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a purrrrfect life


August 1st 2007 1:32 am
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Dad was working quite far yesterday, installing signs (don't know why humans needs signs - why can't they just smell their way around?)... Anyway, there was a strange rock in the middle of the road - dad stopped and picked it up - now I have a new memeber to the family - a tortoise!!!

Dad wants to call him Norman - mom says Rudolph cos he's got a red bit on his nose!!! Told mom to take a photo to put on here, hope fully she'll do it soon. I now have quite a disfunctional family of oddballs - 6 fishy friends (who should be happy I haven't tried to eat them) - ed, edd, eddy, madiba, goldmember and the other, and now rudolph, the red nose tortoise. I guess I should be happy that I'm the most cuddly out of all the animals - so I get the most attention - or do I??


this cat needs no fixing

July 18th 2007 12:10 am
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I am not happy with my mommy!!!!! She puts me in a box and takes me to this place where I hear animals all around me - I sleep, I awake up and now I'm all sore in my nethers!!! To top it all - I didn't even get breakfast yesterday - and for some reason I wasn't too hungry for dinner either - I was just really really thirsty.

I have decided to ignore mom for a while. I have been cuddling up to daddy though - mom put me in the carrier, dad took me out - so we all know what side mom's on!!!!


exciting weekend and a new friend!

July 16th 2007 2:08 am
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my mommy had a very exciting weekend! She was on her way home from lunch with her mom, driving on the highway - when she hit traffic. She couldn't understand why all the cars were driving so slowly, and then she saw why. A little ginger kitten was sitting and meowing in the middle of the highway!

Everyone was driving past slowly - mom pulled over and braved the on coming cars, grabbed the kitten and made a run for her car!!! Lucky - as he's now called, was purring and happy the moment they got into the car!

One of mommy's friends was saying she wanted to get a kitten so after introducing me to Lucky - she took him to her friend!! He's been checked out by the vet, he's very very young - basically a newborn - his eyes aren't even open properly yet!!! Now he has a good home, with a very happy mommy and daddy of his own!!!!! Lucky boy!



July 11th 2007 7:37 am
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last night, all I wanted to do was go outside! but no, my mum locked me in! The neighbour's cat was making anawefully strange noise, and I wanted to investigate! My mother said she's taking me in next week to be fixed and then I won't want to investigate strange cat howls anymore!

I'm not broken, I really don't need to be fixed!!! My mother is a strange one!

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