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Mercy Me!

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The Day I was "Cat of the Day"

September 10th 2004 6:14 pm
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Dear Diary,

To celebrate my being Cat of the Day today, mom and dad let us have some wet food (yum), which we don't normally get. However, the reason that they had some in the kitchen cabinet was not because of us, but because it was used as a high-level treat for Quincy recently while he was in puppy school! Can you believe that? Anyhoo, I hope they'll read this and feel really guilty and give it to us more often. In spite of this, I know that they love me VERY much and I am their precious girl!

Let me close by saying......"Run like the wind, but don't break your human's toe while you're at it".



Remembering September 11th, 2001

September 11th 2004 6:39 pm
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Dear Diary,

Mom and dad reminded us to remember those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2001, so we huddled in the cat condo and said a little prayer before our afternoon nap. Aside from that, we have been in the house all day because our backyard is being re-landscaped and the new sod was put in today and now it's all done! I really wanted to go say hi to the landscaper and tried to open the sliding patio door by stretching up to the door handle like I always do, but to no avail. Maybe they'll let me out before it gets dark so I can check out the new smells.

P.S. We got wet food again today but mom said don't get too use to it. :-(

Stay cool......Mercy


Cat Fence-In

September 12th 2004 5:19 pm
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Dear Diary,

Last night before it got dark, I got to go check out the new yard. Unfortunately, the Cat Fence-In is still there--shucks. They never told you the story of what I use to do before that was installed on the wood fence. I use to climb the trees or vine trellises (sometimes right in front of mom and dad). A few times when they weren't looking I disappeared from the yard in the evening. Mom hollered for dad each time and he would grab the small ladder and a flashlight to look in neighboring yards and would never see me. We live three houses from the corner so dad would go out front to the corner house and call out to me in his special voice "Tsk tsk tsk, tsk tsk tsk, Mercy....tsk tsk tsk....Mercy, Mercy" and I would suddenly jump up to the top of the neighbor's fence and casually walk straight to dad, my hero, and he'd carry me home. I am a good girl (heh heh heh). I was never trying to run away, I just wanted to check the neighborhood out, you know? The exact thing happened two more times (they should have learned the first time), but I always knew my dad would come for me. They never let me out of their sight again in the backyard until they installed the Cat Fence-In.

Puurrr, purrrr.....Mercy



September 13th 2004 10:09 pm
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Dear Diary,

Weekdays at our house are pretty predictable. Dad leaves for work first and I stay on the bed with mom until it's time for her to get up to get ready to go to work. After mom gets dressed and takes care of that Milo who is always hungry, I run downstairs and head straight for the patio door. I stretch up to the door handle because I know that's how they make it open....then we all go outside and hang out for awhile. I get my favorite dental chew before mom leaves for work. Mom works close to home so she comes home at lunchtime and lets us out again. Then dad comes home a couple of hours later and lets us out. When mom comes home after work she lets us out again! We go out alot, thanks to living with our doggies! Ninety-nine percent of the time when they say "Mercy, time to go inside", I strut back in like a stylish girl! One-percent of the time I let them pick me up and bring me in but I give them a little quacky squeal first. They always say they're going to set up a camera to see what we all do when they're not home..but what do they think we're doing?

It's getting late now and I need to get my beauty sleep. I will rev up my engine, give one of them a massage (usually mom) before going to my special spot at the foot of the bed on mom's side where I have my own special blankie.

Sweet dreams...Mercy


You Know You Love Your Cat When

November 6th 2004 9:10 am
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Dear Diary,

My mom and dad have always liked this poem because it summarizes how they feel about us, so they asked me to share it with you....


Their litter box costs more than your toilet.
You spend more at the pet store than the grocery store.
If they have an itch, you scratch it for them.
You wait an hour to go to the bathroom because they are sleeping on your lap.
You have more pictures of them than you do of your human family.
You lose your favorite sweater because they like to lay on it.
Their cat climber/perch costs more than your furniture.
You bring a bug, spider, or moth into the house for them to play with.
You run when they cry because they are standing in the kitchen sink waiting for you to turn the water on.
In spite of your allergies you get one.

--Author Unknown

Until next time.....Mercy


Upcoming Nuptials Between Two Catsters!

July 5th 2005 1:07 pm
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Hi All,

You're thinking..... "WHAT?!?" Yep, love has been in the air for quite some time between beautiful Hazel Lucy of Ardmore, PA, and handsome Buddie of Hendersonville, TN. Buddie finally asked for Hazel's paw in marriage and she said "YES!" You can imagine how honored we were when my sisters, Sofie, Pebbles, and I were asked to be bridesmaids for their virtual wedding, which will take place on Saturday, September 24, 2005! Hazel chose the color blue for her bridesmaids. You can see the wedding party, guests, bachelor party, bridal shower, virtual gifts, and more, on Hazel's website. Click on the links below and check back for updates. And guess what? All Catsters are invited! Just send a note to Hazel at the e-mail address on her website.

Click here to see Hazel Lucy's website

Click here to see Hazel Lucy's Catster page

Click here to see Buddie's Catster page

This has got to be the virtual wedding of the year!

Meows and purrs,



What's New?

October 1st 2005 11:10 pm
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Hazel Lucy and Buddie are now officially married and what a beautiful wedding it was! It could not have been more purrfect, but then, they're a purrfect couple! We can hardly wait to see the honeymoon photos. Wonder what will happen after that? Will there be ummm...little Hazels and Buddies? One can only hope.

See it all here:

Click here to see Hazel Lucy's website

Click here to see Hazel Lucy's Catster page

Click here to see Buddie's Catster page

It's October and we all know what holiday is coming up, don't we? BOO!! We've been going through Halloween dress rehearsals the past month and to get into the spirit of things a little early, we'll have our photos up on our pages next weekend!

Meowing out,



A Little Shoulder Ride Can't Hurt

November 6th 2005 10:21 pm
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Dear Diary,

Just call me Daddy's Girl. This morning, Dad was standing in front of the TV, so I jumped up on the coffee table behind him, sat down, and meowed, but he didn't turn around. Then I leaned to the left, leaned to the right, stood up, and even did a little tap dance ..... nothing. I couldn't stand it anymore so I jumped up on his back to get to his shoulders. Dad yelled something I didn't quite understand and the family ran for cover, except for Mom, who watched the whole thing and thought it was hilarious.

It was now very clear to Dad what I wanted. So, off we went for a ride around the house. Our first stop was in the kitchen to get me a treat, which I ate from the palm of his hand. Then the phone rang and it was Uncle Robbie, who called to talk about the new kitten they got. I wonder if Uncle Robbie heard me purring. Next, we went to the den to grab a magazine Dad left in there. I thought it would be Cat Fancy or something, but it was nothing like that. Our final stop was at the cat tree by the window. I agreed to jump off Dad's shoulder and prepared for an afternoon nap in my usual spot at the top.

Through the window I could see leaves falling gently from the trees, a sign of Autumn. Soon it will be Thanksgiving and I could almost smell the aroma of turkey and the trimmings. I love parties and guests. Our fur family has multiplied since last Thanksgiving, so I'll have to get up extra early to make sure I claim the spot in the empty baking dish like I did last year to remind mom that I'm there to help. There's nothing wrong with planning ahead of time, right? That's when I knew my cat dreams would be as sweet as candied yams.

When I woke up from my nap, I went looking for Dad again and meowed at him. This time, he picked me and put me on his shoulders. Smart man.




40 Tricks to Train Your Human by Darlene Arden

December 19th 2005 1:33 pm
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My friend Aimee, a lovely feline, asked me to share some photo space with her on her talented mom's website. Her mom is Darlene Arden, award winning author and journalist! I was thrilled to contribute a couple of photos that accompany her article, "40 Tricks to Train Your Human". It's a wonderful website, so take some time to meow through it all.

Click here to see Darlene's website

Click here to see Aimee's Catster page

Best wishes for good health and lots of fun in 2006!

Happy purrs,



Animal Radio's February Newsletter

February 2nd 2006 2:48 pm
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In my last diary entry, I wrote about appearing in "40 Tricks to Train Your Human", an article written by Darlene Arden. Darlene and Aimee wrote a letter to me today to tell me that the article appears in Animal Radio's February newsletter, which I think is very cool! I hadn't heard of Animal Radio prior to this but found it to be interesting.

Here's the link to the newsletter and article if you'd like to see it:

Click here to see Animal Radio's February Newsletter

Meowing out,


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