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Who Woulda Thunk?

My dear Sweet MilOooo

October 30th 2008 8:29 pm
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I'm Meowmy's sweetie cat. Yeah yeah Tabifa is extra sweet too, but I have an extra sweetness, a mellow, imperturbable quality that is necessary in our home w/our ADD-ridden Bella boom boom. I don't even mind when she bum rushes me, and wants to play fight, and often do it right back to her.

They were so worried about me, Bella, and Tabifa lately. Especially me, b/c after the foster dog was here in her crate in the living room, I didn't appear stressed or show any signs thereof. So when I started getting the snifflies, then drooling and blowing snot bubbles, they had to rush me to the vet. Sigh. Meowmy was so terrified I had contracted something viral somehow even though I never get out, as you never know with these things. I went through a 1 week period where I was isolated from everyone, w/a humidifier on sometimes, and just hanging out on the Aerobed by myself. I was miserable, but Mom and Dad came in periodically to give me bliss therapy (snuggle and cuddle time). Thankfully, about a week later, I got better after taking a stronger antibiotic called Clavomax.

The only problem was, they discovered my IRE for all oral medications. I'd never been medicated before b/c I was always in the peak of health, so they were shocked and surprised that I would run away, fight them, bite, and thrust my head away so the medicine would just fly everywhere all over their clothes. They were glad when that week was over.

Then they found out a couple weeks later that Tabitha had tapeworms. Daddy admitted he'd seen some white particles on my rump but hadn't put two and two together. Anyways I'm all better now, but Meowmy wishes I would sleep on her pillow like I used to.

Ever since we moved here, I've been sleeping in the bedroom and on her pillow less and less. Nevermind there's a huge area underneath their new bed which is great for getting away from all things human and canine, which is my new sleep spot. hehe You can only get in there through the back of the bed, and the slot in the front and sides are too small for Mom or Dad, or Bella to reach and grab me. So I like my privacy. But Meowm hopes one day I'll again sleep on her pillow one day...

Tabifa has become Meowmy's little angel, as she has turned out to be a big cuddlebug. I am more of a breast man, and like to sleep on their chests. Tabifa likes laps, and just likes to lounge near and on them as much as possible. She also has this intoxicatingly soothing purr that Meowmy loves. But Meowmy assures me she doesn't love me any less, and she still comes over to me many times a day and night to give me kisses, hugs, and to play with me more.

Dad says I look happier with Tabifa around. Before, I would get harassed by Bella, but now, its cut in 1/2 b/c Tabifa takes the other half. haha I also like cuddling with Tabifa, grooming her, and playing kitty games that only kitty games are permitted to play. They say that I appear happier, and don't seem as bored and listless before. They really did get Tabifa for me, and I liked her from the start. There was basically no adjustment period, as I have always loved the new kitties, and tried to play with the feral kittens. I am such a great ambassador for foster kitties, and love them all! Too bad Meowmy won't let me have nasal or fur contact with them, as she doesn't want me to come down with anything. Meowmy is kind of a hypochondriac sometimes, and forgets that I'm vaccinnated for feLV, and also FVRCP. Soooo anyways, you never know, esp. with covert diseases like FIP. She didn't know there were so many dangers of having a multi cat household and taking in a stray, so she is going to be even more careful if and when they adopt another permanent kitty.

Meowmy says she loves me very much, and loves that I wake up in the morning and accompany her while she gets dressed, and while she puts on her makeup. She loves that I sit up there, just watching, meowing and chirping here and there. She loves that I enjoy her head butts ,and neck scratching which she is sooo good at. She also likes when I run down the stairs with a murmuring noise as I race down for breakfast!


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