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A Cat's Life by Casey

I am bored

May 6th 2007 4:18 am
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Remember I told you that my parents were going to Hawaii? Well my Dad had back surgery in October instead so all my worrying was for nothing.We had to wait until January before we could make the trip just to Florida .
After we got down here everything was OK until last month when we were supposed to leave, but then my Dad had to have another surgery so we are still in Florida.
Everyone has gone home for the summer and I have no one to come and visit me. All I have to look at are the stupid squirrels and right now they are chattering and driving me crazy.
I think I am just getting stir crazy but hope is on the horizon. Dad got clearance fnally to leave for the north and we should leave on the day before Mother's Day for the drive home.
I hate the long ride but it is one of the things I must do to get home. It used to take a day and a half but now we spend two nights along the way. It's OK as long as we find a motel that lets cats stay too. It really is difficult these days.
Hope we have a safe trip home.
Goodbye for now.


Who will I sleep with?

February 9th 2006 2:10 am
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The news, just in!
Next year at this time my parents are flying to Hawaii and then go on a 7 day cruise around the islands. They will be gone for 10 or more days. I am so miserable thinking about this. I have never been without them since they picked me up at the lady's house where I was born.
I know they will have fun but what about me! I sleep with them every night, I get my special milk just for cats every morning. Sometime I can con either one of them into thinking I didn't get it yet and then I get a second helping. I am so clever and devious.
I simply have to have my lunch treat at noon, ham or turkey will do and my dinner time treat of Cool Whip is the highlight of my evening. My parents are so trained. When they see me sitting by the refrigerator door and staring at it, they finally remember what their next job is. Get the Cool Whip for please!
They clean my litter box twice a day. I hate it when there's a lot of stuff in it. What will I do without all these kitty perks. Sure, they say Margaret will come during the day to take care of me but will she be here for all my snacks during the day? What will I do when I'm all alone at night with no one to snuggle up to. I am so miserable thinking about this.
I hope next year takes a long time getting here.


Back to cold floors

April 15th 2005 1:22 am
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Familiar things are happening around here. Empty brown boxes are arriving daily, I was sent to my second most unfavorite place (first unfavorable place being the Vet) to be groomed and my humans sit and look at something called a triptik. I guess we will be heading back North soon. Sometimes I wish they would make up their minds. My poor fur coat doesn't know what to do. I hear, "He has to go to the groomers, he's shedding all that winter fur". Yeah right! Now I can go back where it is still chilly and grow it back again and then I can go back to the groomers. MEOW. The ow parts come from the near misses on my sanitary cut.
I complain but it will be nice to go to my other home, it's just the ride. The road construction on the triptik shows I will bumping my way back to Branson. Now my humans are saying, " Maybe we ought to get a place that's smaller where they can close the door and leave and not worry about grass and gardens". I wish they would make up their minds. They want to be free to travel. UGH! That means more of my life bumping around in my big box. Oh well! I love 'em and will put up with all their travels just so I can be with them. I'll let you know how our trip went when I get back to the "big house". In a way it's a challenge..the bed is bigger and I do have to work harder to tie up their legs. The full size bed is great for crowding them out. I'm an expert at that. See y'all (That's my Ozark accent) in Branson... Casey


I made it!

November 15th 2004 4:24 am
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I am now in Florida for the winter. I don't know what that means but my parents seem to think that being here is a really good deal. This place is so much smaller the our other home but, I must say, I like it here too. There are loads of squirrels right outside on this big old live oak tree. It's like up close and personal. I could almost touch them if it wasn't for this thing they call a window.
My trip down here wasn't bad, that is if you don't mind sleeping all day in a big box. It is much larger than the awful blue box and I have my own restroom facilities in this one. It's just that it is so boring. My favorite trick is to give them loud and intense meows whenever they hit a bump. At least they know I am still back there behind them. How can they miss it when I give them an earful like that. I am usually quite reserved so this really loud display makes me feel better. You know, sometime you just have to express yourself.
We spent two extra days so that my parents could visit with all their first children and then we were off on our adventure. We only spent one night on the trip down. We stayed in a Comfort Inn which was really quite nice except they had a plastic pad under the sheets and it made a miserable squeaking noise whenever you moved on it that my parents didn't care for at all. It kept my Mom awake all night until she finally took her pillow and slept on the couch. I wonder why they call it a comfort inn?
This place has one flaw though. The kitchen table is too small. I am used to our big table at home where I can sit and watch my parents eat. Now everytime I get up, down I go, with help. There isn't enough room for me and their food I guess. Otherwise, why would they keep dumping me down on the floor so unceremoniously. Oh well, I guess I can live with that rule. I just keep forgetting it though.
Did I ever mention that I have a web page? It is at
You can see more pictures of me and you can also see my sister who is an angel now. She isn't my real sister but she lived in my house before I was born and my parents miss her a lot. They gave me all her toys but I don't like them as much as she did. They are furry little mouses that she used to pretend were her babies and would carry them around and put them in a pile under her. She never had any real babies so I guess that is why she did that.
Well, this is the state I was born in so I guess I'd better enjoy myself.
More later...Casey


The Dreaded Blue Box

November 1st 2004 4:20 am
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As I have told you, I really don't like being groomed. Whenever my parents (the human ones) try to do it I put up such a fuss, they finally give up and let me go. Today, they brought the dreaded blue box down from the attic. I know what that means, a visit to the vet. Oh no, I thought, I was just there for all my shots. Please don't make me have anymore, they hurt and the vet does things to me that are not very nice. I hate the thermometer routine.
I finally was unceremoniously put into the box against all my protests. I let them know how unhappy I was all the way to the vet's office. Surprisingly, they took me in through another door and handed me and my cage to a lady. I couldn't figure out what was coming next. I found out real quick when she put me in a sling type thing and proceeded to comb out all the bumps in my fur. Then she took a pair of clippers and shaved my backside in a narrow strip. She called it a sanitary cut. I thought "Hey, watch it back there". Well! That took away one of my nicknames..namely FuzzyButt. There was no escape. I protested as loud as possible but it didn't help. I was really pretty good during this ordeal considering all the indignaties and though I vocally told her I didn't approve of being treated in this manner, I didn't bite or scratch her.
Next, I was dunked ito a tub of water and scrubbed down with some wonderful smelling shampoo. Mind you, I love to play with water but being immersed in it was a different matter. Finally I was rinsed down and placed on a towel. I looked at myself and thought I resembled a drowned rat. I lost weight in that water and where was all my fluffy fur? She started rubbing me and combing me until I was almost dry. My fur was slicked down against my body, YUK! I looked terrible. She put me back into the blue box and turned some warm wind on me and miraculously I started fluffing up. Amazing!
Finally, my parents came to take me home. They told me how beautiful I looked and, you know, I think I do too. The lady told them how good I was and though I really could sing, I was a really good boy.
My new resolution now is to let myself be groomed at home, thus warding off the groomer. It may work but somehow I think I will be back to visit that lady. She shouldn't have made me look so good.
Well, that was one day in my life and now as I look back at it, it wasn't all that bad.

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