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Have I got the cat for you.....

His our home, in our hearts, and forever on our- minds.

September 15th 2013 11:02 pm
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Boomers life was full, as it started he was rescued from a farm when he was left at Happily Ever After Sanctuary. I went upon searching for a new fur friend after Dahmmy passed. When I described the new fur baby that I was dreaming of, I was told..."Have I got THE cat for YOU. And so right he was. He was newly found just the other day, brought to the sanctuary and the first glance as he was placed in my arms, I knew he was just the right cat for ME. We bonded instantly, and I took him home after the adoption papers were signed.

Boomer lived with me by my side and mostly near my feet loving to cuddle and wrap himself near my toes....his nickname, slippers. And sometimes "watermelon" by the neighbor kids, for his size was grand. Yet a gentle giant, with loving purrs. He loved his basket, and the sun which gazed upon the carpet.

Years went by and times changed....having to move to an apartment and not finding housing for my Boomer the Sanctuary held on to my fur baby till I could find a home for all of us. Finding a home I brought him to our new place and he enjoyed scratching my couch end to shreds, and I didn't mind one bit.

Time and seasons came and went, and after a few surgery's for dental heath, Boomer aged and more time cuddling in his basket, or near our feet. His favorite skill that made me smile each time, was when I would ask him to "Say Ma Ma" he would utter "Maaa" and confirm our fur kinship in my heart.

Slowly one spring day, his final surgery had seemed to take his spunk away, and he spent more time near me not wanting to leave my side. Wanting him to spend more years with me and knowing this was near the end of our journey was hard. Boomer and I spent the last few days side by side before the rainbow bridge called him home.

Home Boomer went to wait for the day when life reunites us fur baby owners with our rainbow bridge fur babies. I miss you my dear friend. Hugs and Love....your maa maa.

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