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Jewel of De Nile

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How Exciting....catster, whoooope!!!!!!!!!

March 19th 2007 8:21 am
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I been waiting to come on here, watching the two boys have all the fun. it's my turn...OK Meowmy!...I can start to have fun LIKE the boys.

I'm still in the process of being introduced to the boys friends. I've made friends of my own, too but Meowmy says to share them. I'm still learning how to share and let me tell you without Meowmy hearing this...psst, I don't like to share and I don't think I should have too, either! I mean, come on, I'm the only girl and I think and feel different than the boys do. I'm more sensitive than the boys and I like things different than the boys do too.

I'm pretty and Meowmy says I know it! God couldn't decide which color to paint me so He gave me a coat of many colors and it suits my personality. I have a plum of a tail, the longest, fluffest and most colorful Meowmy has ever seen. Everyone who comes for a visit just luvs me and tells me how BEAUTIFUL I am, and look at that tail, they say! I spin around and model for them, walking away and saying everyone can get a good look at how high I carry that tail and all the bright multi colors I have on my hind legs. I'm impressive from every angle, thank you very much....Buddy and Friday are shaking their heads and saying tsk tsk...whatever!


Did You Hear.....

March 20th 2007 6:13 pm
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My brother, Friday's diary is a feature today? Woohoo!! Check it out, maybe he'll be a writer like Meowmy.

I was a good girl today! Meowmy was gone ALL day, not use to that anymore. Bought lots of food and treats!

A cutie emailed us and said their Mewomy thinks I may have Maine Coon on account of how my tail looks. Do these Maine Coon's also have long hair between their toes, because I sure do!.. well I'm hungry so I'm going to eat..meow at ya later


I Didn't Do It...Honest I Didn't....

March 21st 2007 4:03 pm
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Would you believe this sweet honest face? Good, because Meowmy does, even when Buddy and Friday both look at ME when something happens and Meowmy wants to know who did it.

Everyone's been real good lately. I need to be if I want to go outside. Meowmy was looking at harneses yesturday and decided not to get me one because she really doesn't want me out at all.

We checked out the Maine Coon profile on the web last night and guess what? I just might have had an ancestor who was Maine Coon and it's coming out in me! I have a lot of the profile similarities: big paws with tufts of fur, lynx style ears with lots of fur inside and outside, long hair (Meowmy never brushese me out) that is tangle free and maintenance free, long bushy tail I wrap around myself, long body, my meow is different than the other cats, I have high cheeck bones and my eyes sit a little different angle on my face, I'm gentle wtith my paws when playing (I don't stick out my claws), I love to hunt and I'm vey noisy!
And my fellow Maine Coons, what do YOU think?....Bijou


My Coat of Many Color That

March 22nd 2007 6:06 pm
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My MaMa Made For Me...that's my song, and I'm sticking to it. The words are so true, my mama lost lots of babies and I'm the only one, just like her, that has a coat of many colors - so I pay tribute to my mama and my Meowmy says I'm beautiful! Not bad for some poor ol' farm kitty, eh?

Meowmy also gave me a shout box. One of Fridays friends leaves me a message in the p-mail that He's been aske to shout at me, so he's shouting at me! I'm still laughing as I write this down. Sometimes Friday get's ahead of himself and his hands are going fasster than his brain. That's o.k. we love him and we're keeping him.



Well, La Da De Da...

March 23rd 2007 4:48 pm
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I'm glad I don't belong to snobby groups. I'm better than that anytime. Lots of kittys have told me I'm beautiful or that I'm gorgeous. Who needs some nit wit half brain who can figure out who should belong where EVER try to tell me what group I belong in.

Meowmy's right, I already belong in the best group going: a loving group that does not discriminate against color or sex. This group lets me be me and lets me practice my consitutional right of freedom of speech without being censored.

I had fun telling her to MEOW OFF he he he it felt good, and you know why, because I'm just a little kitty learning the hard way to stand up for myself and not take any flip from others who don't even try to get to know me or want to have anything to do with me.

Don't like my Coat of Many Colors? Then maybe you don't belong at Rainbows Bridge one day - after all there's a whole lot of color there!


I'm In Two Great Groups....

March 24th 2007 4:52 pm
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Multi Colored Cats and Beautiful Cat Eyes and they're so thrilled to have me! It's just so nice to be welcomed and wanted.

I really like my new blankie. Friday has flowers for a girl he likes. Maybe I should look for a boy?....dang., Meowmy just saw this and she said, "I don't want you too". Too bad Meowmy, birds gotta swim fish gotta fly, I think I have this wrong!

Meowmy's never let me have a boyfriend before, I just need to figure out how to do this......anyone got any ideas? I'm pretty enough, right?

...sssh....Meowmy doesn't need to know, remember - De Nile - I already know how to do that! hehehe...........Bijou


I'm Very Sad Today...

March 25th 2007 9:30 am
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We all found out late last night that one of my litter mates has gone to Rainbow Bridge. I don't even know if it was a brother or a sister! My MaMa, Smokey, her owner Sharon told Meowmy the news. It was an accident with a vehicle. He wasn't even a year old.

I'm the only one off the farm. I have a good life and am very happy with my family. I rule the roost around here. Maybe they don't think so, but I know so! MOL

Just please say a little prayer for my sibling.

Thank You, Bijou


We Had Company....

March 26th 2007 5:35 pm
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Hailey, Meowmy's neice, came over for awhile today. I heard them talking about packing boves. What's that? Meowmy put some boxes together today and we all hopped into them. It's fun and I like them better than our big crate we got in January.

Buddy is not feeling too good today. throwing up his food again. Meowmy says we should leave him alone. He eats slow and I like to go and help him and Meowmy gets mad at me. I don't know why, I didn't do anything. Lots of hair balls being found in the mornings too. Guess it's that time of the year.



I Was A Lazy Bum Today.....

March 27th 2007 7:22 pm
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My cousins spent the night and slept on the hide a bed. After they got up and went outside to play, I jumped into the bed. Wow what a neat place to have a bed, right in the livingroom. Wish Meowmy would keep that bed in the livingroom. I slept all morning well into early afternoon. Those sunbeams were so nice. Meowmy had to go and spoil my perfect day by putting that bed away when I was up for a drink of water. I told her to put it back and mind her own business! I had ta settle for a corner of the sofa again.

My birthday was registered today. I want a BIG PARTY!!! Hopefully my Meowmy and PaPa Buddy see's this wish!...Bijou


My OWN Slide Show...

March 28th 2007 5:52 pm
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WHOOOPPEE!!! About time ya know! Had to waite for more pictures, sheesh Meowmy, get a camera will ya!

I like my slide show, it's pretty cool! I invited kittys to come and check it out! Meowmy added a clock so I could keep track of treat time.

I need to get Meowmy or one of my Bruffers to help with Easter wishes, this is the first Easter for me! I want bunny ears and colorful easter eggs too, full of all my favorite kinds of Temptation Treats and lots a toys. Oh boy, if it's as neat as Friday says it is, I can't waite!....Bijou

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