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My Little Life in Such a Big World

7 Years Since You Disappeared

July 11th 2016 6:25 pm
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As I go through all my Catster pages because Catster and Dogster is being deleted in a week (18 Jul 016), I see that Little Tanner has been missing for 7 years as of today. How I miss that little boy and Thomas and all the other kitties that have come and gone. Things just are not the same. I stopped going to the complex in October of 2014 because I feared for my safety as well as the safety of the kitties. I was able to grab Oreo and Calli on my last visit but I miss the ones I wasn't able to grab. Oreo and Calli were the only ones to show up that morning and I wonder what happened to the black kitty as well as the very friendly tabby kitty. I miss them too.

I am so sad that Catster is coming to a close. I will miss seeing all my past babies on this site as well as all the other kitties we have friended in the last 10 years. I will always remember Catster and Dogster with fond memories. All good things must come to an end and unfortunately, the end is here for all of us. Goodbye Catster and Dogster and to all of our friends we have met along the way. Stay safe and maybe we will see some of you again some day. We love you all and will miss you!!!

Thank you Catster and Dogster for everything. It was fun while it lasted.

Tigger and the gang
Formerly known on Facebook as Furbutts House
We have a page on FB now called FurbuttsHouse. Drop us a message and maybe we can become friends on Facebook on mom's FB profile after we make contact.

Goodbye everybody!!! Love you and will miss you always!!!


Happy Birthday!!!

August 1st 2010 7:55 am
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I was born 4 years ago today! There was 5 of us in the litter that mom saw and we were all the same Even our kitty momma was orange!

Well unfortunately, mom hasn't seen me in over a year now. She has no idea what happened to me and I really can't divulge that information either. I know she misses me and I miss her too!

Catster is showing 1824 birthday kitties today. Mom went thru the birthday stroll and saw Thomas but she didn't find my cute litte she's gonna go back thru it and check again.

Hope all the birthday kitties enjoy their day today! Happy Birthday to us all!!!


It's been 1 year now

July 11th 2010 2:49 pm
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I haven't seen your cute little face in a year now. It doesn't seem that long but when I think about it, it feels like you've been gone much longer. I haven't seen your brother Thomas in almost a month now but I've seen your nephew Rusty just this morning. He disappeared for awhile but he's back now. Looks like someone had him cuz the base of his tail is shaved about 3 inches down his tail. He's really skinny too just like your brother the last time I saw him.

I miss you and all your family too. Your daddy Tanner is doing well and he's ornery towards some of the others but that's ok. I wonder what happened to you but I'm hoping you're doing well where ever you're at. I hope to see you again someday. Things just aren't the same without you. I miss you Little Tanner. You'll always be my baby. Love you little boy and miss you so much!!!


It's My 3rd Birthday today!!!

August 1st 2009 5:29 am
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Happy Birthday to me, to Thomas, to Orange (my brother and sister) and to all 1556 kitties registered on the site as having a birthday today! Hope everyone has a great birthday!!!

All 3 of us are outdoor kitties and mom hasn't seen me since 11 Jul 09. I came to meet mom when she put the food out and that's the last time she saw me. About 6 months ago I got in a really big fight with Thomas and he mangled my front right paw so I limp when I walk and mom feels bad for me but I won't let her do anything about it. Now I disappeared and mom has no idea what happened to me.

Thomas and Orange are still around. Mom saw Thomas yesterday and last saw Orange on 27 Jul 09. Thomas is as ornery as ever and chases all the kitties when he sees them. He has a huge gash behind his left ear but he won't let mom do anything about that either. That's how us feral kitties are.

Happy Birthday everyone!


Poor Thing!

September 28th 2008 4:40 pm
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Mom still comes to feed us every day rain or shine. She comes around the same time every day like clockwork and today was no different. There's usually6 or 7 that wait for her where she normally parks so she feeds us there. Then she goes around and puts food out at the other usual spots for the rest.

Well, I have this friend that mom calls Baby. She's a torti. Now I'm a perfect gentleman and Baby and I eat side by side. Every now and then a raccoon comes to steal our food and Baby hisses, growls, swats and chases it away. Baby didn't use to be like that. She was very skittish and would run from anything. But Baby's problem is that she gets pregnant all the time. Baby just had her 3rd litter of kittens last month. Mom thinks that the raccoons got Baby's 2nd litter of kittens and ate them which might explain why mom has never seen any kittens out of any litter and Baby goes berserk when a raccoon comes near.

Mom put the food down for us but didn't see Baby when she first came and then went and put the food out for the rest of them and then came back. Baby was there waiting right next to me. After eating, Baby left and I stuck around. I walked under the front of mom's truck and was checking something out under there but then I came back and sat next to mom. A little later, mom had to leave. I was still there and mom noticed that Baby had come back and hung out near the front of her truck which Baby never does. So mom drove around the block and came back. Baby was still there but now she was preoccupied by whatever it was that was under mom's truck. So mom pulled back in the spot and noticed that Baby was eating something. Mom got out, Baby ran away and mom checked the object out. It was a tan kitten about 6 weeks old which would be about the age of Baby's 3rd litter of kittens. The head was chewed up a little but the mid section was basically gone (eaten). Mom picked up the kittens body and it was still pliable. Mom felt sick to her stomach. Did she run the kitten over and kill it, did Baby bring the kitten to her after she came to feed us, did the kitten die on it's own or did Baby kill it? Regardless, the kitten wasn't dead for very long by the time mom found it. It appears that Baby was the only one that ate the kitten. Poor thing!

Mom doesn't know what to expect tomorrow when she comes to feed us. Will Baby come back? Are there any more kittens? Lots of questions with no answers but time will tell.

God speed little kitten! It was tan in color, just like me.


My Life Flashed Before Mom's Eyes Today!!!

January 7th 2008 3:33 am
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Yup! You read it right! Today started out like any other day. Mom got up and came to feed us. I usually come running when I see her which was no different today. We ate and mom sat with us for about a half an hour. After eating, Kiwi and I usually sit out in the street of the apartment complex and groom ourselves which we both did again today. It's 5am. Not much going on at that time of morning. Well, this car came out of nowhere and sped up as it was approaching us. Well, Kiwi took off running while I just sat there. The car came within a foot of me and I didn't even move. Mom gasped and yelled my name after the car passed. The car never even slowed down. Mom was so upset. I just sat there. So, my life literally flashed before mom's eyes today! Mom wishes I would've ran the other way but was glad that I didn't run towards her because I would've been killed for sure! Mom's flabbergasted that I just sat there and didn't even move. I guess it's a good thing that I didn't move because I'm here to write about it. Mom's afraid that an incident like this is what's going to send me to the bridge! Let's keep our paws crossed that this never happens again and that the reason why I go to the bridge is "old age". Then again, old age for an outdoor/feral cat is about 2 years of age, if you're lucky. Mom's hoping for at least 10 times that long for us!


Daily Diary Pick of the Day!!!

August 3rd 2007 5:10 am
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Woohoo! Thank you Catster for selecting me as one of the daily diary picks of the day!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you didn't feel guilty and bestow this honor upon me because of the glitch the other day with the birthday stroll!!! We were happy with the really quick reply to our pmail and the surprise apologetic presents you left us! That was very nice of you!!!

So, I'm the first of the outdoor kitties in our family to have this great honor of being one of the chosen ones! Mom told me the good news this morning when she came to feed us. She kept concatulating me on my selection and kept saying how proud of me she is. She's proud of all of us! She even gave me extra attention this morning (or so it felt because I hung around more today). She sat with us for about 1/2 hour before she had to leave for work.

Thank you to Sammie and KiKi for the rosettes you've given me and Thomas today! We can always count on them for acknowledging things that happen (both good and bad) with our family. They truly are great friends and we're so very lucky to have them as friends!!!

Thank you again Catster for everything you've done for us and every kitty on Catster! We love being a part of the Catster family! Thank you for selecting me as one of the daily diary picks of the day! I'm a very happy kitty today!!!


Thank You Catster!!!

August 1st 2007 5:21 pm
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There was a minor technicality/glitch in Catster's birthday stroll today :-( You see it's Thomas and I's 1st birthday today. Yay!!! We both got the birthday email from Catster and the 5 paw rating and the yummy treats but neither one of us showed up in the birthday stroll. Can you believe that there's 819 kitties having a birthday today besides us. I'm sure there's more too (like Lucky's twin friend Chadwick who turned 12 today). So mom emailed Catster and they emailed us back quick to apologize. They gave us extra zealies and rosettes as a gift! Thank you Catster for the gifts! That was so very nice of you!!!

On a side note, mom sang Happy Birthday to us this morning. She was so off-key and she scared us when she started singing. We both bolted for cover! We didn't know what that awful noise was!!! I think she hurt our ears! Sorry mom! We recovered pretty quick though and came back out (of course it had nothing to do with the food she had in her hand at the time and we were hungry)! She needs to warn us next time before she starts singing!!! I'd really like to make it to my next birthday without a heart attack! I think she knocked off a life or two of our 9 lives.

Thank you Catster for the quick reply and the presents!!! Purrs and headbutts to you!



July 16th 2007 12:43 pm
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I've been tagged!

The Rules

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write in their own diary about the seven random facts and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

My Seven Random Facts:

1. Tanner is my dad

2. I'm a feral kitty but I love to be pet

3. I am a little love bug when it comes to mom petting me. Most of the time I'd rather be pet instead of eating.

4. I'm usually the first one to come running when I see mom

5. I give mom love bites instead of kisses to show my affection

6. I head butt mom's hand if she starts slowing down on the petting

7. I'm a talker and mom finds me absolutely adorable

Now I tag these 7 kitties:

1. Little Bee (544582)
2. Isis (581058)
3. Tigger (580898)
4. Rusty (580904)
5. Kalvin (580899)
6. Mendel (579833)
7. Cody (580901)

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