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"NOT the Easter Bunny in a Babushka! ~ A handsome mancat nun/bride, of course!"

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Age: 11 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 14 lbs.

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"I'm capital *T* Trouble... with peridot eyes"

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"Don't start anything, there won't be anything."

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Partial Eclipse of the Nuk

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"Partial Eclipse of the Nuk"

I call this... my Oliver & Dewey *innocent* face.

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"I call this... my Oliver & Dewey *innocent* face."

I haz a flavor !

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"I haz a flavor !"

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"Nuk Man" "Kitty Dawg" "Furry Missile" "Supervisor" "Handsome Devil" "Henry" (when he's especially sweet.)

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-cat rescue

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November 11th 2006

November 11th 2004

Brown Tabby

Blankets, food, sleeping humans

Other cats outside, Girl-Cats I live with (Except Gabby), Weed Whackers, Visitors, Loud trucks.

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Furry fisher

Favorite Food:
We all eat what my *stony* sister has to eat... It's not my "favorite" but it's ok if keeps me from forming stones too!


Arrival Story:
Let's set things straight - I'm the boss here! I was living outside when i met her - My angel - I saw her late one night getting out of a car. I was so drawn to her light that I approached her. I think I was *in-love* I was skinny, dirty and I guess a little 'sick' looking but she didn't care, she put her hand out and touched me. She felt my bony ribs and I purred for her, I bumped my head against her arm and her hand (marking her for 'mine') She rang her house bell and made the man come out - she told him bring food and bring water. And oh! I had a feast! (my first of many good meals) There on their cold porch they talked to me and tried to decide "what they should do with me?" Lucky for me, they opened their door and I walked right in. I had another human pet one time... (but I don't know what happened to it - it ran away from me, I think)

No-one knows when my "birthday" is - but for me life really started on 11 November when I met my angel pet!

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7 of 9

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Couching Tiger

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Purrs and POTP for all in the path of Sandy

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December 12th 2006 More than 9 years!

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I am Nuk Anuk and this is my diary

I took a dump

January 16th 2014 6:47 pm
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I took a dump ! A big huge, steaming screen dump. My pictures, my diary, my page elements...
Any family members of ours, who is still here *on site* at this point, must be 'catstipated' !
(But seriously, there's so much to hunt down, find, save and archive.)
It must be even harder for larger families or the more prolific diary writers.

I'm so thankful for the Catster Community (that's you, my friends !)
The Community (NOT the site/domain) but the people who came here, introduced us to each other and we had some great fun !
The Community (NOT the site/domain) but the people who came here, organized Gabby's coming to our home (MY home)
The Community (NOT the site/domain) but the people who came here held us in their paws and purred soft purrs of comfort when Taag left for the Rainbow Bridge.
I can only hope that we've been as good a friend to you and your family as you've been to us.

If you are on FB and would like to stay in touch please send me (Sweets or Gabby) a pawmail.

Now, as for that *thing* in the litter box over there... cover that up please !


*Definitive* Proof - Snow Cats - The girls have lost their minds!

March 19th 2013 7:50 am
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Tomorrow is the *official* first day of Spring. (Although, no-one seems to have told the weather that fact) We had a few days of 'warm'ish' weather and then snow.
... And you know what those crazy Sisfurs of mine did? They went out in the snow!
Not just once, but twice. They willingly went out and had themselves some type of fun out there.

The last time it snowed (before last night) those girls went out on the back porch and down into the yard. The first one out was T̶h̶e̶ ̶S̶m̶a̶c̶k̶y̶ ̶P̶a̶w̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶F̶u̶r̶y̶ (ooops, sorry about that, I meant Sweets)
T̶h̶e̶ ̶S̶m̶a̶c̶k̶y̶ ̶P̶a̶w̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶F̶u̶r̶y̶ (yeah, alright... Sweets) mostly just stayed up on the upper porch making little tripod pawprints in the light snow coating. Gabby, however started to wander down the porch steps and almost made her way onto the grass of the yard.

Are you wondering what *I* was doing during all of this? I stayed comfortably and firmly on the sofa - indoors!
Yeah, that's right, I knew where it was warm and where there was no wet snow falling on my back furs and where my paw leathers were dry and toasty. I once lived outside, I had had enough of inclement 'weather' back then.
Duh, that's why I agreed to become an "indoor" guy. (Well, it's one of the reasons why anyway - Food [obviously] would be another reason)

So, last night it snows again and again the Sisfurs want to go out. They willingly wanted to repeat a behavior that I can see no *reward* in repeating. My Angel opened the back door and out they went into the snow. ALL. THE. GIRLS. Isn't that crazy?
U.N.O and I (and the 'tasty morsel boys') stayed inside. - Guys are smart!

It wasn't too long before the girls all came back inside. My Angel was shivering (I guess so.... being furless and all)
and T̶h̶e̶ ̶S̶m̶a̶c̶k̶y̶ ̶P̶a̶w̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶F̶u̶r̶y̶ ok, ok - Sweets and Gabby were all excited and flush with their adventure(s). I listened to their silly girlish chatter.
"oooh, wasn't that fantastic?" "I hope we can do that again!" "What do I have this thick fur for if not to play in the snow?" "I love how the snow seems to make everything sparkle and glow!"

Alright, I'll admit it... Their chatter did, kind of, maybe, sort of, almost, make the snow seem "like fun". When the U.N.O got up to go to the kitchen I followed him and asked if I might also go outside. He opened the door for me, I went to take a step onto the porch and said "NO". The snow was right there, piling up. I would have had to *gasp* step in it.
No, no, no and another time no!
I backed up and the U.N.O laughed at me and said "Hmmm, I didn't think you'd want to go out once you saw the snow."
He closed the door and I curled up again on the sofa, content in the warmth of my knowledge that the girls are clearly out of their minds.


My Comment, I've tried several times to post on Colette's- Diary

June 10th 2012 2:32 pm
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I tried several times to post this as a comment on Colette Sidonie-Samantha's Diary Dreaded "Error 4" thought she could thwart me.

I am the "spokescat" for dark humor and satire. I am not though of the 'school-of-thought' that feels 'dark humor' needs to be cruel, offensive or graphic in nature.

I'd seen "helicopter cat" through other *sources* and never expected to see it here on Catster. While I'm sure the "artist" would defend the 'artistic integrity" of his *creation* ~ It looks more to me like an example "defiling the dead."

Catster's "Catster Community Guidelines" states under the subsection "The Spirit of Catster"
[...]"This site is for the love of cats. It is about caring and support. It is about fun, friendly and informational sharing of our passion for our furry friends. There is no shortage of places on the Internet to fight, scratch and snarl and we thought it was high time to have a place that was all about the kindness and fun of sharing and communication."

Scroll down that link I've posted above, to the section: "Sitewide Community Guidelines"
[...]"Content that contains profanity; is sexually explicit; depicts the torture and abuse of animals; or contains graphic, descriptive and lengthy portrayals of serious violence against animals; blood, injury, and/or death are not allowed on Catster.

Profanity should never be bowdlerized by replacing letters in the word with dashes, asterisks, or other symbols. Profane acronyms are not allowed on Catster."

In that "Spirit" I was also surprised a few weeks back to see a blog post featuring crocheted "cat toys" consisting of a primary sex characteristic, a secondary sex characteristic and five white blind mice. (I joke, I *know* they weren't blind mice.)

A feature called your "WTF of the day" would seem to be comprised (at least in part) of a "profane acronym."

It would seem that Catster Member posts and sitewide conduct are held to one standard, and the staff bloggers and their posts to another standard.

I've written nearly my own diary entry now here on Colette's comments, but I'll close with one simple statement. "Immature, low brow humor does not impress me." (and it's upsetting my friends and causing them to leave this site.)
That makes me sad....

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