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The fires

October 15th 2008 10:53 pm
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Hey everyone!!! The high winds have finally gone away making it easier for the firefighters to battle these fires. Our air quality was so bad Monday and Tuesday!! Whew. Now, it is back to being hot. I had mom turn the ceiling fan on high. That was tonite at 9:30. This is craziness!!!. If anyone out there is worried about friends or family, you can check the website for Cal Fire. ( to find out information about these fires and the progress the firefighters are making in certain areas. This is the official California state website for the fires. We are praying for everyone!!

Purrs, Paisan


I am very sad.

October 13th 2008 9:52 pm
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MY fish, Razberry went to the bridge tonite at 8:40pm. I am so bummed. Mom put him in his new aquarium yesterday and he was happy. His fins got shredded on the ends, and mom put him back in his regular tank. It was too late.

Mom said if I want to I can go to Petsmart and pick out another fish. There is only one Razberry. Mom told me it was ok to wait if Iwanted to.

Sad cat face. Razberry liked me. I looked at him all the time and he would come to the side of the tank.

Purrs, Paisan

(thanks Mira and family for coming to hug me so quickly)


MY Fish

October 13th 2008 10:37 am
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Finally!!!! Mom got Razberry an aquarium like 500 years ago. Yesterday, she put it together, got it all set up and put my fish in there. He was happy to be swimming with bubbles. When my fish is happy, I am happy. I napped in the bedroom all day knowing my fish was happy. It is cold here for So Cal, so mom put her desk lamp over the top of the tank to keep Razberry's water from getting too cold. I have been hiding under blankets. Just to tell you how cold it is for us, Buddy came into the room to join me yesterday and he immediately hid under blankets and he is a long hair cat. Brrrr. Yay Razberry my fish!!!

Purrs, Paisan



October 12th 2008 10:02 pm
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My little buddy Mira, who just loves games tagged me for a Halloween Tag Game!!!

This is my Halloween tag game!

1. Do you prefer tricks or treats and why one over the other?
Tricks, I like to watch people's faces when they get tricked!

2. What are you going to dress up as this year?
A sleeping cat.

3. What scares you the most at Halloween?
Nothing scares me 'cept earthquakes!

4. What character do you idolize and why?
Prince Charming, cuz that is what I am!!!

5.What treat do you want the most?
I want Pizza!!!!

Now tag 5 kitties and tell them they have been tagged

Who to tag???

Sir Pookalot



October 6th 2008 1:27 am
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Hey all!!! Guido the Italian kitty is my friend. He really wants to win a contest to go to New York. He has been working really hard on this. And, if he wins I get some Pizza.

Please check out Guido's page and read his diary. It has all the info.

Guido is a hilliariously funny cat, and he deserves this!!!!


Go Guido, Go Guido, Go Guido!!!!!



October 5th 2008 9:48 pm
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How come I don't have any friends from Indiana? Half of my kitty cuzins are in Terre Haute? Why aren't they on Catster? Mom, can you get on that please? My other cuzins live in Chino and Buena Park, CA. I know whey they are not on Catster. No computer!!! They have computers in Indiana this I know for sure!!! Ok, anyone who wants to be pals with me, Indiana or not send me a Pmail. Darn cuzins!!!! I'll show them. Hmmmph.

Purrs, Paisan


Don't let my halo decieve you!!!

October 2nd 2008 9:34 pm
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it was tussle day here!!! Buddy vs. Paisan like 5 times. Mom kept breaking us up. Duke vs. Lexi. Mom had to go outside and make them be friends again. Mom is blaming the hot weather on everyones bad moods. C'mon fall, where are you????? We thought summer was over!!!!


I must have had a death wish this morning!

September 29th 2008 9:10 am
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I always go into the bedroom and sleep with mommy. I was waiting by the door, as usual for daddy to let me in there. I did not realize the dogs were still in the room. Daddy opened the door, saw me run, yelled NO, PAISAN!!!!!!. Too late, I was in the room. I met Lexi's eyes and felt like this would be it. Fortunately I got under the bed before Lexi could get close. Daddy took the dogs outside, but it took me 10 minutes to really believe that Lexi was out of the room. Mom kept calling me. Finally, I emerged, my eyes huge from fright. Why did I do that??? I am just used to things being a certain way. Those dogs were supposed to be out of there. WHEW!!! I think I lost half of one of my 9 lives on that escapade. Scary.........(heart beating really fast).

Purrs, Paisan


Raven tried to beat me up today!!!

September 27th 2008 8:05 pm
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Buddy has been training her well. Mom weighed her (mom you need to change her profile!!!) She weighs 15 lbs. Right about what I weigh, give or take a pizza. It was almost funny...I said almost. She was serious.....I had to make her stop it. Then she looked at me, with that angry Raven face where her nose flares. You cannot intimidate me, little one. Finally, the face off was over and she went on to do something else. I took a nap, with one eye open of course....until I saw her go into the cat condo. Then it was zzzzzz for me. Hey, I was tired after that!!!! She has alot of energy. Well, now I know I must keep an eye on her. Hopefully she won't try to make a habit out of this. Hee Hee.

Purrs, Paisan


DDP !!!

September 26th 2008 12:51 pm
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Now that I am a little more awake....I want everyone to know how honored I am and thank you all so much for your well wishes. All you kitties and pups are awesome!!! I am still in shock, am at a loss for words...Thank you everyone!!!!, Especially my Superstar Princess Cheerleader BFF, Miracle!!!

Big purrs to all!!! Paisan

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