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Jewel of De Nile

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I Didn't Do It!!....

April 2nd 2007 7:36 pm
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Oh so you caught me, huh! Well I like to dangle from soft towels and clothes. It's fun, I think I'll ask Meowmy for a hand glider, yeh, that's what I want. I love to feel the motion of moving.

Last night I got caught on top of the bathroom door. Yup, right on top of it. Meowmy had a blanket draped over it to finish drying and well I just couldn't help myself. I thought I could lay on it and probable could, but Meowmy found me and had to pull me down. I was hanging on real tight with all my from claws. She didn't take the hint. And then she took the blanet away and she somethng like I'm crazy.

I fixed her though, I pulled down all the towels in the bathroom, some clothes in the closet, but those naturally come down when I swinging like a monkey and got hold of the tissue paper.

Meowmy was not impressed. I forgot she was sicky. Oops. I just looked at her like I was all innocent. How can she get mad at ME, her only little girl, especially when I give her my famous "sad eyes" look. HE HE!!..Bijou



April 1st 2007 6:24 pm
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I really wanted to stay at this pawty today. It was like my first, but Meowmy is not feeling good and my brurrrfers said, "we gotta go" and I was really having fun. Oh how I like to dance! I hope I can do all this and more when my birthday comes up on April 21. I'll be a whole year old! I'm the only kitty meowmy has that she knows for sure when my b-day is.

Meowmy just said not to brag,...and Friday says meowmy picked a date close to when he would be born, no big deal. And PaPa Buddy, well he's special. Meowmy saved his life at a Humane Society shelter. He was already big when she found him..they say to adopt a bigger kitty to save a life. So Buddy's day is his adoption day! We like to celebrate every day!

I hope the sun man will be back soon! Meowmy got sicky from this ucky weather. We going to watch a movie, with food in it, mmmmm...Hamburger.... *NO Silly*....that was Friday. What now? Oh the movfie is called Hamburger. Why is it called food. I hope it won't make me hungery. I love to eat, and hamburger is my favorite food - that being MEAT!!..wellI gotta go, meowmy is going to start the movie...Bijou


Cute Doesn't Always Count...

March 31st 2007 4:31 pm
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Especially when no one understands you! PaPa Buddy was sure mad at me last night, and guess what, I didn't do nothing. seriously, I didn't do anything to deserve that! No one will believe me, not even Meowmy.

She said if we attack or hurt Buddy, we goona get it. I don't know what IT is but since Friday walked away and put his tail down it can't be a good promise.

We've all had a quiet day. Mewomy was out for hours today. Told me she saw my MaMa, Smokey today! Musta been at the great outdoor house I use ta live at. HMM wonder why she's going over there. Should I be worried, like is she thinking of bringing me back there again? Before the OPERATION she told me I was heading for the farm, but I thought we were past that, oh boy, I better be good!.....Bijou


Wow....Look at My Beautiful Easter Picture!!

March 30th 2007 5:35 pm
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I love it! Sassy and Pepper's Meowmy made it! She's so talented, Meowmy still needs to learn!

Was talkin' with Trixie's bro, Casscious,what a cool guy. He's just so neat especially for everything he's been through when he was younger. I'm going to send him somethin' when we get more zealia's. I'm going to slowly start meet Trixie's family, well, since Friday is dating her now!

I was very bossy today. Treats and more treats, that's all I wanted. That wasn't asking too much, was it? Meowmy thought so, because after a little while she said NO! TO ME she said the N word. Bad Meowmy!!!


Hey....Easter is Coming Up!!!!

March 29th 2007 6:46 pm
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I need to get decorating, but it's my first Easter and I'm not sure how I should decorate. All I know is it's a holiday and that means treats and more treats and maybe even some new toys!

I have some more new friends. They all seem so nice. We sometimes meet under sad times.

I don't want to be held lately, and Meowmy doesn't know why. I used to be a cuddler and always want to sit on top of Meowmy shoulders. Not anymore. I also used to sit and keep her company for hours as she worked on the puter. Things changed after I had the OPERATION. Is this normal? I need to find some girls and ask 'em.......Bijou


My OWN Slide Show...

March 28th 2007 5:52 pm
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WHOOOPPEE!!! About time ya know! Had to waite for more pictures, sheesh Meowmy, get a camera will ya!

I like my slide show, it's pretty cool! I invited kittys to come and check it out! Meowmy added a clock so I could keep track of treat time.

I need to get Meowmy or one of my Bruffers to help with Easter wishes, this is the first Easter for me! I want bunny ears and colorful easter eggs too, full of all my favorite kinds of Temptation Treats and lots a toys. Oh boy, if it's as neat as Friday says it is, I can't waite!....Bijou


I Was A Lazy Bum Today.....

March 27th 2007 7:22 pm
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My cousins spent the night and slept on the hide a bed. After they got up and went outside to play, I jumped into the bed. Wow what a neat place to have a bed, right in the livingroom. Wish Meowmy would keep that bed in the livingroom. I slept all morning well into early afternoon. Those sunbeams were so nice. Meowmy had to go and spoil my perfect day by putting that bed away when I was up for a drink of water. I told her to put it back and mind her own business! I had ta settle for a corner of the sofa again.

My birthday was registered today. I want a BIG PARTY!!! Hopefully my Meowmy and PaPa Buddy see's this wish!...Bijou


We Had Company....

March 26th 2007 5:35 pm
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Hailey, Meowmy's neice, came over for awhile today. I heard them talking about packing boves. What's that? Meowmy put some boxes together today and we all hopped into them. It's fun and I like them better than our big crate we got in January.

Buddy is not feeling too good today. throwing up his food again. Meowmy says we should leave him alone. He eats slow and I like to go and help him and Meowmy gets mad at me. I don't know why, I didn't do anything. Lots of hair balls being found in the mornings too. Guess it's that time of the year.



I'm Very Sad Today...

March 25th 2007 9:30 am
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We all found out late last night that one of my litter mates has gone to Rainbow Bridge. I don't even know if it was a brother or a sister! My MaMa, Smokey, her owner Sharon told Meowmy the news. It was an accident with a vehicle. He wasn't even a year old.

I'm the only one off the farm. I have a good life and am very happy with my family. I rule the roost around here. Maybe they don't think so, but I know so! MOL

Just please say a little prayer for my sibling.

Thank You, Bijou


I'm In Two Great Groups....

March 24th 2007 4:52 pm
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Multi Colored Cats and Beautiful Cat Eyes and they're so thrilled to have me! It's just so nice to be welcomed and wanted.

I really like my new blankie. Friday has flowers for a girl he likes. Maybe I should look for a boy?....dang., Meowmy just saw this and she said, "I don't want you too". Too bad Meowmy, birds gotta swim fish gotta fly, I think I have this wrong!

Meowmy's never let me have a boyfriend before, I just need to figure out how to do this......anyone got any ideas? I'm pretty enough, right?

...sssh....Meowmy doesn't need to know, remember - De Nile - I already know how to do that! hehehe...........Bijou

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