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Who Woulda Thunk?

What a Great 2008....Reflections, courtesy of Marvelous- Milo~

January 2nd 2009 2:59 am
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Geez, Meowm says she's happy about 2008, despite all the tragic world & economic events...

First off, she's very happy about her marriage to Pawps, that they both have jobs, their new house, their and their families' health (especially their parents who are much older), and our new 6 member family.

Although I've been sleeping downstairs, playing with imaginary wisps of hair and lost bottlecaps, they've resorted to pretending to give me treats so I will sleep inside their master bedroom with them. Its been about a week now, and now I snuggle up on the foot of the bed. I still won't sleep on Meowm's pillow like I used to, but she says hopefully I'll remember the softness of her memory foam pillow and change my mind. hehe

The past 2 weeks since Christmas, I've been extra cuddly, and have gone up to Dad and Meowm for some extra canoodle action. My fave thing to do still, is to lie on their chests while they're on the sofa, or while Dad's on his video games, or while Meowm's on her laptop. I like to sleep facing them, and will headbutt the person I'm sleeping on, then snuggle my little face underneath their chin.

My purr is so can barely hear it...but its soothing and so delicate...You can hear it when they rub my chin just so, and when I am sleeping on their chests, enjoying their body heat. hehe I also enjoy kneading their fluffy robes, and will do so for at least 10 minutes at a time. I go into what Meowm calls my "kneading trance," and I look like I'm playing the Rachmaninov Piano Concerto as I spread out my paws real wide, dip my head, and close my eyes in full concentration as I play the imaginary piano keys on her nice, fluffy robe...Ahhh to be a kitten again...

Meomwy and Pawps like to wonder how my life started. They did hear from the SF SPCA, that I was taken from a feral colony by SF Animal Control. Then, I was hand plucked by the SF SPCA a large non-profit rescue org up in the Bay area, and a month later, taken to the Bay Area Pet Fair where I first met Bella, Meowm, and Daddy.

Daddy who has this wonderful talent in reading animals and people extremely accurately, said he knew that I would be calm, mellow, and loving towards Bella. When I met her for the first time, I continued to play with the little sparkly dangly toy, and I sniffed her nose. Within 10 minutes, Bella and I were drinking out of the same bowl. Within 1 hour, I was already out of the bathroom area. Within 3 hours, I was bathed and sleeping on their bed. Within 1 day, I was already trying to play with her.

But more importantly, within 1 minute, I'd already stolen their hearts.

Since then, I've been Bella's best friend. But as I got older, I got lonelier. I still continued to play with Bella, but it wasn't enough for me. I got bored, and didn't want to play with toys anymore. So they finally here comes Tabifa, with her sassy princessy ness, and we are now totally like brother and sister. I accepted Tabifa with open paws, and there was no adjustment period. M and D wonder if I would've been that way with any other cat, as I have such a loving, accepting temperament. I don't mind a change of environment, I just use what I have available...

The best example was how Meomw and Pawps would take me from the Bay area, and drive down to the LA area. That very night, I'd be using a different litter box, different litter type, and sleep in a different room, meanwhile deal with a nosy white dog sniffing my butt all the time, different food and water bowls, and 2 strangers (gramma and grampa), plus all their friends who come to visit. But each time I visited, I didn't mind at all-- I had no litterbox or food upsets-- it was as though I had not traveled at all. Mom and Pawps used to scratch their heads and wonder how a kitten could adjust so easily and quickly to change.

I was like that every single time-- even when they moved back down and we had to drive down, and even when we had to stay with Gramma and Grampa for about a month or so, I loved it there...

When the vaccuum is on, I just stare at it idly. It doesn't scare me one bit, and I will fall back asleep even when it is whirring away. Meanwhile Tabifa is scared for her life, and hides like a Thursday zit waiting for Friday. haha

Although I don't cuddle up like a lap kitten (I'm a breast man haha) like Tabifa does, I don't mind when they hold and cuddle me. Sometimes I give Meowm especially, the paw- I put my soft paw on her mouth so she'll put me down,but I don't squirm, scratch, or meow. I let them hold me and kiss me and hug me all the time. I think I just won't tell them how much I love the attention, by pretending I'm not affected by it. That's the Milo way-- so Zen about all that is life (though I do get pretty darn excited about cookies & mamma-- korean word for "food.")

Meowm says my coat has been glistening so much, as she defurminates me weekly, and she feeds me Evo. It has done wonders for Tabifa's coat, as her adult starts to grow in slowly. My hair is shinier than Moms she always says! hehehe

Well its been a good 2 weeks. I like having Meowm and pawps home more often. They said something about it being xmas and New Year's, but all I know is that these are times when the Santa figurines come out, and there's tons of tinsel and garlands to knock down! hehe I am looking forward to Meowm being able to work from home eventually,b/c then I'll get more chest cuddle time.

Meowmy tells me every day how much she loves me, and what a great kitty I have. She never thought a cat could be so wonderfully sweet and implacable, and says she has been permanently spoiled b/c I don't have ANY typical cat qualities or finnickiness.

The only vice I have is that I HATE when people touch me near the mouth, which they didn't discover until they finally had to give me oral meds. Well lo and behold, Zen Milo too has an Achilles' heel.

The other night, Meowm saw me LICKING my canned Evo. She thought it was hilarious b/c she always wondered how Tabifa could get to Milo's food every time. Then she saw Tabifa taking giant chunks and eating w/o swallowing. No wonder! Well that's why she says I've been so little, b/c I lick my food daintily (I know its kinda girly), and that I must've been plucked from the feral colony really early, and/or I was the runt (b/c I would've let my littermates eat all the milk and wouldn't have been mean or aggressive enough to fend for my own teat). hehe

But Meowm and Pawps make sure to give me enough food, and they've been watching Tabifa more to see how much she takes from me (its usually not much, just a few extra bites). Plus, they want me to stay nice and trim at 7.14 pounds, as I don't like to play daily like Tabifa, and it will be harder for me to lose the weight.

I groom Tabifa every single day, and tabifa will groom me right back. We sometimes sleep together, but we have our separate fave spots on the giant cat tree, and she hogs the lion bed most of the time, as she is NEARLY MY SIZE at only 7 months! She's always been a food monger, so Meomw and Pawops will have to be careful as she ages about making sure she doesn't get chubs. They are really good at monitoring our food intake, as neither of them want to deal with obesity-related health issues, and want to ensure that we are as healthy as possible.

Meowm even has toyed with the idea of organic raw food, but she hasn't gotten there yet. She hopes to get the dogs started first, and then try us kitties. There's been random spells of vomiting, one time from Milo, and we think it was the sudden change of food, which is SO bad, but we had run out of food, and we didn't have a choice that one night- it was either new kibble or starve. Sigh. Anyhoos, never again. We'll be sure to mix the food well, and to have back up food in case.

Meowmy says I'm such a wonderful little kitty, and a wonderful big brother. I've taken Tabifa under my wing, and we are found sleeping near or together pretty much every day. We play fight, and pounce on each other too for good measure. She keeps me entertained, trim, and happy. They noticed I have a bigger skip to my step, and seem more alert with my kitty bud. I was so bored, and also tired of being Bella's only victim! haha Now that we have RUby, the first big dog Dad and Mom have raised indoors only, Bella and Ruby hang out all day for the most part, and Bella is so tired after playing with Ruby so it means less Bella-pouncing-me time! Always good especially when you have the survival skills of a lame duck. Oops, oh well.

Meomw and Pawps are really trying to be good about my not getting out. One time Ruby was out going potty, and I stuck my head out the door and Meowm freaked out and shut it immediately! I have become more and more curious about that door, as Ruby gets to go out that door several times a day for potty. So M and P have to be extra careful that I don't escape, as they know I'm curious about the outside world. they won't even put me on a harness and take me outside, for fear of fleas and also they don't want me to get a taste of the outdoors, and then whine to go outside:)


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