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Micheal baby

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Up early.

October 19th 2010 2:56 am
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Ok just a note while the kids are getting ready to go to the manxters. I worked yesterday but when I got home Micheal looked like he was pee wee herman Margo was experimenting with new hair styles. Not sure how Mickey like that. We had supper and we had birthday cake. We got Margo Packed and they watched a bit of TV and to bed cause we have to get up and drive a ways today. I am going to drop them off then go shopping or amuse my self for a while. then I have to pick them up and drive back to Halifax to get Margo on a plane by 7 ;20 pm. Wish us luck and hope they don't dilly dally. Oh! got to go Margo can't find something.


new show from Canada

October 18th 2010 2:20 am
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Mom worked out in the garden today and she wrapped her roses so the north winds would no get them. All this work out side made us cold and damp cause it started drizzling. so we went in and had a bit to eat and a nap.
Last night we watched a new show this is the second season for it It is called Battle of the Blades. Margo thought it was sword fighting. But is is Dancing with the stars with a twist they are on figure skates the females are the figure skating champs and the males are hockey players. the judges judge then it is up to Canada to vote for thier favs It is difficlut to vote this year cause they are really good. Not ready for the Olimpics but good. She thought that was amazing specially cause she was hockey the night be fore. Tonight is the results show .
We are going to the New Brunswick to morrow Mom is going to take us. It will be a long day for us as it will take 4 hours ti get there then 5 hours to the air port to drop Margo off. so we have to be all packed to night be fore we go to bed.


Hockey Night in Canada

October 17th 2010 5:11 am
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Margo go some canadian culture Saturday night it is hockey night in Canada.
Mikey spent most of the game explaining the game to her. She kept trying to catch the puck on the TV screen. It was priceless as she is. don't know if she would like to stay up here or not cause when there's a game on efury thing comes to a halt in Canada.
Ma will have to get a wood stove cause she is lovin ours she's campedout in front of it.
If you are wondering why Mikey is not writing this is cause the two of them are off to dream land in front of the fire. Seems as though Margo spent the whole night asking questions about how come we love our Hockey up here . one reason is we have it cold for 6 months of the year . what better way to burn a few calories and keep warm. Used to be why we had such large families. LOL. *wink,wink*
thats it for now Mom Deb


MY Sweet is here

October 16th 2010 6:16 am
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Well We have had lobster and clams . Margo loved the lobster she laped that up real quick. MOm laughed at her she didnot no that you drop them in the pot alive. Margo was horrified.
The claims she tasted a little bit but she kind of got grossed out cause she says they look like snot. MOL!. Mom has been driving us around showing her the land scape and the fall colors in the valleys and Cabot Trail . it is beatuiful this time of year.
Charlie has been behavin him self and iffin he goes to chase Margo I jumps between them and shows my teefs. We goes down in the basement cause the doggie canno get down there. So we runs and plays wit my toys with out the big clumbsy ox chasin us.
meow at ya later.
Mikey and Margo


Home at last

October 15th 2010 11:37 am
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Well I got the two little hoodlems home. On the way home I had a good long talk with them will have to let Margo's Mom know they realize they were wrong. I think they just got caught up in the romance and adventure of it.

I hope Margo doesn't get cold it is below 0 here at night I will have to keep the wood stove going for her. They talked and giggled all night last night. I am going to need a nap Ikeep falling asleep. ( little Brats)

Me and Margo are safe in Canada agin she is going to stay til after my burfay. I gots home and the living room has been painted. They reno'd the bathroom and moved all the furnature around. My bed with the blakey Margo gave me is now right beside my food dish! Talk about breakfast in bed. Charlie you gots to leave Margo alone she not used to you chasin her. Miracle is yakin away to his girfurend. what a wracket. Oh my efury one is talk at the same time. Oh My!
Margo and me talked and talked and talked all night about our adventure. I is glad efury thing worked out for us. Hope Margo's Mom is not to mad at her. She's kind of scart to go home. I tolt her that her Mom will calm down, she will probably cry when she see her and squeeze her tight cause she is in one piece.
Got to go It is supper time and I am gonna try Margo with some Nova Scotia lobster and clams.


on our way home

October 13th 2010 8:22 am
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we are on American soil now and are able to contact our Mom's
Who PInkie the Rat has not been sending messages to, because he knew they would not approve of our pillaging and plundering. My Mom wants to squeeze pinkie til his eyes pop for putting her babies in jepardy. Mom splained that plundering is like stealing and it is wrong BUT she is so glad we are in one piece and headed home on the plane.

Mom here:
I hope Pinkie has found a good deep hole to hide in . if I get my hands on him I know a nice boa that would have him for lunch.
Mikey and Margo will arrive at the Standfield International Airport Halifax, Nova Scotia at 1:15 p.m. this afternoon. Guess I had better get a move on. wonder how long they will take to get through customs?


no reception in the jungle

September 29th 2010 5:07 am
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We lost receoption in the jungle so no messages could get in or out. They took us up the mountain to a remote village. Margo was glad Ma stayed home cause the spiders were big and mean. the whole time we were up there Margo was puffed up from head to tail her eyes were as big as saucers and her ears were pinned to her head. She was ready for anything. All of a sudden the Capitan gave the signal and there was a halbaloo. Barking hissing fur flying when the dust cleared we had our beans and were being carried down the mountain on the big mean mastiffs.
I got smacked in the face a couple of times with the under brush.
I looked over at My Dear Wifey she looked like she wanted to cry but didn't dare. I wanted to hold her tight right then but the time surely wasn't right. so I smiled and winked at her to let her know it was alright.

We are now back on board the kittymoron and I have her in my arms now. She will surely sleep good tonight, I think we all will. I see we weren't the only on to get a treasure. Miracle got a girl furend.
That's all for now meow at you later when all hands gets some rest.

dictatied by Pinkie the Rat.


DDP again!

September 24th 2010 2:28 am
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this is pawsime DDP again to day Thank you HQ lady.


Thank you's

September 23rd 2010 7:46 am
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As dictated to Pinkie the rat

I almost forgot to thank efury one for thier gifts and well wishesbefore we left for our adventure. This will be quick for Pinkie.
Thank you for the rosettes Adam Dylan and furmily, Redford and his furmily.
Shelly Sue and Tate and Hooch and Wyatt and Sassy and Elsa and of course Hazel Lucy
Thnk you for the well wishes from Cash , Gibbs and Buddie
MIkey Captain Lard Belly


we survived the night

September 23rd 2010 4:12 am
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well we have a long hike a head of us to day. Miracle dicided not to go home but stay here with us. I tink he likes the warm breezes. Besides whats a pirate without a parrot anyway. I know , I know he's a cockatiel , same family and he talks too much some times so I have his mussle ready for when we need quiet.
As didctated but Pinkie the rat

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