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A Cat in a Dog's World

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Are you seeing double

October 6th 2013 7:28 pm
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Wow, I finally got a really cool picture posted on my page, courtesy of my Mom. Thanks Mom - very cool.



March 18th 2013 6:48 pm
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Finally Mom took a look at my page and realized that my "rock" feature was down and she finally checked it out and got rid of that annoying music.

Still miss my Mommy, but I have my sisters Maleka and Callie and our brother Raffles up here. They are all of the canine persuasion but we're all family, we get along great up here. I especially like to ride on Maleka's back. We both have the same blue piercing eyes. We goof around and tell everyone we are siblings with different mothers.

I met Mom's first family of cats up here (Ranger, Tom and Bindoux) very nice cats and the sister they grew up with Hayley a sweet mixed breed dog and Mom's first pet.

Callie, Raffles, Maleka and me were Mom's second family.

Priscilla and Quigley are Mom's third family. Boy does Mom have her hands full with them. I bet she really appreciates how laid back Callie and I were.

Well gotta run, it's family night. The eight of us all get together once a month and reminense about old times with Mom.


My One Year Anniversary

July 4th 2012 7:50 pm
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It's been over a year now that I've been at the Rainbow Bridge. It seems like just yesterday that Mom was holding me and saying what a beautiful boy I was and she would hold me in her heart forever. Then boom I was on this beautiful train that took me up to the Rainbow Bridge and reunited me with Maleka, Callie and Raffles.

I've been having such a wonderful adventure. I split my time between the dog and cat side of the bridge. We all get along up here and I love spending time with my siblings. Some nights I share Callie's bed and sometimes I'm back with old blue eyes, Maleka. I don't sleep with Raffles, he's a bed hog and he snores. And then some nights I sleep with my cat friends. I have the best of both worlds.

I sure miss Mom and I know she thinks about me all the time. I'm glad she has Quigley and Priscilla to keep her company. We'll all be reunited some day and our hearts will be whole again.

Happy Fourth of July to all my friends.



Big Party in Dog Town Tonight

August 11th 2011 8:38 pm
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Big party tonight at the Bridge. My dog brother Raffles is turning 14 today. I haven't been at the bridge for very long, so Callie and Maleka have clued me in to what happened last year at Raffles party. I'm not allowed to talk about it but knowing my brother, I believe every word of it.

Maleka and I are assigned to shadow the little Monkey Face at the party tonight and try to keep him out of trouble. It's really a good way for me to meet every one. Callie and Adriana have fashioned a saddle for Maleka to wear so I can ride in style and not get trampled by all the dogs. It's very handsome. On earth Maleka always wanted to be a sled dog so she said this is a great opportunity for her.

And did I tell you - there will be cake. Adriana, Callie and the girls have been baking all morning.

With the girls baking, I worked most of the day dictating at "Flying Paws". It's the most fun job. I get to hear all the stories. They keep me in giggles all day.

Oops, gotta run. I have to pick out a party hat.

Everyone is welcome.



Making Friends Fast

July 10th 2011 2:40 pm
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Wow. I went from only a few faces in my life, Mommy and the Bostonian's and now I'm surrounded by wonderful new furry friends. I love it. I love being with my dog sibs, but I love escaping with the other felines. Budmeister came and got me yesterday and took me to his favorite places. I had the best day. I was so tuckered out yesterday I forogt to have my bed time snack.

The sibs woke my up from a sound sleep and took me to the watching spot. I don't know how it works, but we can look in on Mommy and the pups. Mommy is still sad but she's doing better. Grandma keeps her busy so that's a good thing. Mommy put my "essence" in a a beautiful oak box and she keeps me on her dresser along with Callie and Raffle's boxes. She talks to us all the time. The Bostonian's are a strange pair (I don't thing they're real dogs - they're always wearing tuxedo's) but they love Mommy and are keeping her happy.

Oops gotta run. Raffles needs me. I forgot how needy that brother of mine is.



I'm At The Bridge

July 2nd 2011 5:42 am
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Hey everybody, you won't believe what an amazing, beautiful place the bridge is. And I no longer hurt. It's like being a kitten again. I really miss my Mommy but I have been reunited with my dog siblings - Maleka - Callie & Raffles. I was a little scared a first but when I got done processing they took me into a special room and there was Maleka waiting for me to take me home to see Callie and Raffles. It was so great seeing them again.

And I've met so many new cat friends. Those who are still with their families and those up here at the bridge.

I want to thank Buddie, Nigel, Reuben, Alex, Simon, Socks, Queen Tallulah, Iska, Sky and everyone who has sent me or Mom or my family their love and concern. Mom has been really touched. I can't wait to get to know my new friends up here.

It turns out that Raffles, Callie and Maleka run a business up here. It's called "Flying Paws" a dictation service for everyone at the bridge so they can contine to write in there diaries. In exchange for dictation services everyone helps create cottages and gardens and fun areas on this side of the bridge. It was Raffles and his possee's brain child to create a beautiful place to hold celebrations and welcome new arrivals. He told me he's not just a pretty face. I forgot what a character my brother was. He says with my tiny paws I'll be great at dictation.

Miss you bunches Mommy. Give Priscilla and Quigley hugs for me.



Gone but Never Forgotten

July 1st 2011 7:13 am
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Hi Everyone,

This is Chewtoy's mom. I lost my beautiful boy last week. I picked up his ashes last night. Very sad days. Thank you for all your prayers. The dogs and I are devestated. We were very lucky to have Chewie hang in there way past the time the doctors gave him after his cancer diagnosis. But his body finally gave out and I had to make the hard decision to book him passage to the Bridge.

He was a very special mellow friend. I could tell him anything and he'd just give me that special smile and purr and rub on me. He could always get me out of a funk. He was very dog like, maybe because he grew up with dogs. As soon as I got home he would run to meet me.

He loved people, anyone could pet him. He was truly a wonderful boy and I will miss those beautiful blue eyes and his engaging personality.

I had the great pleasure to have Chewie in my life for 12 of his 14 years.

We will never forget Chewie.



Good News - Bad news

June 11th 2011 10:55 am
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Hey gang. I fooled the doctors, I'm still hanging in there. The good news is that my diabetes is in remission. Yay that means no more shots. Mom and I love that. Now I have all these unused insulin syringes that Mom would hate to throw away. There are 6 unopened BD Insulin Syringe packages - a total of 60 needles. BD Ultra-fine needle (short needle)8mm 31G.

We also have 20 U-40 Insulin syringe (for use with VETSULIN) 1cc 28 Ga x 1/2" length.

Are there any other cats out there in the metro area of Minnesota that have the bad luck to need these syringes. If so Mom would be happy to give them to you. These are for pet use only.

We asked our vet clinic but they said they would just dispose of them. That seems like such a waste. Any other ideas of where we could donate them?

Now for the bad news. I'm afraid my time is getting short. My cancer is taking over. But Mom is so proud of me. Back in January they never thought I would last this long. My tests show my kidneys are not doing well and I'm a little wobbly on my back left leg. I'm not in any pain yet. Mom is so worried about knowing when to book me passage on the train to the bridge. She can see me getting weaker but I'm still not ready to go. I still rub and purr and come to her. I have to stay as long as I can to watch over Mom. Today Mom is taking me upstairs so I can get some fresh air on the enclosed cattery on the balcony. I haven't been up there for ages because Grandma's cats live up there now. But Mom says she's worked it out so I spend some time in it today. She's the best. That darn dog brother and sister of mine usually monopolize Mom so I always make the most of my Mom time.

Oops gotta go I think Mom needs me.



Good News - Bad News

January 2nd 2011 12:11 pm
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Mom and I decided to give the chemo pills a try. For over a month Mom put pills down the back of my throat. I hated, hated, hated it. And I have to admit that I fought and hissed and scratched and ran when I saw her approaching. That's not like me at all. I love my Mom. The pills were making me behave badly. Mom didn't like stressing me out, but we went through it. I had blood tests this weekend and got the results yesterday. Mom was so upset that she put me through a month of this and it didn't help at all. The protein levels were higher and my kidney levels were affected. So that means the cancer is progressing and the pills do not work for me. They suggested we try another medication but Mom and I had a long chat and we know the best thing for me is to not try any more medication. I have always been the most mellow cat and love my Mom. So the good news is

1. Mom threw my last pill away this morning - no more pills.

2. I'm not in any pain so Mom says I call the shots now. We will continue to medicate for my diabetes, that I can handle. Mom said I can live the rest of my life in peace and tranquility for as long as I have left. Is she the best Mom or what? I might surprise the doctors and hang in here for awhile.

3. The dogs are still not allowed in my suite of rooms - that rocks.

4. Grandma visits me almost every day. She's a good scratcher. Life is good.



Not Good News

November 27th 2010 9:18 am
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Well my friends. The good news is that my glucose levels are spot on. I knew I could keep my diabetes in check. Mom and I are doing a super job on my shots. But unfortunately the labs they took when Mom took me in for the sneezing epispodes show that it's almost positive that I have cancer.

They are thinking Multiple Myleoma or Lymphoma. I met Dr. Dutelle (Onocologist) yesterday. What a nice Dr. I was smitten at first pet. They would like to do xrays and all kinds of tests which would pinpoint everything exactly, but as you can all probably relate to, these tests are really out of the sky pricey. Mom just doesn't have that kind of money. SO she opted not to have more tests. So we talked about treatment. For option A I could do shots for one week and then pills the next week and keep that up for who knows how long. That's not cheap, but the kicker is they don't have weekend hours and there's no way Mom can get off work that much to take me all way across town during rush hour, she just wouldn't get there in time. And Mom is still torn about putting me through this stuff if it's not really going to help me. She opted for Option B which is to give me chemotherapy pills every other day for 30 days. I am not thrilled about this either and that is still pricey. Mom has to shoot it down my throat. They make her wear gloves so she doesn't touch the pill. If Mom can't touch it, should it be in my body? Mom and I are still debating whether or not we want me to go through this. I'm still feeling good at this point but know it's only a matter of time. We don't think the doctor feels this is the best option but we think it's the best for me and our situation. Mom and I will have to re-evaluate this option after the blood tests are taken in another week. She doesn't want me to be stressed out and believe me someone poking that stick in my mouth every other day really upsets me.

The doctor says cats don't usually have any effects from these pills, but Mom is leary. She's gone through this herself so she doesn't want me to experience anything like that.

We will just have to see what tomorrow brings.

But hey, the upside is Mom is spending more time with me lately. The dogs are so jealous. And I'm getting more food. DOUBLE SCORE!

Gotta run, I think Mom wants to give me a back rub.



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