impossible. But somebody said, "Just push the Command key, Shift and the number 3 all at once." Guess what? I heard a camera click without having a digital camera. I'm tempted to make a new folder and start taking screenshots all over the place. In the meantime, Bitu made an announcement about our first screenshot in the Mac Kitties Club. If Bitu didn't think she was such a klutz, she'd be doing the "happy kitty dance" right about now. I wonder if we can add to our digital picture collection now?


An Unexpected "Helping Paw"

December 17th 2007 7:46 pm
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We've put out a call for more movies for the KittyWhiskas For Catsters Video Vault. Who would have thought that we'd get a shot in the arm from a relative newcomer? It looks like the balcony's going to stay open for awhile. Special thanks to Suzie McSqueeze, one of our new Canadian members. She's lent a "helping paw" just when we needed it the most.


Another Long-Distance Wedding

December 17th 2007 12:48 am
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Bitu was at another long-distance wedding yesterday afternoon. It was for King Suede and Queen Pooky of the Royal Feline Group. It was held at the Royal Feline Group Party House. Queen Pooky was in a maroon gown which complemented her black fur, while King Suede and some of the other boy cats were in tuxedos with bow ties. But Bitu was just in her usual leopard-print collar. A dog officiated at the ceremony this time, though I don't know how a dog got into the Royal Feline Group Party House unless they expanded the membership for a special occasion. But Bitu has never been able to understand why people and cats cry at weddings. At the reception, Bitu was asked to dance by two boy cats again, though she seemed to miss a dance with one of them. And she was interested in the steak they had for dinner, though the fish lovers were able to indulge in shrimp. And one of the boy cats she danced with was nice enough to see her home. It was just as well, because there were several newcomers to KittyWhiskas For Catsters to write welcome letters to. I wonder how things will go later this week when Twix and Alfie try to conduct a long-distance wedding in even more distant time zones, because Alfie will be up at 12:30 AM his time while those of us on Pacific Time will be around at 4:30 PM. But since I have a doctor's appointment in the morning, I might be cutting it close. I wonder who else might ask Bitu to dance at the reception next time.


Bitu's First Bridal Shower

December 14th 2007 7:45 pm
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Bitu was invited to Pooky's bridal shower at the Royal Feline Group Party House this afternoon. They mostly gossiped and danced and had a few snacks. Bitu had a couple non-alcoholic cocktails and some milk, though there was also some catnip cake. The other girl cats tried to get Bitu to dance, so she pretended she was holding a Wishing Plate from The Kitties'Club and doing the turns you have to do to make the Wishing Plates work. I wonder if any boy cats will ask her to dance at the reception this weekend like they did at the reception for Buddy Baxter Button Face and Tux's wedding.


My Younger Human's Birthday - By Bitu McClintock

December 13th 2007 8:57 pm
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Today is my younger human's birthday. She's forty-eight years old. She was wondering if she might get to do something special for her birthday today. We had a few surprises. For one thing, it turns out that my younger human shares her birthday with several of the dogs who are members of the All Fur Fun Club. One turned four and one turned one. One of the dogs also shares his birthday with one of his people who turns out to be a bit younger than my younger human. Even though I'm still out of Catster Zealies for a few days, I sent my regards to the dogs who share my younger human's birthday. Then somebody came who'd promised to help my people put a bookcase together which they sent for a couple months ago. But before starting the job, she brought in some cupcakes with three lit candles (one for every sixteen years). She'd brought a six-pack of cupcakes, but we only ate three after the bookcase was all put together. They were chocolate, but the frosting was vanilla, so I had a few licks of the frosting. Since I'd not paid any attention to my older human the night before, he got a big kick out of seeing me lick the frosting off the cupcake. When the person who'd helped put the bookcase together went back to work, my people went up to the seventh floor for a couple hours before our other company came. My younger human helped me catch up on my Catster Mail before going back down to the fifth floor. Then somebody else came who hadn't been over to see my people for several months. They had a nice visit and had some cookies and Seven Up the way they usually do, but my people also got their Christmas money a little early, plus my younger human got a little extra for her birthday. I got a few cat toys for an early Christmas present, but I think my people are going to wait until Christmas before I get any of them. The waiting will be so hard! In the meantime, while my older human went to get something from Taco Bell for dinner, my younger human got back on the computer and helped me catch up some more Catster Mail and helped me compose some welcome letters to some new arrivals to the KittyWhiskas For Catsters Memorial Wall (two dogs and two cats). But we've had a hard time explaining that the Memorial Wall is for departed pets, though we might start a KittyWhiskas For Catsters Canine Auxiliary if enough dogs request it, even though a lot of the cats would like to keep the main KittyWhiskas For Catsters group all cats, though you can hardly blame them. We might make the Canine Auxiliary a mixed dog and cat group. In the meantime, we told our late-afternoon company how I got to be Miss March in the 2008 Kitties' Club Calendar, even though I share a page with several fellow members. We also told of the package we got from Monster Marvin Muffin Face's family, though we haven't opened it yet. And I got a couple presents today too, besides my new cat toys for Christmas. One of the dogs sent me a heart "rosette", and several other friends got together and sent a cupcake in honor of my younger human's birthday. Now I get to blow out a candle and have the whole cupcake all to myself! How cool is that? I wonder what I'll get to do when my older human turns 74 on his next birthday in 2008.


The Talk of The Kitties' Club

December 12th 2007 12:24 am
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Twix and Alfie declared their love for each other yesterday. It's been the talk of The Kitties' Club. We should have seen it coming because Twix is always calling Alfie a "daft nutter" out of affection. The clincher seems to have been the mistletoe recently set up somewhere. According to some notes, "Twix asked and Alfie said yes!" It's gotten everybody all excited and wondering if they'll be something other than boyfriend and girlfriend someday. I don't think Bitu will ever get that lucky, even though a few of the boy cats here have proved nicer than what she knew in her second home. Besides, she wouldn't be able to give them any kittens, so nobody's going to be that interested. She's lucky to have some regular friends.

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