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The Life of a Princess Pork Chop

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If love can keep me alive, I'll live forever!!

August 31st 2007 11:52 am
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Mom took the day off so that we could hang out. SO cool 'cuz that means extra treats and loving. Dr. Glassman called late last night and said to change my Lasix to only once a day. YES! That means I only have to deal with 2 pills once a day. I gave my Dad a real hard pork chop today when I tried to give me my pills. For having a bad ticker, I can still be fiesty! I fooled him a couple of times. He thought I had swallowed my pills and set me free. I walked away from him, turned around, and spit them out. TEE HEE!! I did that a couple of times until I finally decided to cooperate. Then I got Treats!!
Dr. Glassman called again this morning. I think he is in love with me, even though I've only met him once. I go back in 3-4 weeks, the Good Lord willing.

I spend an a lot of time giving myself a pedicure. I work real hard at digging and chewing my back nails. Mom calls them my Narily Nails. I think they look pretty. That's all for now, folks, it is nap time!




August 29th 2007 5:44 pm
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Well, I am not happy with the medicine but I am loving the treats and attention. I massaged Mom for a whole hour (from 4-5 AM) and all she did was hum and love on me! Dad snuck out of work today to check on me and gave me treats. Grandmew came about an hour later for lovin' and treats. Sheesh, I knew I was a princess but I didn't realize how loved I am.! Mom is a teacher and we had the whole summer together. Yesterday we got the scary news and she had to go back to work today. She hugged and loved me so much this morning that her makeup started to smear. I told her girls can't be unkempt, so she got her act together. Oh, by the way, my pain in the a**, little bro must be jealous because he started limping today. I think it is because he is a fatboy at 21.2 lbs. and he needs Jenny Craig.

My family CAN NOT thank all of you kind, cat-loving souls that have taken the time to send a message of concern. We don't know you by sight, but you are all forever in our hearts. Really.


A long day

August 28th 2007 6:31 pm
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The good news is that now we know I have heart disease and I am on pills (yucky poo...but I didn't give my Mom too hard of a time!) It was a long 1 1/2 hour visit to the vet and a long car ride but I was such a good girl..the most cooperative patient! Not like my furbrother at the Rainbow Bridge, Roscoe, he gave vets such a hard time that he had to be knocked out completely! At any rate, everyone in my family is shocked because I am a spunky lil thing. When I get going playing, they call it "Girl Cat Gone Wild"! Mom said my heart is extra big because I am an extra big sweetheart.

In case you are wondering, I am the Princess "Pork Chop" because that is that I do when my brother annoys my. I whack him very hard on his nose about 12 times in a quick manner. That is called a pork chop in my house. My bro, Harley Fatboy (just look at his picture!) just looks at me with a dumb expression and runs away.

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