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Tubby's tales

I've been a playin' tag today

June 2nd 2007 1:48 am
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I've been playing tag on catster. Purrrrzzzz.

Here is my message and the cats I tagged:


1. I love pilchards.
2. I love eating the other cats’ breakfast.
3. I love cuddles and warm laps.
4. Making daddy’s computer mouse go squiggly is fun.
5. I love catnip.
6. Sleeping on the bed rules.
7. I like riding on shoulders

Now I tag these 7 cats:

1. Pipsqueak Davenport
2. Sully
3. Pinky Pants
4. Rasputin
5. Buckley
6. Ainsley
7. KC

I was tagged by Delilah, here is her message:

Subject: You've Been Tagged Sent: Tue May 22

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write about their own seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged. I'm also going to send a copy of my seven things back to the kitty who tagged me!!


1. I love my snack.
2. I love whip cream.
3. I want to plot against my sister, Layla.
4. My Mom is really my mama., or she has been since I was 6 weeks old.
5. I love catnip.
6. I love sleeping next to my Mom's pillow
7. I hate the thought of being brushed and getting wet.

Now I tag these 7 cats:

1. Felix
2. Poe
3. Tubby
5. Apolla
6. Wicca
7. Ren


My first star

June 30th 2007 11:51 pm
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Thanks so much Sweetie my furriend for my first ever star! You are too very kind! I am so excited to have my first one!



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