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Home:St.Henri Montreal, Quebec, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 12 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 10 lbs.

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ShadowGirl, Molly Shadow, Shadow Bug, Bombay Princess

Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

September 1st 2004

Black and White

being inside, running outside, sleeping in bed with us, 'burying' food, licking toys, headbutts, face kisses, bitting mommy's tiny hoop earrings

when Cooter/Copy/Paste/Iggy chases her, being chased down the street by her humans when she escapes out the front door

Favorite Toy:
feather toy, fabric mouse, string, any toy she can lick

Favorite Nap Spot:
in her bed under the chair, in a basket, on the bed, under blankets or anywhere where she can sleep on her back

Favorite Food:
swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, mozzarella, cat milk, tuna, wet food

calming mommy down when she gets upset

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
Shadow first appeared on our front deck in the fall of 2006. She was very timid, she would meow at the door but would run when I opened it and simply disappear either under the neighbors deck or down the street. This is how she got her name, because all I would see is the shadow of a black cat. Then in early January she stopped running away and would stay on the stairs and meow at me. She would only get close enough to sniff me, she liked when I would sit and chat with her. When it started to get really cold she showed up on our back deck and was sleeping in one of the shelter boxes. Within 2 days of being on the back deck she let me pet her and she even came into the house (following Copy & Paste). I started letting her into the house to stay the nights when the temperatures dropped really low -20C (-4F) and colder. She was very skittish the first two weeks being in the house, any sudden move and she ran away & often hid. She was always very quiet and calm, often unnoticed... she seemed so relieved to be inside & out of the cold that she enjoyed her time inside almost never going near a door. After a few night we caught her sneaking into our room and sleeping on our bed with us at night. A few night of sneaking turned into her just following us to bed... She quickly realized she likes being pet and would meow at you for some, often jumping up to your hand, but she is not very found on being held unless you are scratching her cheeks. I was smitten with her silly antics... She was only supposed to be a foster until I could find the right person to adopt her, ended up that someone was us.

Shadow is a sweet girl with a cute little meow and adorable face. She is skittish around strangers but once she knows you she is friendly and will meow at you to chat. She loves getting her head scratched and hops up to your hand for a petting, she also loves to headbutt you and loves getting kisses on her head. She enjoys snuggling with you at night and curls up by our feet on against us. Often times she wakes you at night by nuzzling your face or licking your eyebrows...she just wants her night time loving. She loves her morning wake up loving too, she loves her pets and kisses and rolls on her back purring away for attention. Shadow used to be very shy about playing, now she plays all by herself and enjoys when you play with her by swinging toys on strings in her direction. She even likes to join in on a group play session, the squeaking octopus being a favorite. Her favorite toys are material ones she can lick, and lick, and lick. She also enjoy feather toys so she can lick them or pull them out. Shadow can spend a few days inside without any problem, but when she wants out she is determined to get out. On many occasions she has bolted out the front door, only to have us chase her down the street to bring her back home. When she comes home she always makes her presence known by meowing, when she come thru the door it continues as she swerves thru your legs and asks for some petting. She loves Sissy, she has never been aggressive or playful with her, just always calm and sweet with her, she just wants to be her friend. Shadow kept on trying even after all the hissing Sissy would do towards her, all she would do was back up and lie down. Shadow is very happy that Sissy allows her on her bed now so that she can sleep near her without first hissing. The only cat Shadow still can't get along with is Cooter, the reason is that he keeps wanting to attack her so she runs and he chasing her until she darts under the couch. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My birthdate is celebrated September 1st, 2004

Lives Remaining:
8 of 9

Forums Motto:
A Stray isn't always Feral

What does Shadow look like:
Shadow is a sweet affectionate girl. She has a cute face, kinda squishy like a British or American shorthair's and has very expressive eyes. She has silky soft jet black fur except for 3 white spots: a dab on her neck, a swirl at her armpit and a patch at her belly. After a recent vet visit, he is convinced she is a Bombay.

A Silly thing Shadow does:
She has a very funny meow, she enjoys talking to you, many times for many reasons but is never too chatty. She is not shy and will tell you what she wants, even if it is lovings at 5am. She even meows when waking up, I haven't figured out if she wakes up meowing or wakes herself up by meowing in her sleep, either way its cute.

Her theory on playing:
Shadow was a secret player when she first showed up. You would hear her playing and the minute you would watch her she would stop and trot away. Now she isn't shy and will often play around you or with you. She LOVES to lick her toys, she has licked a few to toy heaven. At around noon every day she gets a huge burts of energy and goes crazy in the house playing with any toy in her way. It is quite amewsing to watch. She also enjoys wrestling with Luke.

Her Obsession:
Shadow just LOVES to bury her food after she eats. She is obsessed with it! She will paw and scratch at the floor endlessly until I pick up her dish. Then she will move to the other cats' dish and do the same. She is relentless! I have even seen her do this to a an empty dish.

My superstar furriends::
My adorable kung fu furriend Lola is an inspiration with all her adventures. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh so cute Ashlynne is a bopping master. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Charming Beepers... oh that's all, he's just so fetching.

My lovely girls with a white patch::
My fellow Canadian furriend Sneezer is like my twin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Vivien is a smart girl who knew which house to visit to find the purrfect family.

I've Been On Catster Since:
February 14th 2007 More than 10 years!

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Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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Meet my family
Sissy (love
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you BB, fly

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MEWSS: Miss Extreme World Secret Superhero

Spring tag

April 7th 2013 11:02 am
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I was tagged by Ashlynne to play a game: Spring tag.

Five Things I Like About Spring:
1. My brothers spend more time out of the house and farther from me
2. Running and playing in fresh green grass
3. Going potty in the neighbor's garden earth
4. Felling the warm sunshine on my fur
5. And my favorite thing is that my brothers spend more time out of the house and farther from me

I know many cats have already been tagged, but if you haven't but you would like to play the Spring tag game, just copy my diary, change the answers and feel free to play along in your diary!


Lovebug Tag

August 1st 2011 8:11 pm
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I was tagged by Ashlynne to play a new game - Lovebug Tag! Thank mew fur thinking of me!

To play, copy the 6 questions below and answer them in your diary! Then tag some friends to play, too!
1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I can be very noisy! I meow fur attention and pets and I do it with passion, if I am held the wrong way or made to go inside I scream and if mommy is upset I get in her face and talk to her.

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
Covered, always, and I also cover my food....

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
Morning loves on the bed from mommy. I just love when she wakes up so I can get lots of pets and kisses.

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?
Being brought into the house when I am enjoying relaxing outside.

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
I am usually under the bed when visitor arrive because I do not trust most humans.

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
Well I live with 7 siblings and I only like Luke & SIssy, the others chase me. I used to not mind the outdoor cats but lately I chase away the neighbour cats who visit our deck.

I am going to tag all of my siblings! And if you are reading this and you want to play, consider yourself tagged! Every fur is welcomed to play!


A tag mystery

July 26th 2010 7:48 pm
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Many furriends are playing tag so I decided I would too!

Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?
I do sometimes, but only because I need love.

Do you ever tear up things?
Does digging your claws into the couch or licking toys to death count?

What is your favorite treat?
I like freeze dried salmon.

Can you fetch something when asked to do so?
I do not fetch but I do play soccer

Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
I would like to keep that a mystery, a girl has got to keep some things secret

I would like to secretly tag all of my furriends!

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