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Micheal baby

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Thank yous and mouse up date

January 14th 2011 3:05 am
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Thank you furends for all your concatsulations and prezies
Thank you Smokey foor the heart
thank you Hooch and Alfie for the rosettes
Thank you Alfie for the badge for my page.
Thank you Wyatt for the foot ball
Thank your Mr. Mickey for the snowflake.

Thank you Buddie and furmily for the pmail.
Rex, Skippy, Violet, Eva and Alfie, Pumpkin, and Tyson for their Concatulation wishes.

Now as for the mouse seems the Diary Lady will not be getting it as some has eatten it Mom found parts in the litter box. Sorry Diary Lady. but they did say this is going to be a bad year for mice in homes so there is a chance Mom will get the next one away from us.
Love Mikey


Blood on the floor

January 13th 2011 10:50 am
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Mom just came home and found blood on the floor. she has inspected all four of us and can't find any thing on us so she is thinking no more mouse in the house. Hey Mom! that rhymes your a poet. will let you know when she figures it out. she is looking for dead bodies hopefully it didn't crawl some wwhere to perish.


Snow and DDP

January 13th 2011 2:45 am
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Well I don't think we got as much snow as they said of course Mom and Dad shoveled the drive way a couple of times and the big shocker the road was plowed before we got up. no salt or gravel on it but it was plowed.
I got picked for DDP again today holy cats! Thank you diary Lady.
She really must want that mouse that is under the dish washer.
I has eluded us again the little rascal. Mom can't figure that out . she says "I live with 3 cats and neither one of you can catch it."


The storm has started

January 12th 2011 11:30 am
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We are supposed to get 20 to 30 cm of snow today and tomorrow.
Mom will work on sat and take tomorrow off. Or she can put her snow shoes one and go down to one of her customers. the ones in town she can't go to cause it will look funny her walking to town witha vaccum on her back MOOL! She could get on it and ride it down hills. MOOLLL! Got to go Dad will be home soon.


Thank you

January 10th 2011 10:43 am
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Thank you to all my furends
Thank you to Tyson and Wyatt for the snowmen and we do have enough snow here to make many more.
Thank you Sparkman for the coments and the snowflake.
thank you to Hooch and Tate for the rosettes
Thank you Buddie, McKenna , Gibbs and Cash for the pmail
Thank you so much for the comments Oreo, Hazel Lucy, Milo, Violet , Pumpkin and Rex
Every one is appreciated and held close to my heart.



January 9th 2011 4:34 am
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Thank you diary lady for picking me today.

Paddy Spotty and Me are trying to catch a mouse for you as a prezie right now his is living under the dish washer but we will have him don't you worry.


new trick

January 5th 2011 3:48 am
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I am a van trillo kist . Mom was unloading the dish washer and Spotty was sitting on the counter watching her and I was behind the counter (kind of like a island but attached to the cupboards) I meowed and she looked at spotty and said "what do you want buddy?" he looked at her and I meowed again and she said howed you do that??? the thing was spotty moved his mouth at the same time as I meowed but it was my voice. Then it clicked in Mom looked be hind the counter and there I was. We sure had her for a few minutes. Mom's not so bright in the morning. MOOOLLL!!!

Oh I forgot to tell you I went to the vet to get my needles every thing is good except my teeth I now have to mix my so with the teeth cleaning one and I lost weight I am now just under 18 lbs. by a ounce.


Snow storm

January 3rd 2011 8:27 am
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Well I guess it was about to happen some time. We got dumped on good. First it was rain then it turned to freezing rain then snow ball size flakes now it is rain soon that will freeze cause the temps are going down. Mom went to clean her 90 year old lady's house she got there no problem the thing was getting home. No plows and the roads were slippey she was going down a small incline and started going for the woods (she was going 20klms phr) so she took her foot off the gas and steered where she wanted to go which was down the road and she corrected the car and she kept going another fellow was coming the other way and he was going just as slow as her. After they passed a truck came along and he was flying she was wondering if he landed in the ditch when he came upon the other car.
I guess winter finally arrived here in Nova Scotia.


My thank you's

January 1st 2011 9:10 am
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My thank you's are a little late (giving Mom a dirty look) my secretary has been busy.
Thank you Diary Lady for chossing me to be one of the last diary picks of 2010.

Thank you furends for your kind words . Baby Peaches,Buddy, Simba Sparkman, Missy and family,

Thank you for the hearts Elsa and Hooch
Wyatt for the rosette
Tilly for the snowflake
and to my sweet wife Margo fo the glasses of bubbly to toast the New year in and our Annifursary.
again I am sorry for beein late.


2 means alot.

December 30th 2010 6:58 am
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This year is our 2nd wedding annifursary for Margo and me. I just wanted to let her know how mush she means to me.


2 eyes to gaze upon my beautiful wife.
2 lips to kiss tenderly
2 arms to hold her tight
2 ears to whisper words of love
2 hearts to beat as one.(mine still goes pitter patter when I sees her)
2 glorious years of love and life with the most wonderful girl in the world and I loves more than life it's self.

Happy Anifursary love of my life
Loves you with all my heart and more
You Hubby

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