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Morticia's Musings

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Thanksgiving Turkey Tag game!

November 19th 2007 8:00 am
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Feisal's tagged me to think of things I'm thankful for, write them in my diary, then tag 5 others kits to do the same. Here goes!

I'm thankful for:

1. First & foremost, MOMKATT! Well, DadKatt to you ... YOU know ... *MOL*

2. The person who invented HAM!

3. The aforesaid HAM!

4. My new blood-red fleece blankie that is SOOO pawsomely soft and ALL MINE MINE MINE!

5. My BEAUTIFUL tail, which is very muscular and which entrances MomKatt whenever I wave it around when being petted or when she's reading or when I'm laying in her lap and she's stroking me.

6. My nice, warm home.

7. Heavens, I can't leave out the big one (other than MomKatt): ALL MY FURRENDS ON CATSTER! I'm REALLY thankful for you guys!

OK ... let's see ... who to tag ... *Drat, Feisal's already tagged Hudson!*

How 'bout:

Ashley Jay
Scout (my godkittydaughter)

G'mon guys, what are YOU thankful for??



I was bad last night ... :(

November 7th 2007 5:52 am
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I was a bad black kitten last night ... I scared MomKatt to death and I didn't mean to, really!! I feel so bad.

When they come home at night, we all run to the kitchen door to greet them 'cause we hear the cars drive up. Well, when MomKatt came home last night, it was nearly dark & she had to fumble for her keys to both locks on the kitchen door. She had two bags with her that she usually carries to work, and when they open the kitchen door, if someone has a bag, they put it down to block anyone escaping (we have never tried, but they are usually quite cautious).

But last night ... MomKatt kept both bags on her shoulder 'cause they were light, and by the time she opened the door and reached inside to switch on the kitchen & front porch lights ... she suddenly realized there was a black blob on the porch on her left and it was ... me.

I ... GOT OUT.

The ADT alarm signal was going, and MomKatt has to turn it off in 46 sec., otherwise the police & firemen come and it's chaos. She didn't hesitate. She dropped everything she was carrying on the kitchen floor and turned to see me, just standing at the top of the steps to the driveway like I was thinking, "Gee ... THIS seems familiar somehow ..."

She started talking to me, saying my name over & over, "Morticia, honey, come here! Sweetie, you need to come back in," all the while slowly walking towards me. She moved really easy because she was scared to death that I'd bolt off the porch.

Our outdoor kitty, Miss Thang, has a food bowl & water bowl on the porch to the left of the kitchen door and I turned towards them because .... well, it WAS dinner time and I was hungry and I smelled dry food in the bowl. In a flash, I felt MomKatt's hands around me as I walked up to the bowl.

She scooped me up, and RAN the 3 feet or so into the house, slammed the door, ran to the alarm, disabled it, then took me into the bedroom and put me on their bed, all the while talking to me & saying my name and telling me I must NEVER EVER EVER do that again, I'd scared her and what if I ran away she'd never FORGIVE herself and she'd be lost without me ...

She was VERY upset. I didn't MEAN to upset her, honest! I just ... well I don't know WHAT came over me. I just ... walked outside.

DadKatt came home & she immediately told him what happened & said they must watch the door like hawks from now on & ALWAYS have something to use to block the door when they come in.

I love MomKatt, I don't want to make her unhappy or scared ... she wasn't *really* angry with me, just relieved she'd been able to pick me up and bring me back safely. I wouldn't have gone far. It was COLD and though it's cold in our house, it's FAR colder outside. I'd have come back ASAP, believe me! (At least, I THINK I would have ...)

I tried all night to make up to her for what I'd done. And I snuggled & slept with her until 1:30 this morning, throwing myself against her chest while she lay in bed & purring like mad & trying to comfort & warm her.

I feel SO terrible ... she hugged me EXTRA tight this morning ...

Morticia (the temporary and penitent escapee)


Happy Halloween!

October 31st 2007 1:47 pm
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It's the unofficial BLACK CAT DAY a/k/a Halloween today! hee hee I think it's OUR day, really. (Of course, EVERY day should be Black Cat Day, but I'll take what I can get ... I'm not too proud! MOL)

MomKatt gave me extra scroochies this morning, even though she was running late. And of course smooches on the top of my head.

We have no heat, currently. I can't wait 'til the heating guy comes out on Fri. to fix our heater. :( I'm glad we kitties have fur! It'd be bad if we didn't. I just snuggled down on the purrpad last night though, so that kept me warm. MomKatt's gonna take me into the bedroom w/her tonight to snuggle when she goes to bed. She's VERY warm. :)

DadKatt doesn't know what's up with the heater, but I hope it gets fixed on Friday! It's not summer anymore!

On a sad note, I guess Sam is no longer on Catster. Some purr sent her a mean Rosette the other day and I guess she's decided it's not worth the trouble she's getting from some unknown party. How mean to send someone a nasty rosette! If you don't like someone, then don't have anything to DO with them, but don't be NASTY to them. It's very sad and a very immature thing to do, IMHO. And it's driving a very nice kitty away from BCCP which is very upsetting.

Well MomKatt's gonna be home soon, so I'd better get cracking & start tidying up the place! :)



2nd Time "Daily Diary" Winner on Catster

October 28th 2007 10:05 am
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I don't know what to say, other than thank you, to whomever thought my humble musings, ramblings and blitherings were worthy of a second Catster Daily Diary pick. It means more than you know - lots of writers (human and animal) go unrecognized, despite their considerable talents. So they all know what I mean when I say ...

Thank you. From the deepest part of my heart.

And I'm sure there'll be more to come in the future. :)


PB2's TAG and Kitties I've tagged!

October 22nd 2007 1:28 pm
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PB2 tagged me - I have to tag 10 other kitties & say something I really like about them, starting with .... PB2 the sweetie that tagged me!

OK here goes ...

PB2 - She's SO funny and easy to be around. We giggle alot and I love getting silly with her! (Especially 'cause she's the only kitty I know who's going to a Halloween pawty dressed as a Stella Artois 12-pack of beer! MOL)

Now here are the kitties I've tagged:

1. Catmander Teal'C - We haven't seen him on the boards lately and we miss him (!) but I love how courtly and gentlemanly he is. Ashley is TRULY lucky to have him as her main squeeze!

2. Gentleman Jack - This guy's a Ruddy Aby, a friend of my brofur Feisal, and he's just pawsome. He's another Aby that LOVES yogurt, like Feisal does, and is very friendly. (We can included non-black kitties, can't we? I hope so 'cause ... I AM!)

3. Batman - SOOO handsome & sweet, with a very quick wit. I appreciate that in a guy. ;-)

4. Romeow - Your enthusiasm for the BCCP Book Club really made me feel good and I've appreciated your support!

5. Loki - What a sweet, sweet kitty. She's fun to talk to, and I love that she lives in SWEDEN, the home of one of MomKatt's favorite groups, THE HIVES!

6. Smushy - Well, if you've ever looked at his page, and seen that picture behind that glass door, you'd know why he's so special to me. That picture makes me want to go open the door, let him out & then go have TONS of fun anywhere we want to go!

7. Severus - Your fighting spirit has inspired both MomKatt and me. You didn't quit, and neither did your Mommy, and here you are, all healthy & growing up like a weed. You are truly an inspiration to all kitties & humans NOT to give up in the face of overwhelming odds.

8. Playful - You are one of the sweetest-natured cats I've ever met and a very good furrend! And I just LOVE your name!

9. Leroy Napoleon "Stanky" Brown - YOUR HAIRCUT, dude! Seriously, your warm personality and the humor in your posts on BCCP. I hope we can get to know one another better.

I've saved the youngest for last ..

10. Asher Murphy - The tiny terror of BCCP! I almost HATE for you to grow up, sweetie, 'cause you're just purrfect the way you are. And I DO love you a whole lot. (And of course I'm tres flattered you are smitten w/my tail!)




October 21st 2007 4:31 pm
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Tagged by Captain Tommaso and PB2 - I'll do the Captain's first, since he tagged me first, then PB2's later this week.

I have to pick 10 fellow Catsters and say a nice thing about them and the cat that tagged me. Then, Isend a p-mail or rosie to the kitties that I have tagged!

Here we go ....

CAPTAIN TOMMASO - Tagged me. He cooks up a storm, is always friendly & cheerful & is just nice to hang out with .... !

Now, my 10 picks:

1. Hudson - of course he's first, being my "man-catt" and all. He's loyal, courageous, a wonderpurr friend, very romantic and ... oh wait, I only say ONE thing about a purr? Oh, sorry! *giggle* Well, we'll make Hudson an exception 'cause ... well, he IS one!

2. PB2 - she's SO funny! She gets me laughing every time I see a post from her - or smiling at the VERY least!

3. Sebastian - There is something sweet about him I can't put my paw on but ... he's 100% genuine, with a great sense of humor and a little touch of vulnerability that is very attractive.

4. Black Magic - She gives her time to kitties so willingly, who WOULDN'T love being with so generous a furrend?

5. Tyson - I admire him for being therapy kitty & helping humans who need a little unconditional love from a beautiful black kitty.

6. Nortorious N.I. G. - I've really admired how he's stood up to abuse and the silly, childish prejudices of one or two people, while maintaining his dignity, good nature and inherent sweetness. That's hard to do under those circumstances ...

7. Heckyl & Jeckyl - I know they are two but I think of them as a "matched set" so can't pick one w/out the other! They are just both too CUTE for words! High smoochability factor in MomKatt's estimation!

8. Danny - GREAT sense of humor. AND he knows Shakespeare! *MOL*

9. Isaac - He knows how to make a girl feel beautiful! And his KEE-SSES are one of a kind!

And, last but not least ...

10. The Bunny - His Mommy & my MomKatt have gotten to be good Email buddies and the Bunny is fun to tease, always makes every kitty feel welcome and is just a good egg in general!

Now gotta send messages to all these guys!


Sad days at BCCP

October 21st 2007 8:29 am
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Hudson's Daddy's not well ...

Sam's family is experiencing so many hooman losses ...

Starsky's brofur, Simon, isn't doing well ...

And Amelia went to the Bridge ...

I tell ya it's enough to make a small black kitty feel just TERRIBLE. And I do. I feel for all the kitties & pawrents that are hurting right now ... last week was one thing after another, it seemed, and the only good thing seemed to be that everypurr banded together, we all tried to be encouraging and let all the hurting purrs & peeps feel someone was there for them, thinking of them. It really WAS overwhelming and amazing to me.

I feel since joining BCCP that MomKatt & I have joined one big family that cares about everypurr in it and whose members will go to the wall for each other. The support everyone's shown for my Beloved Hudson and his family has been tremendous - and they've supported me, too, when MomKatt's been so sick and because I miss Hudson so much.

I'm so proud & happy to be a part of all this ... I just hope that this week things start to improve - even just a tiny, weenie bit ... for everypurr ... at least MomKatt's feeling much better & coughing far less. That's SOMETHING.

Meowlo to everypurr and thanks, ya'll, for being our furrends ...

Morticia (The Grateful)

PS - Hudson WILL be able, I think, to go to the Halloween pawty on Fri. night w/t me! I can't believe it's almost here!


Lucky Lucky Lucky Black Kitties

October 15th 2007 7:12 pm
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I just read Heckyl's diary entry about pawrents and how lucky we in BCCP are to have such caring, loving families that give of themselves every day to ensure that we kitties are healthy and happy and well-adjusted. These folks don't think of us as disposable, or as "things" that don't feel pain, or love, or loneliness, or happiness or that don't mourn the loss of a beloved human or brofur or sisfur or kitty parent. They'd go without themselves before they allowed US to go without - THAT is true love and, in the case of my MomKatt, she's that way with us and she's that way w/DadKatt. Her first concern is for our health, happiness & safety. Nothing else matters.

So as Heckyl said, Have you loved on your pawrents today any at all? Why don't you? Do it as a "thank you" for all they do for us, not least of which includes play with us, pet & stroke us, tell us their problems, talk to us and spent time with us.

We are SO lucky!


Breakfast w/MomKatt

October 2nd 2007 1:26 pm
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I got LOTS of smooches on the top of my head this morning because I spent the morning having breakfast with MomKatt! This consists, after I have my own bowl of ham bits, of me lying in the cat bed in front of the French doors in our dining room (which, because of the nice, cool, early morning temps MomKatt has been opening - and don't worry, they're screened, so we can't escape ) while MomKatt has her eggs & breakfast.

It was nice and cool this morning, and as I lay there, tucked up, I listened to the crickets singing and the air was cool & slightly foggy. I felt all Halloweenie and seasonal, then MomKatt knelt down behind me and smooched the top of my head, stroked my fur and called me her "beautiful girl". I love that. I know she loves me SOOOO much.

I'm such a lucky little black kitty ...


Quiet weekend

October 1st 2007 7:41 am
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It was a quiet weekend. I slept w/MomKatt on the sofa a LOT while she watched all these old black & white movies. I'm starting to get into films ... sometimes I even watch! MOL But our couch is leather and it's SOOOOO comfortable that, when I'm lying on it, wrapped up with MomKatt & her blanket, I can't help but feel drowsy. I know it affects her that way, too, 'cause she falls asleep during her movies sometimes. (Shhhh don't tell her I said that ...)

DadKatt was at the VIR race track all weekend so we had the house ALL to ourselves for three days! Heaven! MomKatt was so frazzled from work that she needed the quiet to smooth her ruffled edges. And my purring helped too - it always does!!!! Even Sharif behaved himself (for a change). But I don't for a SECOND think he's "mellowing out" - Sasha does but I told her not to fool herself!

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