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The Eternal Battle by Sister Sparky Marie-Louise of the Stinky Pokey Paw- Order

Jungle Kitty

November 21st 2004 10:20 pm
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Today, I managed to escape the confines of the house. Well...I guess I didn't technically 'escape' as my mom held the door open for me. She claims there are coyotes, traffic and other dangers for kitties outside. Fortunately, she does sometimes let me out in to the backyard (in California we use this term VERY loosely - more like a patio) but ONLY when she's out there to supervise.

I explored a bit through the few plants my mom has been unable to kill yet, and enjoyed the outdoors. Then all of sudden, my mom rushed over and picked me up and took me inside. I meowed loudly and told her " Hey! I didn't say it was time to come in yet!". Once, inside, my mom said..."Eww...Sparky was eating the plant that Beckham always pees on, gross!!!".

Ugh. I am so humiliated. This is really a low-point in my jungle kitty career.

I am writing to Sandy Paws and asking him for a Kittywalk Patio system or a Kittywalk Kitty Kabana. That would solve some of my problems. I would be safe from coyotes & traffic (according to my worrywart mom) and I could enjoy the fresh air without accidentally eating a plant that Beckham pees on!


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