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The spoiled life of Kahlua

Oh my cat!

April 3rd 2008 12:27 am
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Mom just got an e-mail saying that I was one of the daily diary picks today! I'm so very honored. As I sit atop my perch on the top of the couch, surveying the living room portion of my kingdom with the rest of the "feline contingent" (as Mommy calls us all as a group) are left to curl up on other parts of the couch. I defend this spot - and Cashmere and Jazzpur try to usurp my authority on a daily basis by stealing my spot!

Even Mommy and Daddy know better than to try to move me...the only one who never challenged this spot was my sweet sister Lucky, who I never once fought with.

As I said before, I am the alpha kitty and I OWN this house!


My first diary entry...

March 31st 2008 1:50 pm
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I own this house. It is mine - I am the alpha kitty, and the rest can bow down to me.

I just turned 10 years old this week, and I live here with my brother and littermate, JJ, my sons Jazzpurr and Cashmere, and my daughter Molly. My sister, Lucky, died last year - she was my best friend. She and I were inseparable, and I still miss her - I let mom know that I miss her by sitting and staring at her favorite spot - Mom likes to think that when I do that, Lucky is visiting me.

Before Lucky died, I was strictly a Mama's girl, but losing my beautiful sister changed things in many ways. For some reason, I did not want anything to do with Mama for a few weeks, and Daddy understood that - so I became a Daddy's girl - and I still am! He is the one who cooks salmon steaks and crab for me! He is the one who stays home to be with me when Mommy has to go to work at night.

I used to be a skinny kitty, but since Molly was born, I have lost my girlish figure. Molly was born via c-section, and Uncle Roger (the vet) did a spay on me at the same time. Ever since then, I have become a fat cat - just like my grandma Baileys was after my daddy Jethro was born! I guess its a genetic thing...

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