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Just wondering

December 27th 2007 2:54 am
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I have being spending most of the day outside by myself today and I've been thinking about a few thing and thought I would get them off my chest in my diary.

We are told that vitamin d from the sun is good for us but what I want to know why is it good for us and what does it do that's so good? I will still go outside once I've found out the answer as I love bring outside on warm summer days having a nice sleep and hanging with my Grandpa if he's out there reading a book. if it's good for me that the bonus.

Also why is it that cats have personality? Mum keeps telling me that I'm not a person that I'm cat or as she says a kitten trapped in a cat's body. So if cats have anything isn't it catality this what Mum says I've got as I'm not a person.

Mum are wise people and are suppose to know the answer to these question but so far Mum hasn't been able to tell why these tow things are so. I might have to raid Mum's computer and the net to find out the answers to my questions.

I'm glad to have got my thoughts down in my diary. Until next time.


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