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My Sunshine is BACK!!!! Yippeeeeeeee & dose NO SEE UMS!!!!!- MOL

June 7th 2009 12:10 pm
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What a great day!!!!! It's sunny & shining in de windows!!!!! I've had a blast from de back of de couch today sunning myself & watching de birdies & all fly around!!!! What a nice nice summer day!!!!!!!! I just luv luv luv de warm!!!!!

Another thing that me & one of my sweet furfriends were mentioning is the "NO SEE UMS"'s what they are.......I will just be sitting somewhere & for no reason....I'll run like a wild kitty chasing those NO SEE UMS> of my dear furfriends..Humphrey Lee Haunted seems to do dis also!!! giggles!!!!! Dose NO SEE UMS have given me countless hours of fun i tells ya!!!!!!! My human doesn't seem to see dem...but I SURE CAN!!!!! giggles!!!! ; 0 )'s two paws up fur dems NO SEE UMS!!!! gotta luvs thems!!!!!!

Hope all haves a great week upcoming!!!!!! We've just announced de amigos of de week ofur at The 3 Amigo group....dems are :

TIGER...Kitty Amigo of De Week
GRETA (rainbow bridge baby) ...Doggie Amigo of de week
PEANUT M&M....Admin of the week!!!!!!!

So to you three!!!! Yippeee!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your week all!!!!!


De Easter Bunny Finally Hopped Away!!! MEWS!!!!!

May 23rd 2009 7:03 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] furmom's been wittle bit busy lately!!! Mes threw one big ole page needed some major attention!!!!! De Easter Bunny was still on dere!!!!! Can you believe dat one???? NOW me's has my nice new summery page!!!!!! Much much better!!!! I was so hiding my wittle face in my paws trying to wait on her to fix de page!!!! So now I can come out and uncover my face!!!!!
Isn't summertime just de greatest??!!!!! I luvs to lay in de warm sunshine ...awhhhhhhhh Is soooo good!!!!!!
I also wanted to say hello to my sweet prince Leo....if he's readin are de greatest!!!!!! ; 0 ) Many warm thoughts to you!!!!! I'm such a lucky gurl!!!!!!!! Awhhhhhhh

You all have a great long weekend & may warm sunny thoughts surround you!!!!! Until next time!!!!


Hello Kitties!!

February 18th 2009 6:47 pm
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Just wanted to update my diary...haven't written in a few was strange here today....we gots some more of dose yucky "thunder boomers" !! I hates dems thunders!!! Eek!!!! Now dems saying dat it's gonna come some more of dat white stuff maybe late late tonight & tomorrow morning!! Oh my!! I finks I'll try to smack at de snowflakes from my window as I watch dem fall if we get some more!! I hates de cold, but I wike to watch de snow fall.

My furmom also has a wittle dilema wif me..giggles....she says dat my mousies and toys combined wif all of my furbrother Percy's toys are overtaking de house!! It's kinda hard to walk around somewhere wif out finding a toy or mousie somewhere or other!! giggles...furmom is trying to pick most of dems up each nite...but me & Percy will go thru and pull dems out at nite!! Once again scattering dem all around!!!! Me's thinks it's a "challenge" dat me's up fur!!!!! It's me against de "toy" box!!! I finks I'm gonna win!!! What do you fink?

And, I gots a sweet card from my Leo today! I was so happy! Was sweet of him to sends me one!! Made my wittle day!!! Mail is good!!! ; 0 ) I was furry surprised to finds de card in my box!!!!! Happy happy day!!!!!!

Well...kitties...I'd better be running now!!!! Time to pull some more of dose mousies & toys outta dat new toy box now!!! giggles You wish me luck!!!!! giggles!!



Hello All our dere in CATSTER LAND!!!!

February 2nd 2009 6:42 pm
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Hey all!
Just thought I'd write a new entry to my diary tonight. I wanted to tell you all about something new that my fur mom brought into de's called an electric blanket!!! OMC...I am in luv wif dis heats up all toasty warm....and stays dat way...I can nap like a princess for hours when dat thing is on. I hardly batted an eye today while de snow was falling down so hard...I just curled up in de bed and rested furry peacefully!!! Life is good!!!

So, I don't know how invented dat electric blankey thing...but to who ever you are....Luv ya!!! MOL!!!!!

Some of our friends were telling us about dis thing dat was a heated kitty would be cool!! I'm gonna have to get my mom busy on dat one!!! That seems like heaven!!!!!

I gots to chase all de snow flakes as they were falling to de ground today. (from the safety of my window of course) MOL...I luvs to bats at them thru the window as they go floating!!!!!

My furmom has been having a dilema lately...I don't see what the problem is though...she has been saying that all my mousie toys are overtaking de house!!! giggles..Mousies everfurrywhere!!!!!! crazy furbrother (doggie brofur) Percy plays wif dems too!!! I lubs thems wittle things!!! I have been known to carry thems all thru the house...Furmom has been trying to gather them up at night in a basket or two...but when she awakes....POOF....dems are all spread out thru the rooms again!!! giggles!!!!! Wonder who is doing dat????? all have a safe & sound nite...sending tons of hugs to you!!!! xoxox


Hi Winnie, You Have Been Taggy Wagged by Flora Cat !!!! OMC

January 20th 2009 6:25 pm
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I am suppose to say 7 things about myself & den tag 5 other furfriends!!!!!! Here goes :

1. I luv to play in de water!! I luvs it!!!!!

2. I am furry smart & know when anything new comes into my house!! I am furry observant!!!

3. I LUV my Winnie the Pooh DOLL wif all my heart!!!!! My fav toy!!!

4. I just adore my fleece blankies!! Awhhh they are great!!!

5. I luv to go thru my furmom's purse & see what's in dere!!!!

6. I have been known to flush de toilets when me's gets the chance!! Luvs to watch de water swirl!!!

7. I luvs my furfriends here on CATSTER!!!!!!

I am taggin dese furfriends!!!!
1. Greta
2. Dante
3. Leo
4. Saphire
5. Roger


My Winter Wonderland.............From my Window!!!

January 20th 2009 10:46 am
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Mews of hello to you all!!! Just thought I'd say hello & catch everyfur up to date on de latest here. We've been getting tons of dat "white stuff" furmom calls it SNOW!!!! eek All I know about de white stuff is that it makes it furry cold when me lays by de window & looks out...chilly!!! It is fun, however, to smack at de snowflakes as dems comes by my window, giggles!!!

Furmom finally helped me to get my page all ready fur Valentine's Day! yippee!!!! As you all know...I luvs pink & Hello Kitty is de best, so we decided to use dat theme fur my Valentine's page!!! ; 0 ) I am currently supervising her progress as I am draggin my neato toy dat HLH, Roger Bleu & Greta, angel bridge baby, sent me fur Christmas!! It's made of dis fleece like material & furmom can hold it up in the air & I can swat at it. But, most of de time, I just luv to drag it around from room to room!!! You should see me....De toy is long & has dese wittle strands coming off of it & I go room to room draggin it!!! I am also luvin de wittle miceys dat Ariel & Jo Jo sent me along wif the neat toys my sweet Leo sent to me. My fav one from Leo is de wittle white / pink pillow thingy. I luvs it!!! ; 0 ) I sometimes go & drag all my toys out in de middle of de floor so I can decide which one I want to play wif at the moment!!! Choices, choices!!!! giggles

Well furfriends......I will go fur now....time fur a short catnap after all dis "supervising" and playing wif de toys!!! Have a safe & warm day you all!!!! Much luvs & hugs to you all!!!!!


The musings of a diva gurl ........

January 5th 2009 3:29 pm
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Hello all!! Looks like the New Year is here!! WOW!! Wonder what magic we can all discover now that all is fresh & anew? New starts, new smells, new things to discover!!! My newest fun lately has been these great warming blankies!! Dems are soooo neat!!! Dere's a comfy throw warming blankie & den dere's a new electric blankie on de bed at nite!!! I am in kitty heaven!!!! SOOOOOO comfy....SOOOO warm and "nap ready"!!!!! I have been making good use of them bof when ever I can!! There's just one thingy I cannot figure out.....dems electric blankie on de sooo toasty warm in de nites..but when furmom leaves fur cools down & is not so one thingy I must figure out is how to gets dat blankie on wif out furmom turning it on!!!!!!!!! I shall endeaver to figure dis mystery out during the next few weeks!! You know...a diva kitty can do anything dat she sets her mind to!!!! giggles!!!!

So, Happy New Year & may you all rejoice in de simple pleasures of life!!! Hugs & Purrs!!!


Hello dere to everyfur!! WOW....2009 will be here before- we know it everypurr!!

December 28th 2008 7:06 pm
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Hello you all!!! As promised in my last diary entry...I have some furry special news to share wif you all!!! I've done sooooo good keeping it all to myself fur the time being!! Wanted to save the news fur a surprise!! So, here it is!!!! During the holidays...My sweet prince Leo...sent me a card & some prezzies...I was not suppose to open dems before Christmas!!! I finally tore into de package late late Christmas Eve nite!!! AND when reading his card, I discovered that my prince Leo had asked me to marry him!!!!! I was furry happy & surprised!!!!!!!! As you are guessing...why I said YES of course!!!!!! Dat was my news!!!!!!!!! I'm a furry happy kitty!!!!!! I have been thinkin about asking my great furfriend Jo Jo & Ariel to start thinkin on some dresses fur me!!!! They were the ones who designed Saki's dress & it was beautiful!! (Saki is Leo's sweet sisfur).

So, as you can tell....I'm tickled pink & a furry lucky gurl!!!!! I am on could nine now!!!!! Much luvs & purrs to you all !!! Many hugs to you!!!


A Furry Merry Christmas......Some thoughts from this year

December 25th 2008 8:49 pm
[ Leave A Comment ]'s been quite the year.....lots of trips, parties and fun! I have a suite named fur me ofur at the Black Cat Irish Pub....called de Princess's all pink everfurry where...I just luvs to stay dere. We had the most wonderful tree lighting ceremony several days ago. It was breathtaking when we finally lit the star on top of the tree. This was with some help from DANTE, ilm...a loveable doggie who watches ofur all of us, but mostly, he spends his time to keep my doggie brofur and ADAM CHEWBACCA out of trouble. We also have had a nice year ofur at The 3 Amigos group...we now have our own DJ (SMOKEY) and a terrific playlist of songs ....a neat chat box that we use together....FLORA CAT, a dear friend of mine, JOPHIEL (JO JO), ARIEL and I have had a great time this year on our many adventures. HUMPHREY LEE HAUNTED and ROGER BLEU along wif their doggie sisfur GRETA have been our sweet furfriends and a fellow admin in the groups. These 3 are just the best & I'm so glad we have giggled and had a great time this year together. HLH and I have a dilema each week together picking the winners for our weekly Caption Contest ofur at THE PAWSITIVE neat and imaginative everyfur is. I really am blessed to have such pawtastic friends. I also need to mention BIS, who is DANTE's cousin, he is a great new addition to The 3 Amigos group....he has his own stand ofur at the amigo spa & serves up the best Tuna Tacos in the world..SMOKEY assists him there at the spa too!! And BRODY has been there and has made some of the most excellent pics for all of us in the groups this year.

We cannot mention everyfur in this note because dere are so many dears and friends here....but we do want to mention two dear furfriends...TIGGER and BOUDIN, ilm.......these two are such great furfriends and BOUDIN, ilm will furever maintain the Title of Amigo King of the Group. And, of course I am furever grateful to TIGGER who was the friend who introduced me to my sweet LEO!!!!! Now....LEO is my sweet prince....I am such a lucky girl to have him!!!! I am going to share some more news later, but I will make a seperate entry fur that.....

I just wanted to wish each of you the very best nite and a great rest of the week & weekend. I truly adore each & everfurry one of you!!!!



It's CHRISTMAS EVE...............................

December 24th 2008 8:28 pm
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It's Christmas Eve & not a creature is stirring... not even a mousie....Me & Percy are laying in de floor wif Percy doo on de doggie bed & me in de floor next to furdad...face to face.....calm...sleepy....waiting fur de prezzies!!!!!! We've been doing dat quite a bit tonight...furmom says dat we are just bof sleepy...we nefur sit around like dat much.....De only time we work together is when we are partners in crime....giggles

We got into a wittle scuffle while furmom was cooking tonight...we bof were smelling all dat stuff & Percy doo got into my space...oopsey.....yes, I did the growly thing....den de Hiss bad....but....he makes me mad some times!!!! We have however, made up at dis moment. Furmom says dat we fight like true brothers & sisters!!!!

We are bof furry sleepy now.......cannot wait till all de excitement tomorrow....dere are neat smells in de air & nice lights to a tree!!! Fun fun!!!!!!!

Well...I'd better go fur now.....many hugs & well wishes to my sweet furfriends!!!!! OMC..forgot to tell you somefung....I gots a package from my sweetie Leo.....I will wait to open it till Christmas!!!! ; 0 ) I hope he has a wonderful Christmas too!!!!! Many hugs & purrs to you all!!!!!

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