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Buddie and his Catster Love......

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April 28th 2007 2:50 pm
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Hey Furfriends,
Today my little sister, McKenna, and I had a great adventure to the
vets!! We got our fluids...I weighed this is good considering
we can't seem to find much good food that we can eat that is not on the recall
list....but, I will keep scarfing it down as long as it is put in front of me..
especially if it is meant for little sister, McKenna. ehhehhe She seems to be
gaining some weight so I'd better watch out...she has a very mean left hook!!
I know she looks sweet and pretty and tiny....BUT...
The sun is out right now so I think I will sit on the porch and watch the birdies
fly by.....
I love all my Catster Furfriends!! Thank you for being YOU!!
Warm Purrs,



April 26th 2007 9:08 am
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Hey Furfriends,
I must tell you that I am very happy over my Sister McKenna's test
results...I would not admit this to ANYONE, but I was a little worried
there for a week or so!! I will admit this to YOU but no one else!! hehe
She must be feeling better because last night I walked by her to make
sure she was not laying on one of MY toys....when I sniffed the toy I
got a BIG whack across my nose...heehehhe SO, the dear girl must
be back to her 'old' self....heheeh I will remember to be more careful
in the days to come! With all the test she has been having and will have,
she might be a little on the sensitive side....I need to take "Sensitive
Lessons" from my Miss Hazel Lucy, I guess! ehheheh
Well, I will close for now but first want to thank everyone for sending
Sister McKenna their prayers, good thoughts and Healing Rosettes
and Stars while she has been sick....we will work on the IBS, Kidney
failure and heart disease but the main thing is that she feels good
once again--thanks to ALL OF YOU!!!
Your Pal,



April 12th 2007 6:20 pm
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Hello Furfriends,
Even tho I fuss and complain about little sister McKenna,
I just want to go on record to say to the world: I LOVE MY
I am sending her kitty prayers and kitty love tonight so
she won't be afraid or scared....I am going to call her on
her KittyCellPhone at 12:00 tonight...that is our usual
time to meet in the hallway and scarf down the food the
humans leave out for us and to talk over the happenings
of the day and to plot our strategy for the next day. hehe
Well, we will talk tonight and I will try to be extra nice
to her since I have been away from home overnight also.
It is not fun but you have to do it sometimes.
Talk with you tomorrow, my furfriends....
A lonely Buddie



April 11th 2007 10:05 am
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Hello Furfriends,
This morning I heard HER trying to 'act normal'....well, when she does
that I know to hide and, I ran to daddy's (kisskiss) closet...I
never hide in there....I could hear those feet looking for me....they went
here and they went there...they went everywhere!! I could also hear HER
Southern drawl saying:
"Come here, sweet little Buddie"....she was looking ALL over the house!!
I only made myself smaller in the closet. I was quiet....I hardly would
breathe....she finally made it to daddy's (kisskiss) closet...she quickly looked
in it and was shocked to see me all tiny and quiet looking up at her with big
innocent eyes. She scooped me up and put me in the carrier. Off we went to
the vets for my fluids. Oh my!! Well, guess what?? It was not all that bad..they
said I was such a sweet little Buddie one even had to hold me down!!
I just sat there in my sweetness! hehehehhe I weigh 12lbs and 12 ounces....Yipee!
I was down since my last vet entry to 12.6, so mommie was extremely happy today!!
Well, my furfriends, this sweet little Buddie will say 'bye' now....I will try to
spread my sweetness to HER today....after all SHE braved a horrible
thunderstorm today so I could have my fluids...and we all know what rain
does to HER hair...picture Little Orphan Annie!!! hehehheh



April 3rd 2007 6:25 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Oh I am jumping with JOY, if I could only get these unattractive Bunny Ears off...
now that my furwife, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame, has won TOP prize in the
"Babes in Blue" contest, I am stuck with these lame ears can I remain MANLY
and SUAVE around her with these things growing out of my head?????..what is wrong
with that MOMMIE woman??? She is determined to undermine my male-ness at all cost...and it may cost me the respect of my furwife, The Beautiful Miss Hazel Lucy
of Caster Fame!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Until later I remain,
Your embarrassed Buddie
Here is the complete list of winners in case anyone missed it:

Best in Show - Hazel Lucy – Confidence in Blue

First Prize - Luna - Brilliant in Blue

Second Prize - Smudge – Cozy in Blue

Third Prize - Tie - Joy & Sofie - Joy (Blissfull in blue) Sophie (Cosmopolitan in blue)

Fourth - Bella - Bowdacious in Blue

Fifth - Susie – Let’s Party in Blue

Morgan's Choice:

Ashlye Delicious Dazzle – Doubly Delicious in Blue
Ashley Jay – Purrfect Profile in Blue
Bethany – Blue Hawaii

Cali - Too Cute in Blue
Cassie - Vegas Show Cat in Blue
Cauliflower - Relaxing in blue
Cheyanne – Blue Leopard Dreams
Daphne – A Star in Blue
Hannah - Best in blue Babuska
Hazel - Dreaming in Blue
Ko – Bewitching in Blue
Leah – Home Blue Home
McKenna – Gazes of Blue
Muffin – Miffed in Blue
Penelope – Blue Attitude
Rue Rue - best bootiful hairdoo
Samoa - Bright eyes in blue
Sasha Ama - Baby Blues
Snowy - Wings of Blue
Zorilla – Beauty in Blue Denim

Baby Poppy & Shay – Best Mother and Daughter in Blue

Babies in Blue – Tiny Babies in Blue Crew

Rainbow Bridge – The Blue Angels



March 28th 2007 9:25 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Just call me 'Hefty Bud".....I am now 12.13pounds!!!!
I have gained weight and I am throwing it around... little sister,
McKenna, that flyweight, can never catch me!! I am too swift on my
fat little feet...heheheh I just know the magic number of
13 will be mine to possess very soon, my furfriends....and when that
happens...the world will rock...due to my massive weight. hehehe
Well, Hefty Bud signing off till later,
Must go munch and crunch some,



March 26th 2007 1:28 pm
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Hello My FurFriends!!
Oh, today was just a 'too easy day' for HER!! I slipped up and miscalculated
my 'vet days' and was sleeping soundly in MY CARRIER....AND WHAT HAPPENED??
SHE was walking by, saw me sound asleep like a little angel I am, snoring away,
and SHE quickly shut and locked the door....I opened my eyes like a flash
and knew it was over....I missed my chance to give HER a good workout today!!!
I could of kicked myself!! SHE needed to chase me all around the house
because SHE had so much to do extra hour of hunting and capturing
me would make my day!! heheheh Good grief, Buddie (I said to myself), what
happened to you?? Asleep on the job?? What kind of icon are you to your little
Sister McKenna who looks to YOU for guidance?? I could not even give her a
'heads up' on hiding herself.....I let her down...she was caught lickety-spilt too!!
What kind of big brother am I these days??
Well, we go again this Wednesday....believe me, my furfriends, Wednesday will
be a completely different story.....SHE better not have anything planned for
that will be filled with trying to catch TWO furcycles....TWO furblurrs.....
TWO furfast-as-lightning babies...well, you get the idea!!
Stayed tuned for the new and improved Buddie....I will be on my toes
and not asleep in the carrier!! heehhe
You pal,
Mr. B



March 21st 2007 12:09 pm
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Hello My FurFriends!!
Wow, what a weekend I just had...first of all, my Big Angel Brother,
Ricki, picked me up and flew me over to visit with my friend, Jason Hopper, in Sierra Madre, CA. I have to tell you that part of the country has the most beautiful
places to look! Anyhow, it was our plan that Ricki would also spend the weekend with us...partly to drive Jason Hoppers' daddy crazy...heehee See,
he can't see Ricki because Ricki is a Kitty Angel...but, Ricki can see him...and I can see Ricki and JH can see Ricki and Ricki can see us....see how it works?? Anyway, Ricki would
give him Angel kisses all the time and he would be feeling a cool breeze on his
cheek and wonder what was going on....yep, it drove him batty. ehheheh We played this 'breezy kissy' game the whole time we were there..if you could of
only seen his dad checking out his face in the mirror for 'unforseen rashes or
fevers'....oh, what fun we had!!
But, I will tell you one thing, my friends...that man can cook...he had a heaping plate
of grilled guppies all fired up for us on our first night there that could compare
with any place in the world!! We sort of felt guilty after that delicious meal for
playing the 'breezy kissy' game with him.....but, not that guilty to stop. heheh
Anyhow, we had such fun running, playing and eating and then we would
lay out in their wonderfully warm sun and tan our whiskers!! WAHOO.....I sure
have missed the sun!!
But, then Sunday came, and Ricki had to dust off his new strong Kitty Angel
Wings and fly us back home....oh, by the way, he took JH and me on some
exciting rides while we were at JH's house....his daddy was chicken and said
he wouldn't go hundreds of miles up in the air with a kitty he couldn't see...he
missed a good time!!
Thanks, JH, and your humans for such a unforgettable time.
Later, my furfriends...
Your Pal,



March 10th 2007 11:27 am
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Hello FurFriends!!
Ok, I had a new idea for this vet trip know, between you and me,
enough is enough!! If they can't find me, then they can't take me to the vets,
right? Well, that sounds good on paper....BUT, in real life...well, it does not
seem to work as well.....I was all curled up small as a pea up under the bed
at three this morning....a little early for them to close off the bedroom door...
I heard HER get up about an hour later muttering that she'd better close
the door before I caught on and hid....AH HA!!! Too fate was sealed!
I was safe and secure all hidden away behind the "Space Bags" under the
bed....about an hour later, I hear the familiar sound of HER calling me:
Sweet Buddie....come to mommie, Sweet Buddie.....well, if SHE thinks I am going
to fall for that SHE can has more holes in her head than I suspected!!
About 15 minutes later, I heard them searching for me....doors opening,
door shutting (hard), and then I heard daddy (kisskiss) say: Well, let's just LOOK
under the bed..I know Sweet Buddie is NOT under there but let's look anyhow....
Well, my number was up when the Space Bags were removed....yes, they are nice
and actually take up less space but, furcats, they are NOT made for hiding!!!
So, the bed was taken apart (by now they could do it blindfolded) and I was
caught and put into my carrier.........
Off to the vets...we got our fluids and I was petted and kissed and told that I
look so healthy and my new and old Rosettes were fawned over and everyone
said they were going to steal a few...don't worry, my friends, they will get NONE
of them!!!!!
So, now we are home, all safe and sound, and I am sitting out on the actual is warm outside and SHE cleaned off the deck furniture so I would not
get my paws dirty and we are enjoying the chirps of the Robins and the
smell of the flowers!!!
Friends, this Spring is starting out so much better than last..I was just getting sick this month of last year and my Brother Ricki was very very, you know I am enjoying every budding leaf I see and every newborn
little bird that will make it's first sound!!! I will be here for ALL of it...I beat the
over powering odds and I AM ALIVE and HERE!!!
Life is good!!
Until next time,
Your Happy Buddie



March 3rd 2007 8:53 am
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Hello FurFriends,
Yes, today was another fun filled fluid day here in Tennessee!! Well, SHE took
some of the fun out of it by getting up at five this morning and shutting off all
the doors to our escape areas!! I swear, SHE needs to be taken out back and
taught a lesson...well, that is for another day.
Sister McKenna and I were EASILY caught this morning despite our running
around and around and up and down the steps...they double teamed us and we
were quickly captured and deposited into our respective carriers.
Good news!! I still weigh 12 pounds and 12 ounces....little sis has lost an ounce or two but the humans will work on that. She will have blood work done this Tuesday....again, my friends, I WON'T...heheheh I will only go with her and receive my fluids again!! Not too bad of a deal, huh?
Well, I see HER in the kitchen TRYING to cook something for my poor sweet
loving concerned daddy (kisskiss)...he is such a brave man for having to eat what SHE passes off as food everyday! I know first paw since I catch some of the
crumbs SHE happens to drop....not worth the effort, my furfriends....take it from me!! heeh
Well, until next time, I remain your grateful friend,

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