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Sex: Female   Weight: 5 lbs.

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Sanny, Old Girl, Crotchety Old Cat, Sandy Sweetie, Sandia

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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
May 7th 2007

May 8th 1995

Cream-Lynx Point

Kneading, cheekrubbing, headbonking, staring out the window

Having nose touched, not being petted enough, being picked up, she willNOT let me pick her up! Update: She will now let me pick her up, but only when she wants it!

Favorite Toy:
Anything with catnip! Her green blob, Squeakers' old toy, turnable with a mouse inside

Favorite Nap Spot:
On the bed, on the couch, on the arm of the couch

Favorite Food:
Goat's milk (?) Iams Active Maturity, Trader Joe's wet food

Opening the treat container! I bought them a container of Whisker Lickins, the next day when I got home, the treats were off the table, opened, and half empty! I actually saw her do it once too, watch the video!


Arrival Story:
Her original mother/owner is 87 years old and broke her hip recently and had to move to the Twin Cities to live with her son. Her son who couldn't keep her. A lady who fosters cats and dogs took her in immediately. As fate would have it, I was considering adopting another cat, even though my apartment was small, but I guess I have a bigger heart. A freind and her friend were going to take me to Petsmart one day to get another kitty at their seasonal adoption thing, but something told me it just wasn't time, and also, the driving friend had a flat tire! Anyway, that next Monday my friend was at the doctor, and since she had a guide dog, this lady saw my friend and started talking about pets and about Sandy. My friend, friend that she is, mentioned me and gave me the lady's number later that day. An hour and a half after I called her, Sandy was in my apartment!

Sandy is an only cat now and that's the way she likes it, no, that's the way she LOVES, and perfers it! We have gotten very close since she's moved in. She is, and will always be, a close friend.

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Sweet 16 Sandy Says

A Talk With Mistress

May 7th 2012 9:38 pm
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Last night, as Mistress was in bed, waiting for her new kitty Mojo, I came into her mind. She didn't really think about why until today when she realized it was May 7th, the day I came into her life 5 years ago. I was sneaky, I didn't tell her ;)

Mistress: Oh hi Sandy! Oh, I love that face!
Me: Yeah, I know, you say that a lot.
Mistress: I know but it's true! Hey, did you meet my new kitty, Mojo?
Me: Well of course I did, who do you think made him climb into that carrier?
Mistress: You did?
I roll my eyes and sigh and try to be patient. Humans can be so slow!
Oh thank you Sandy! I can tell, he'll turn into a really loving cat. Not quite like you or Squeakers, but...
Squeakers becomes her rude self and butts in
Squeakers: Of course, No cat will ever be exactly like me, but he does have a lot of my tendencies, like the biting, remember, Mommy, when I used to bite your bare ankles! Squeakers laughs
Me: Squeakers! What are you doing here?
Mistress: Squaekers! It's so good to see you, I hardly ever get to talk to you anymore! Hey, is Tino here too? I had a dream about him the other night Tino comes in wagging his tail, but he doesn't say much, he's the silent dog type Tino! so good to see you!
Squeakers: Anyway, what I was saying was that...
Me: Oh Squeakers, you always like to interrupt!
Mistress: Squeakers, you were telling me how Mojo is kind of like you?
Squeakers: Oh yeah. Well, he is a biter, but I think that is because he was declawed and he has no front claws to work with like I didn't.
Mistress: Oh, I'm so sorry about that, Squeakers! I wish I would've known better back then, but then you were driving me nuts by clawing my brand new couch...
Me: Mistress, that was like years ago, okay? If she hasn't forgiven you now, she never will!
Squeakers: Right. Anyway, he uses his teeth because he doesn't have his claws.
Me: Right. I will try to work with him on the biting thing. I have already.
Mistress Really Dandy?
Me: Well, he's not biting you as much or as hard as he bit you or your Mom before, has he? And the vet gave you a clue on how to deal with that...didn't she?
Mistress: Yes, thank you Sandy. But why did you let him bite Mom anyway?
Me: hey, I'm an angel cat not a miracle worker! And he didn't have rabies did he? And Older Mistress will be alright won't she?
Mistress: Yes, thank you, even though she missed two trips. But they are both all right.
Squeakers AS I WAS SAYING! Mojo, like that name by the way, has my playfulness, and now that he's calmed down alot, he's turning into a mama's cat, like me, and he liked your friend Jen when she came up the other night, that's like me too! And he eats really good, that was like me too, up until I got sick.
Mistress: Great, thank you Squeakers! So Sandy, what parts of you are in Mojo?
Me: Ummm...I'm not sure yet. Oh yeah, he likes to sleep with you, and he hid under the bed today, that's like me!
Squeakers: Big flippin' deal! We all did that. I slept with her more than you did!
Me:I don't know about that. I camped out on her bed for almost the whole first YEAR that I lived with you two!
Squeakers: Pfft, yeah, whatever. Another thing is that he lies on the top of the condo. That was my hang-out spot! And also he likes the top part of the desk chair. That was also my spot!
Me: Well, after he grows up a little and matures, I will teach him how to be a good, nice kitty like ME! And I'm also gonna teach him how to talk telepathically with you. It might not be for a while, he doesn't seem to concentrate on one thing for a very long time.
Squeakers: Well of course not, Miss Purrrfect! He still has a lot of kitten left in him, he wants to do three things: Play, eat, and sleep and do it many times a day.
Mistress: Girls, I'm getting very tired, so I'm just gonna tell you, thank you for helping me find Mojo and helping me with him. Sandy, you still are so very special to me and always will be, no matter how many cats I have....
Squeakers: Well, she knows that! Good grief. Now, what about me?
Mistress Squeakers, you were my first cat, and so beautiful and sweet and fun and regal and...
Me: Yeah yeah yeah. The woman is getting tired, let her get some sleep.
Squeakers: yeah, this was getting much too mushy anyway.
Mistress: Good night girls, and thank you again. Squeakers, I hope I can talk to you more often. Night night Tino, even though you didn't say anything, it was nice to have you here. Thanks for all your help.

And then she drifted off to sleep and I could finally get away from Squeakers and that shaggy dog and go have fun with my own friends! I'll talk to Mistress anytime she is willing...and able, though.


Remnants of Me: The Cat's Gone, But The Memory Lingers- On...and On...and On!

February 17th 2012 6:38 pm
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Yep, I'll never be totally gone. Just like Squeakers. When Squeakers went to the Bridge, a few weeks later, Mistress felt her walking on the bed, and then later, Older Mistress found a leaf on her bed. You see, OM has a very nice decorative, not holiday wreath above her bed, and whenever Squeakers would spend the night at OM's house, she'd stand on the highest pillow, even if it meant stepping on OM's face! Then she'd streeeeeetch as far as pawsible and try to play with that wreath, and OM found a leaf from that wreath on her pillow a few weeks after Squeakers left for the Bridge.

These are the remnants I left:
Remnant #1: Fur. Mistress finally vacuumed it all up, but she does have some of my fur in a plastic bag.
Remnant #2: Pawprints Mistress made that pawprint that she could feel, and the vet made the actual ink prints.
Remnant #3: A Whisker She actually found a whisker that was coming out of me, she didn't pull it, and she keeps it in that Ziplock baggie with the fur.
Remnant #4: Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures and movies.
Remnant #5: Ashes She has my ashes in the same thing that Squeakers' are.
Remnant #6: A Blankie Shutterfly had a deal of $20 off, so she made a fleece blankie online. It has four pics of me on it, and Squeakers is in one of them too, so whenever I try to talk with her telepathically now, I have her lay down and put the blankie on over her.
Remnant #7: One of my favorite green toys She found it yesterday and she thought that she'd had put most of the cat toys away! It wasn't my all-time favorite, that was my green "thing. It was a mouse with its tail missing. I don't know where that thing is. But she found my second favorite.
Remnant #8: Spots on the carpet From when I had my anal sac problem. She says she's getting the carpet cleaned tomorrow, and hopefully all, or at least most, of it will be gone...we'll see!
Remnant #8: Petrified Poo-Poos! Yes, you read right. Petrified poo-poos. I guess my job was done. The last few weeks of my life, I left some hints around the house. I left some poos behind the TV, and some right in front of her, and, of course, two poo-poos on the vet table. Well, she found the ones in front of her, in the bathroom and behind the TV. And finally, today, while cleaning and vacuuming and preparing to get her carpet cleaned, she moved the couch and found the last two! They had been there for exactly TWO MONTHS!! (Exactly. I left on December 17, she found them on February 17!)
Too bad she threw them away, I thought she'd put them in a shrine like what she did with the hair and whisker. Oh well.


Thanks to Everypurr!

December 27th 2011 12:14 pm
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Mistress and I want to thank everypurr who thought of us during this very hard time.

We really felt the outpouring of love through many cards, poems that made Mistress cry, rosies, stars and gifts. There were so many of them that there are too many to name!

Also we want to express our thanks to our closest friends on Catster. The A Team, along with many other angel kitties like Hazel Lucy, T.C., Charlie, Arthur and many others including Squeakers made me feel furry comfortable at the Bridge.

Thanks also to the S Team, Chey, Marina and Tosca, Gimli and Kenji, Bea, Samoa and many others for the rosettes, gifts, stars and many purrs, and thanks to their humans for lots of thoughts and purrs.

Mistress is also grateful for her Mom, Older Mistress, and her aunts Sandy and Irene and her Gram June and friends Gary and Jen plus many FB friends for their support.

Mistress said it was harder spending that last ten days with me than it was to watch me leave.

We had a nice last night together. I didn't wanna go to bed with her, but she kinda dragged me to bed and cuddled with me. After that, I laid on the foot of the bed and watched her sleep so that if she woke up in the middle of the night, the first thing she saw was my face.

She got up and hurried around, standing under water and packing things, so I thought she was going to leave me, but the kitty jail was already down.

Mistress didn't want to leave, and actually, neither did I, cuz whenever I go away in that kitty jail, I go to the vet! In the elevator, there was a older lady there, and she asked if I was going to get my shots, so I got worried. Mistress said, almost crying "No...I have to put her to sleep."

The lady said, in kind of a snotty voice "Oh, well I didn't know."

We found Older Mistress, got in her big car, and drove. I sang all the way there. This time, OM didn't tell me to shut up.

When we got there, OM took me out of my jail, and a minute later, we were led to a room with one long table and a counter.

OM put me on the counter, I tried to jump off, but they wouldn't let me.

Some lady put a towel on the table. OM held me for a while, Mistress petted me and talked to me. Then the lady came back and they talked about human stuff like ashes and pawprints and money. Then she told them how I would make my final trip.

then she went away. Mistress held me and I squirmed some more, so she put me on the table, and right away, I pooped on it!

They cleaned it up and later, another white coat lady put another, not so comfortable towel on the table.

I thought I would poop again, but it landed on the floor!

I got lots of pets and hugs and they talked to me. But why couldn't I be home? We could do this at home!

After the longest 45 minutes of my life, I think, the vet that Squeakers used to see, the one she called "Dr. Frizzhead, with the voice like Mickey Mouse" came in.

Oh I go!

After they, they do a LOT of talking! Some other lady came in and shaved the hair off my back leg???>

I was NOT happy about that! I hissed and almost bit OM!

Then they stuck this needle in and they had me lie down. Mistress and Older Mistress petted me and talked really sweet to me. I could see tears coming out of both their eyes. Why? I was going someplace so furry nice!

The last face I saw was Mistress', to her request, that's what we agreed on, so she told Dr. Frizzhead that she wanted the last thing that I see to be her face.

I was being petted by Mistress and then Dr. Frizzhead (Dr. Trombley) gave Mistress a hug and Mistress was upset, but not as upset as she thought she'd be, since she saw that vision and I told her I'd be okay. (that was a few days before the day I left for the Bridge, see diary entry below.)

Now I am nice and healthy, playing with a lot of kitties and dogs too, just waiting for my human, hoping that she will get a new kitty in a while to fill that empty space that I left, in her home and in her heart.

She said that she went to OM's house that day after I left, and when she came home, it was so weird coming home to a home without a kitty. She didn't have time to take up the litterbox, food dishes, toys and my bed, so she had to do that, the place looked just like it did when I was living there. Now, the only things that are out that were mine are my kitty toys.

MOL, maybe she wants to play with them!

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