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Five Years Old and Better Than Ever!

May 1st 2009 9:38 pm
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Today is the day that we celebrate my birthday!

The Weather: Nice and sunny, so I knew the upstairs would be very TOASTY for my daytime nap! Just the way I LIKE it!

The Gifts: My Biped gave me a Greenie this morning! And she ran water in the bathroom sink for me! And she let me scratch my face on her hairbrush! And she let me sit on her and knead her! Of course, she ALWAYS lets me do these things, but it is still NICE! And my brother let me chase him! Of course, I had to let him chase me too and it was FUN!

The Friends: Even though I am quite a quiet cat, my friends remembered my birthday! I was so surprised and gratified by their best wishes!

*Thank you to Samoa, who runs Samoa's Detective Agency so capably.
*Thank you to Smudge and Sissel and their family. You kitties are beautiful and I am so glad Sissel is well and healthy now!
*Thank you to Oly, who is so NICE and never misses a special occasion!
*Thank you to Cole and Kayleigh and their family, who are also celebrating their sister Kassidy's birthday! It was so wonderful to celebrate with you!

Now I have lived with this Biped for more time than I lived with those other Bipeds who gave me to the pound. That is just the BEST birthday present I could ever have wished for!


I Have Been Tagged!

July 28th 2008 7:40 pm
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I have been tagged by my Harry Potter-loving friend, Albus! I am supposed to list six things that I do not like. Hmmm...well,

1. I do not like it when my brother, Kingsley, ALWAYS wants to wrestle with me.

2. I do not like when The Biped makes us finish our canned food before she gives us any kibble.

3. I do not like mice.

4. I do not like to be cold.

5. I do not like The Biped to have a book between me and her.

6. I do not like to be told not to sharpen my claws on the furniture!

I am tagging:



I am so STEAMED!

November 29th 2007 8:44 pm
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That darn Biped took MY MOUSE! My perfectly HEALTHY mouse that was so much fun to play with! Kingsley and I had it cornered in the bathroom. That Biped THREW ME OUT and caught the mouse in a bucket and took it OUTSIDE! And LET IT GO! Can you BELIEVE that??? What is this WORLD coming to??? I may never speak to her again.


I Persevere!

November 29th 2007 5:14 pm
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I alarmed the Biped this morning by staking out the bookcase in the dining room. Didn't even look at the breakfast she fixed. Didn't go in the bathroom to help her get ready for work. Didn't wrassle with Kingsley. Didn't do ANYTHING but stare at that bookcase. She left for work, secure in the knowledge that I would TAKE CARE of whatever was behind that bookcase. Unfortunately, that mouse was one of the brighter ones, and he didn't come out ALL DAY. So when the Biped came home from work and saw me still on sentry duty, she pulled the bookcase away from the wall, and I GOT HIM! Got him in ONE POUNCE!

The Biped is distressed, especially after she keeps paying those dumb mouse guys to seal up where the mice get in, but I think it's GREAT! I haven't had this much fun since the beginning of October when the last genius mouse decided to come visit. Let's just consider it an early Christmas gift exchange, shall we? You provide the fun, I exterminate it!


I've Been Tagged for Thanksgiving

November 19th 2007 7:25 pm
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My friend Mittens tagged me for Thanksgiving. She said I had to list everything I am thankful for and then tag five new kitties. So, okay Mittens, here goes:

*I am thankful that my Biped rescued me from that Humane Society where I didn't eat much and caught a cold.
*I am thankful in a cautious sort of way for my little brother, Kingsley. He does keep things interesting, I must admit.
*I am thankful for the occasional mouse that finds its way into my house so I can CATCH it! And KILL it!
*I am thankful for the yummy food the Biped gives me.
*I am thankful for my heated bed.
*I am thankful that I ended up in a family where we cats would be the absolute first priority in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.
*I am thankful for all the birds and squirrels and rabbits in my yard that keep me happy when I look out the windows.

I am tagging these five cats, who need to list the reasons they are thankful and then tag five more cats!



A New Food Experience : Light and Crunchy with a Hint of- Wiggle

July 2nd 2007 9:48 pm
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Caught the world's biggest moth tonight. Took it to The Biped's closet and ate it. Interesting combination of dry and crunchy, yet satisfyingly wiggly. A little like a potato chip with a vivacious personality. On the whole, mice offer more of a rib-sticking down-home meal, but they just don't get very high off the ground. This giant flying moth really offered me a chance to stretch the limits of my athleticism and hunting prowess. Highly recommended. Would make a fine appetizer combined with a dry white wine.


I Supervise the Work

June 28th 2007 6:51 pm
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Today I made sure that The Biped washed the windows to my EXACT specifications. Windows are very important to me. I use them to watch the birds and the rabbits and the squirrels. I followed her from window to window, and when she dropped the windows to the inside so she could wash the outsides, I jumped up on them to make sure she was doing a good job! She kept saying, "Luna! No!", but what she doesn't understand is that MY noseprints don't make windows dirty! MY dainty little footprints don't make windows dirty! Slug trails make windows dirty! Little green tree frog poops make windows dirty! And I had to make sure she got rid of those! I tell you, I have to watch The Biped every minute or she gets lazy! And that Kingsley? He was absolutely NO help. He was scared of the bucket! Man, it is TOUGH being the only responsible one around here!


Maybe Not Such a Good Idea...

June 17th 2007 4:54 pm
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Yesterday was not high on my list of all-time good days. The Biped had to rush me to the emergency vet because I ate the string off the fishing pole toy. Hey! I knew she kept the fishing pole in the closet, and when she opened the closet for a minute and then went in the other room, I saw my chance and TOOK IT! Mighty good string it was, too. But she didn't think so, so off we went. The e-vet tried one medicine to make me vomit, but it didn't work. Then she gave me hydrogen peroxide. That didn't work either. I was not interested in throwing up for them. But after a couple of hours at home, up it came, string and all. I'm feeling a little rocky today, but getting better. And, as God is my witness, I will have NOTHING to do with that bland food diet that they told me to eat. Blecchhh. A little of my regular canned food will do very nicely, thank you!


Keeping Baby Happy

June 10th 2007 3:40 pm
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All's quiet on the Mouse Patrol since that darn Mouse Guy took the traps away, and you know what THAT means? It means that, even though this house is FULL of toys, I am again Kingsley's Number One Target when it's kitten playtime. You know, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to be tackled by a one-year-old! Sometimes I don't care for having my ears bitten. Sometimes I just like my tail to be left alone! Well, I can't very well smack the kid--he's pretty cute, after all, so I discovered the perfect diversion! All I have to do is jump up on the kitchen counter and get a wrapped piece of hard candy out of the dish and throw it down to Kingsley. It keeps him absolutely ENTHRALLED FOR HOURS, and I can take a nice peaceful nap in my bed BY MYSELF! It's like a kitten pacifier and it works every time! Just a tip from me to you.


We Don't Need Traps!

May 31st 2007 8:32 pm
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#*$%@!! That Mouse Guy came today. He's trying to steal my thunder! He put traps under the house and in the closet! How am I supposed to do my job with him interfering? I want in that closet SO BAD, and The Biped won't let me. She says she'd rather I ate my silly canned food. Forget canned food! I want MOUSIES! I LOVE being smarter than The Biped, but I HATE being smaller!

The one good thing that happened today was my friend, Buster. He sent me a rosette! Thanks, Buster! At least someone appreciates my Mouse Takedown Record.

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