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The diary of a little purry ray of Sunshine


May 26th 2007 5:59 pm
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Playing gotcha - the meme game

I’ve been tagged Molly, Apache, Felix, and Harley to participate in Kazumi Joy's meme!

The rules: Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats that are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1.I LOVE those rubber band thingies that mom puts in her hair. I run around the house with one in my mouth and growl and hiss!
2.I’m a food stealer, I have to make sure that everyone else’s food is the exact same as mine.
3. I love the 6, and I absolutely hate that I can’t be around them because I’m sick!
4. I like to hide under the couch and attack peoples feet as they walk by.
5. Mom calls me a “brat” because I slap her if she kisses me too much
6. I am constantly chasing Uncle Sapphy around the house, that poofy tail of his is the best toy!
7. I’m a clean freak, I can’t stand anything on me that’s not supposed to be there.

1. Smudge
2. Delyte
3. Nikki
4. Bella
5. Tigger
6 Jesse James
7.Mow mow

Okay what are ya waitin' for LETS PLAY TAG!

Purrs and bonks,


May 12th 2007 3:48 pm
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Well... we didn't get spayed on Thursday, and didn't get our shots, either. We're still sneezing just a bit (you'd think that after nine weeks of meds we would be DONE with this uri...) and now we have new, stronger meds. Mom says that it's called "tetracycline" I told her that it sounded like some kind of dish soap or something. It doesn't taste too bad, though, and we don't fight mom when she gives it to us. But, we'll be on these meds for 14 days, but the vet at the shelter is going to look at us on Thursday, and if we are healthy enough by then, she'll s/n us and give us our shots. We did get feluk/aids tested, and we are negative!! Well, that’s all of the update for now…

Purrs and bonks,



I've got a home!!!

May 8th 2007 6:06 pm
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Hey everycat!

Guess who has a brand new home? ME!! I am being spayed on Thursday and I will also get all of my shots and tests done. Fingers crossed that all goes well with my spay and my tests! I am officially adopted and paid for and my new family will be traveling to come get me on Sunday!

Happy purrs and bonks,


Doing a bit better!

April 18th 2007 9:17 am
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Hi everycat!
Sorry that I haven’t kept this updated a little better, but I thought that I would give you all a quick update on my siblings and I. The vet is pretty sure that we didn’t have just a kitty cold, but that we have herpes. There’s no test or anything to either confirm or deny what the doctor thinks, so a scholarly guess from the vet is all that we have to work with. We’re pretty behind the normal learning curve, we are almost 7 weeks old and are still on the bottle and Smokey is still trying to figure out the litter box. Mom has been trying us on softened food ever day, but we just aren’t even remotely interested. Mom is blaming it on us being spoiled *blows raspberry at her* but why would we want to eat that mushy stuff when we can have the bottle? Silly Mommy.

Anyways, once we are weaned (which hopefully will be soon!) we’ll be put up on the animal shelter website and be placed up for adoption. Hopefully some special person can look past us being sick, and take us home.

Thanks so much everybody for all of the special purrs and prayers that you have sent our way, and for all of the stars and rosettes that you’ve sent! I can’t tell you how much it meant to me and foster Mom. I have a special request though, a friend of ours named Jesse James is having surgery today and his Mom and Dad are very worried about him. Could you all send some special power of the purr his way?

Baby purrs and bonks,
Sunny and the gang


uh oh....

March 27th 2007 12:40 am
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Well, we all saw the V-E-T again today. Smokey had to go back to the vet's because she still wouldn't open her eyes. The vet said that it's possible that all of us have herpes... and there's a chance of Smokey going blind. I'm doing very, VERY good now, though. I'm holding my head up strong and walking, and i'm not so congested anymore. I even hissed at mom today! She was giving me a rag bath, because I got all messy, and I HISSED at her! MOL I'm a very fierce kitty, if you hadn't noticed already. But, i'm seeing new things and hearing new sounds and i'm even trying to play.
Max is finally starting to show more symptoms of the URI, so he doesn't really want to play too much because he doesn't feel good. But, we're all eating well (mom says I eat as much as a horse!)
I think those purrs really helped me, guys!
Thanks so much!
Baby purrs and whisker tickles,
Sunny and the gang


Maybe i'm getting better?

March 19th 2007 11:39 pm
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Hi there everycat,
I'm doing a whole lot better today! I've eaten normally all day, i'm holding my head up and I can open my eyes. That nasty fever went away, too. I've been screaming all day for mom to hold me, she says that she's not staying up until 6 holding me again. I don't know what she thinks she needs sleep for, my sleep is way more important. *giggle* But, i'm not mouth breathing so heavily now, and mom said that she thinks that I might be turning the corner.
Thanks so much to everyone that has been purring and purraying for me, I don't want to think where I would be without all of you guys!
Well, that's all for now, keep purring everycat!
Babypurrs and whisker tickles,


March 18th 2007 9:30 pm
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I think Sunshine very well may be leaving us very soon. She started running a fever earlier today, and it still hasn't gone down. She's very weak, restless, she lets out these random screams. Her appetite has gone down, she won't open her eyes,she gasping for air and taking very deep breaths. I will post more on her when I can... Just purr and pray extra hard for this little girl tonight, she's going to need every single one.


I saw the V-E-T yesterday

March 16th 2007 9:27 pm
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hello everycat,

I saw the V-E-T yesterday, it was a rather discouraging visit. Mom got me out of my cage, and the vet held me up, shook her head, and said "Oooh, this doesn't look good." Mommy's heart just sunk when she heard those words come out of the vets mouth, you know it's not good when even the vet doesn't have much hope. Well, mommy wants to talk now, ttyl!
After talking with the vet at the shelter for a few minutes, she said that Sunshine might have aspirated milk before I got her. There were some volunteers who fed them before I got there, and I know for sure that at least one of them feeds them wrong on a regular basis (at a bad angle, making it easy for the kittens to aspirate the milk into their lungs.) The reason I am starting to believe this, is that if this were a URI, then Smokey (who is in a kennel with her) would be just as sick as Sunshine by now. Sunshine was also crawling all over Sapphy a couple days ago (as you can see in his video) and he isn't showing any symptoms of being sick. If she aspirated, then most likely, this has turned into pneumonia. I don't think that their is anything that we can do for her if this is the case, i've actually never dealt with a kitten that has aspirated, because they usually don't let the volunteers handle or feed the kittens before I get there to pick them up. As for Sunny's fate, i'm not sure, I don't believe that there is any way to tell at this point. We just need to hope that she can continue to eat and breathe without too much stress on her poor little body. Keep up the purrs guys!
Babypurrs and headbonks,
Sunshine and mom


I'm really sick.

March 14th 2007 3:42 pm
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Hiya everybody,

Well, two days ago I started sneezing and my eyes started becoming goopy. Mom was going up to the animal shelter on Thursday anyways, and we weren't very sick at all, just the occasional sneeze, so she was just going to bring us all up to the shelter on Thursday so the vet could see us. Yesterday, I was very heavily mouth breathing, and was having a hard time nursing, and mom didn't think that I would make it through the night. Well, I made it through the night! But i'm definately not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. I'm on .2 cc's of Amoxicillin twice a day, and hopefully that will help kick this nasty URI to the curb. All of my siblings are taking this nasty medicine too, I hope they don't get as sick as me. I'm not really doing better or worse today, it's about the same, but my appetite is up.
Thanks everybody for purring and purraying for me!
Babypurrs and whisker rubs,

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