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Thanksgiving, fur my sisfur Callie (Callaway)

Cat Abuse.... Man accused and sentenced gets away with- Murder!

April 5th 2008 5:39 am
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Momma was driving to a job site this morning and cruising thru the radio stations... She heard the end of a story of a man who threw his girlfriends cats against the wall "because they made him angry" one died... He was convicted and of a misdemeanor for this... His crime is being overlooked by the US Navy and they are allowing him to enlist.

Well, when I heard this I was very upset... How can we let a person who disregards life like he did into the Navy, I know that we are always at war here it seems but I do not want people who value life so little to be holding a gun to defend me... I want people who value life in EVERY form, who respect life...

Me request for help is that I called the station and the woman who answered couldn't help me she didn't hear that story she looked via the internet but couldn't help - the Station is B103.1 Long Island Oldies... I went on line and couldn't find the story on there web page or the local news paper Long Island Newsday... I did go on line and found on Pet a story on this but nothing about him enlisting.... Can anypurrr help out momma, she is trying to find out if anypurr heard about this?!?!

Thank you Angel Amelia!!!

Subject: Crosspost for your groups Sent: Fri Apr 4

Please write to the Navy to request this man who killed one of his girlfriend's cats and injured another not be allowed to join the Navy.

Here is the story and addresses (e-mail and snail mail) of the Navy.

On the link to the story you can also see photos of the cats, man, and girlfriend.,0,109783 5.story

Chief of Information
ATTN: Dept. of the Navy
1200 Navy Pentagon, Room 4B463
Washington, D.C. 20350-1200

Thank you Freddie Mac!!! Thank you!!!!

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Subject: Re: I need help!!!!

How Awful!!!

Here Callie, check these out: 8363

and 8363

The last one is horrible horrible! I almost didn't post it but I want others to see what types of things some people will say. I commented on some and reported abuse. People are so cruel sometimes.


Here is the link to the story...,0,109783 5.story

The jerks name is David Wrigley

~ Diesel Blue

This was from a puppy on dogster... thank you DB!!!

Here is our copy if it helps anypurr can use it...

To Whom It May Concern:

This morning (4/4/08) on my way into work I was cruising thru the radio stations and heard the end of a news report about a man who was being sentenced to a misdemeanor for killing his girlfriend’s cat by throwing it against the wall. Because he was charged with a misdemeanor and not the felony he could still (once out of jail) begin his enlistment with the Navy.

I am not perfect; I have made some real big blunders in my life. But to think that our US Navy would be OK with allowing this man to still enlist, I just cannot believe it. So a man who by admission stated he threw a cat and killed it for no reason is now allowed by the US Government to join the Navy and learn really how to shoot a gun, be a protector? This person who has so little regard for life. Now he will be trained, feed, clothed, educated, housed, and medical. What did that poor defenseless cat get? Murdered. That is what it got.

Here is the link from the local paper:
On the link to the story you can also see photos of the cats, man, and girlfriend.,0,109783 5.story

I cannot believe this is the type of person you will allow to defend us, stand up for us, and represent us.

I am actually ashamed of us.

"Deliberate cruelty to our defenseless and beautiful little creatures is surely one of the meanest and most detestable vices of which a human being can be guilty of."
~William Ralph Inge~ "

Thank you for reading any comments would be welcome from you.

Laura Tarantino


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