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Time With Tony

My Pawsome Self!

February 9th 2008 5:31 pm
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My beautiful friend Nakita tagged me to play the "pawsome" game. but i had to get my mom to type for me, so she added a few things. here goes:
Why I am Pawsome:
1. I am so kind and gentle All the cats in my home love me and think i'm their Daddy.
2. I have a "Huge" purr. my vet has a hard time hearing my heart because i purr so loud. That's because i am one contented kitty.
3. I have beautiful Siamese blue eyes. they don't show up very well on my page but they are clear crystal blue. perfect for a ragdoll.
4. I have Big feet. But am like a tiger, im very graceful and elegant.
5. I always let my Mom and Dad know when to feed the gang. I take it very seriously that I have to make sure everyone eats on time.
6. I love my Dad and Mom and make them very happy. I sit in their lap and let them pet me (a lot) I know it is good for their blood pressure.
7. I am a Christian kitty, I know my creator and He made me special and unique just like every kitty in the world is beautiful and unique.


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