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The Writings of the Divine Miss P.

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Up For Adoption!

November 24th 2012 3:17 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Mother was at the pet store today and she did a double take when she saw a kitty that was in a cage there. It was me! Well, she looked sooooo much like me.

This store lends space to various rescue groups and to the city pound on a rotational basis to help with cat adoptions. The little tux that looked like me was from the pound. The sign said she was 2 months old but mother said she looked more like she was 4 or 5 months. She was the very image of me including the white smudge on my lip, with the same colour eyes and the same facial expression that displayed attitude. What? Me? Attitude??? The only difference was the colour of her paw pads. I have very feminine pink pads. This kitty had boyish black ones. I bet *Ashlynne* has black paw pads too. *giggles*

Speaking of that old show girl, this little tux had the most pretentious name, too. She was called "Charmaine". Oh my. So hoity-toity!

Of course mother had to be cruel about this whole business. She said that I'd better be a good girl or she'd sneak me into the pet store and switch me with Charmaine. *GASP*!!! Well, as nasty as that remark was, I guess I should be grateful she didn't bring Charmaine home. Oh my.

Later kitties!


That Show Girl Smile

November 6th 2012 1:59 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I had my choppers cleaned today. I'm totally smoochable, boys, with my minty fresh breath and pearly white show girl smile. Come up and see me some time. Make that real soon, boys!

Oh my. Mother asked my regular vet, who was in today, about the mystery note in my file that caused the other vet to cancel my appointment last week. As soon as he explained it in English mother remembered the problem I had last year with my catheter coming out. It was not my fault! The sedative the vet used last year didn't knock me completely out so he just made a note in my file to use a different one this year. I guess the other vet didn't understand what he wrote in his doctor-ese, decided to err on the side of caution and postponed my appointment. That was fine with me and mother. Oh my yes!

My regular vet had to leave early today so another vet had to discharge me. She was particularly EVIL. First of all her first name is Ashley which is too close to the name "Ashlynne" for comfort. But what's worse is: she said I shouldn't be fed until 8 PM and that I should only get a half of my normal amount for dinner. OMC!!!! THAT IS CRUEL! I haven't eaten since yesterday evening. OOooooooooo, my poor empty tummy......

Well, I guess I'll go and pout.

Later kitties!


Dodged Two Bullets

October 30th 2012 1:34 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. What a storm last night! The rain was pouring and the wind was the worst it's ever been here in decades. I was worried, oh my yes, but I was able to sleep through it.

Mother went out this morning as soon as it was light enough to see the damage. Except there really wasn't any around our place or in the immediate neighbourhood. Lots of small tree branches had fallen but that was about it. There was a fatality, lots of power outages, trees downed causing lots of property damage elsewhere in the city but nothing where we are. Even our power didn't go out. Holy Catnip! That's a miracle!

That was nothing, though, compared to the BIG bullet I just dodged. Oh my. I was supposed to have my teeth cleaned tomorrow but the appointment just got canceled. My regular vet is away this week and the one who was gonna take his place tomorrow called mother to tell her that my regular doc had left a note about my anesthetic that he didn't understand. My regular vet never discussed anything about it with mother so she doesn't know what his note means either. SO... my appointment for tomorrow is cancelled until next week when my regular vet will be back. Yay! And he's got some splainin' to do.

Say, do any of you kitties know anything about New Mexico being closed?
Oh my.

Later kitties!


Storm's A Comin'

October 29th 2012 3:18 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I hope all our pals in the eastern US are OK. We're gonna be on the edge of the EVIL hurricane Sandy here soon and the weather people say we're gonna get REALLY REALLY strong wind gusts overnight. The trees are already swaying quite a bit now. Oh my. I hope the house doesn't get blown away. Mother says there's a good chance trees could get toppled over and/or we could lose power. Things could get very chilly and nasty here. Ooooo, I don't like the sound of that. I like being safe and warm.

I really wish mother would consider moving to New Mexico 'cause they never have any weather there. The only problem that I'm aware of is that NM is infested with a certain EVIL Burmese show girl. Surely a petition or something could force her to relocate... We shall see.

Stay safe everyone! I'm gonna go hide under the blankets.

Later kitties!


Oh So Rude!

October 25th 2012 2:00 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I cannot believe how rude and heartless humans can be.

Last night mother gave me my dinner and as she put down the dish she said: "Here you go, fatso!".

Today she called the vet for my blood test results. He told her they were excellent - for a cat of my age. WHAT? Exactly what is he implying? Why, I`m barely into my teens...the flower of my youth hasn`t even begun to bloom... SO RUDE!

Mother hasn`t made the appointment for my teeth cleaning yet but I expect I`ll be getting that wicked procedure done next week. Poor me! *SIGH*

Later kitties!


Movin' On Up

October 24th 2012 1:28 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I can't believe mother got the drop on me so easily this morning. I had my yummy breakfast and was enjoying a lovely nap afterwards when mother grabbed me without warning and shoved me in the carrier. I was too groggy to realize what was happening until it was too late.

I was taken to the vet for my annual checkup. Things did not go well. Last year I was told to lose 2 more pounds so my weight would be 10 lbs. Well, my weight moved UP! *GASP* I currently weigh 13 lbs. DANG! I gained one whole pound last year. I blame mother. Of course I'm still beautiful beyond words and am no where near as fat as Cap'n Chubbers, that saucy New Mexican pirate. I take solace in that fact.

Mother has to call the vet back tomorrow to get my blood test results. If my numbers come back purrfect I have to get my teeth cleaned. OMC!!! NO!!! Oh my. I don't want bad numbers to come back either. I can't win. *SIGH*

Later kitties!


It's On The Table

October 7th 2012 1:43 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I'm so giddy with excitement. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you know what that means, don't you kitties? Yes! It means Wellness Chicken and Herring FOR ME!!! OMC!!!!

Mother went out today and bought Sully a 3 oz. can of Wellness Turkey. She got a pouch of Wellness Healthy Indulgence Turkey and Chicken for Kovo. AND SHE GOT ME A 3OZ. CAN OF WELLNESS CHICKEN AND HERRING!!! OMC!!! We're gonna all get that special food tomorrow for breakfast! OMC!! I can't wait!

Mother tends to be forgetful (*sigh*) so she left all the special food on the kitchen table so she wouldn't forget to give us our holiday treats. OMC!!! I'm gonna be thankful tomorrow on Thanksgiving fur sure!!!

Later kitties!


Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

September 19th 2012 2:42 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. It's here! Talk Like a Pirate Day is here! EEEEEEeeeeee!!!

I hope all you rascally rascals had a fine day today a pillagin' and a plunderin'. Many thanks to all you scoundrels who took the time ta send me and my family a handsome Jolly Roger giftie. Arrrr!!! Such fine pirates ya be.

OMC!! Time's a flyin'. Pirate Month be almost over! Arrrrr!!!
Got lots more sailin' ta do afore it be finished! So off I go.

Later kitties!


Little Jack From Zack

September 11th 2012 3:33 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I got a surprise in the mail today! It was the gift of a little matey for me called Jack the Pirate Mouse. My good pal, the crab thievin' *Cap'n Black Zack*, sent him to me to help me in the battle against the EVIL *Cap'n Chubbers*.

Here's a picture of my new mate:

Jack the Pirate Mouse

I've given the mouse a new pirate name. He's now called Little Jack From Zack. Be afraid Cap'n Chubbers. Be very afraid. Arrrr!!!


Later kitties!


Pirate Month Be Here!

September 1st 2012 2:02 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Pirate Month is HERE!!! Time ta get yer pirate on, kitties!

HQ, time for you to crack open yer treasure chest and get them pirate rosies in the Gift Shop! I be needin` those little Jolly Rogers ta warn all the scoundrels out there that I be comin` for them. Gotta lotta ships ta sink!



Later kitties!

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