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my brother's friend Shadow

January 23rd 2009 8:40 pm
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my brother Erni has some really big paws! he has many toes on his front paws and an extra toe in his back paws. he belongs to this group they call M.I.D.E. Mittsonian Institute fur the Digitally Enhanced. that is a funny name for a group. i get the fur part but mom says never mind, i would never understand:( he has this friend named Shadow. they play all kinds of games. they don't let me play because they say i don't have enough toes. that is ok because my mom says i am special in other ways:) anyways this kitty, Shadow and i have one thing in common. we like the vet. ok, so i don't like to go to the vet, i just happen to end up there sometimes. dad and mom are not letting me go outside because the Silver Tiger Kitty has AIDS. although i am not sure why he needs help. he can eat and drink by himself. anyways poor Shadow had to get his leg fixed and it cost his mommy a lot of money. if anyone can help his mommy, Shadow 852784 has a link to an account, that is HQ approved. his mommy has the whole story on his diary.

now let me tell you another story. my mom calls me a storyteller because i always have something to say. i am not sure if anyone knows that i have a sister named Jinx. well my mom and dad call her girlfriend. she is like stalking me. i go in the garage and she follows me. i sleep on the bed and she tries to hold my paw! my mom is not very happy about this because she says i am too old for her. although i am not sure that mom is right because i am still very handsome( even though my friend Ishtar says i am not!) mom should know this because i sit right in front of her when she sleeps. i hit her on the nose when i am hungry in the middle of the night. hehehehe anyways would anyone like a little sister? cause she bugs me and i am the Dusty Miller she should find someone else to play with cause i just like to lie around and look good!


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