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Jewel of De Nile

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I'm Bored...

May 6th 2007 8:20 am
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I haven't been visitng Catster like I want to on account of Meowmy being so busy. I need to get more bossy! Demanding, YEaH, that's the ticket!

I miss my Eddy, and my furiends, Siouxsie and Haley Cat. Mummies Day is coming up, Buddy and Friday explained that day to me. My first one to help celebrate! I was on the farm last year at the time with my fur momma, Smokey. But this year, well let's just say, will be an experience. I told the boys I celebrate Mummies Day efverday!

I personally think we need a new holiday around here! Hey, I know, how about BIJOU DAY!.....*turns around to Friday and says, "I already know everyday is MY day, but the other kitties on Catster don't"...humph...get lost Friday and let the pro do her magic*

Brofers can be a pain sometimes, honestly. Friday would blow the whistle on my little get ups if I gave him the chance! *just look sweet and honest, practice that look in the mirror, before your cover is blown*

Wow I have tons of money! A whole 25.00, now what to do with it?


I had a wonderful birthday...

April 21st 2007 6:29 pm
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I 'm going to send out thank you's to everyone who came and also those who sent birthday wishes and gave gifts and rosettes and stars.

I now have a boy furiend. His name is Eddy and he is a true gentleman and is also very handsome. Wow and I can date him, I'm old enough now!!!

Lots of good furiends sent best wishes and roesettes and stars. We shut it down finally around 8:15, as Meowmy was starting to get a headach. Not good.

We will bring all the left overs to a shelter where other kitties don't have a chance to pawty cause they need forever homes first!

we're doing that tomorrow!


Everything I got for my Birthday

April 21st 2007 12:29 pm
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Started off with TUNA for breakfst, and then got my presents:

A a white blankie with black paw prints on it from Friday

a red coller with rhinestones from Meowmy

Toy mice from Buddy

A picture frame that says DIVA from Meowmy

a can of sardines from friday

2 cans of Tuna from Buddy

FOUR bags of Temptation Treats from Buddy

A pouch of Frishes food from Meowmy

toy balls with bells in em from Friday

treats and Rosettes from my furiends at Catster
I got PAWS from Catster for my bifday!!!

Meowmy took pictures, hurry up and get em up Meowmy....what a busy and fun day!! PAWTY TIME SOON...YIPEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


My 1st Birthday is tomorrow...

April 20th 2007 12:38 pm
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and we having a BIG BIG PAWTY!!! I can't waite, hope lots of kitties show up. Meowmy has made a huge cake shaped into a tree, with squirrels in it and birds and even mice on the trunk!

There's going to be music and a dance floor; games of all kinds and lots of food. Smoked goldeye, tuna pate, hotdogs, real cream coming of of a fishes mouth (it's a fountain) and a water fountain shaped like dancing mice. Shrimpaign and tuna juice. I'm helping with doing up the goodies bags everyone gets to take home. I'm putting in treats, and toy mice, sunglasses, hats, catnip and extra cake.

My brofers are in charge of the decorations. I want to catch those balloons, they are starting to blow up but Meowmy says NO! They're going to BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE....hmph...sounds like that would hurt.

Meowmy has the burn barrel ready for all the food that is on the new recall lists that may be around. We going to toss them in, with Meowmy's supervision of course!

Oh, there's just so much, I'm really excited...yet sad...for a couple of my littermates died in the last month or so. They didn't make it to the Big 1.

Sure hope lots of kitties can make it to the pawty!!



April 16th 2007 5:40 pm
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What's that? Not sure, but doesn't sound very good. Hope every one is ok!

I'm going to have a birfday on Saturday! Yeah, MY FIRST one. Yipee!! Have to decide what kind of cake I want. I never went to a pawty before. I can invite all my furiends, Meowmy said. Wow, a REAL PAWTY JUST FOR ME!!!

Tried to peek in the bags today, got caught and looked at Meowmy like, what, I'm not doing nofing, honest I'm not. I don't think she bought it, MOL.


Were did all these treats come from?...

April 14th 2007 6:11 pm
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All of us have megga treats! Oh wow! Treats, I luvs treats!

Meowmy wouldn't let me outside today...hmph...I would be a good girl. I promised. She just said it's safer in the house. Meowmy doesn't think a harness would work on me. Says I'm too solid. Am not, I'm multi - colored, clean your glasses Meowmy, he he he!

The doors on the inside can stay open and the screens go up and let fresh air in. Neat oo. I was too young to remember much from last summer. In exactly one week I will be a whole year old! See, I'm a big girl now. I want to follow Meowmy outside! Somebody help me!


Box of Rags...

April 12th 2007 6:52 pm
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That's in my song you know. And Mama took a picture of me today on a rug of many colors made from rags. An older woman made it by hand and gave it to Mama on Easter Sunday. She put it in the kitchen and I naturally adopted it as my own. Meowmy will have to add this picture and a few others she has taken of us. We cooperate much better for her. Except Friday, but i think he's just camera shy, he he he.

I have Meowmy trained. When I think it's treat time I just call her and walk over to the cupboard. She gets it, "Do you wants some treats Bijou" as she take the package out of the cupboard. No kidding Meowmy, I would help myself, except you took them out of the short cupboard where all our food is kept. You see, I have had to help myself in the past, ripping the silly things open and all. Of course I denied the whole thing! Don't think she believed me, and last night Meowmy had the nerve to move the rest of the boxes of treats a way up high. Yes, boxes! Meowmy buys them by the box, 6 packages of Temptation Treats to a box and there were two in that little cupboard I can easily manouver with my nice big paws. No fair Meowmy, I'm calling a strike of some kind until they are returned to there rightful place.


Meowmy left me all alone...

April 11th 2007 6:04 pm
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well ok not exactly all alone, but it sure felt like it. I don't like that one bit. I sure showed her last night, I did! I acted all cool and like who are you, do I know you? I had to teach Meowmy not to just up and leave us like this, anything can happen to us.

The boys were talking about "moving" I'm not sure what that is, somethin to do with these boxes, I think. Mewomy played a new game with them today, lets put these boxes outside and into the shed. Well, how I am suppose to play that game with her? I'm not allowed outside...sheesh, Meowmy, get it together already, will ya?


Good Friday....

April 6th 2007 10:07 pm
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Yes Friday was good, I mean our Friday and I know today is a holdiday. Our Friday was named after the holiday. We made some rounds today, wishing Kitty's and families Happy Easter.

Mewomy is still not well and it is very cold out again. We got her a pressent maybe it will help her feel's a digital camera! pictures all around.

I just love Catster, all the friends I've made have been super, couldn't ask for a better group.


I was a Way Up High...

April 3rd 2007 9:17 pm
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Mewomy heard me this morning...she was still asleep! he he he

I climbed her robe behind the door and reached the top of the door again! Only I couldn't figure out how to keep going because the door frame is real tiny like and my feet are getting big! So I made a noise and Mewomy heard me.

She put her glasses on and said "hold on, don't move" like where did she think I was going, really. Next thing I know she up on a chair again, pulling me down. I kind of like this rescue Bijou game. I call, she comes...Now that's training!

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