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Oracle of the Tazvestite!

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I Am on my Final Journey

February 23rd 2012 3:15 pm
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Hello, Dear Readers,
At 4:35 est this afternoon, in the loving arms of my dearest Daddy, I began my final journey.
Please celebrate my life, Dearest Readers, by an extra snuggle for your favorite feline tonight.
For the last time,
The Tazvestite


A Christmas Mitzvah

December 24th 2011 6:47 am
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Hello, Dear Readers,
Well, it's my 23rd Christmas Eve. How time flies.
We had a houseguest here Thursday evening. I recognized him as one of the best customers of this summer's "Taz' Side Door Shows", a Frenchmancat, Aussi. He's French, so he was a REALLY good customer.
I had heard my Dad talking to Mom that it was not good that he was waiting for food in the cold every morning at 4 am. I dreaded what might be next.
Sure enough, Thursday evening, a cacaphony of sounds drifted up to my private room. How, I don't know, as your Tazvestite does not hear things well any more. Aussi was in residence in the downstairs bathroom, singing Joyeaux Noel with Gomer screaming Feliz Navidad in tandem, dear Readers!
Off the foolish Frenchmancat was to the vet early Friday morning. He didn't come back, thank goodness.
The old WS explained that Aussi is now missing the critters that were dancing on his body and in his ears, and he is safe, warm, and waiting for a loving family at our vet's.
I noticed that my cache from the shows this summer was seriously depleted. Dad said, "Taz, Aussi is your Christmas Mitzvah." Well, I was looking for a good one...
Shalom, and Merry Christmas,
The Tazvestite


Hygiene for the Holidays

December 10th 2011 3:46 pm
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Hello, Dear Readers,
Although your Tazvestite is now semi-retired from mentoring the youngsters that remain in this household, it seems a certain matter compels my intervention.
If I may delicately observe, the louche Latin, Gomer, has cleanliness challenges. Most specifically, to use WS' favorite substance, Gomez often has a chocolate buttocks!
I have just the present for him for Christmas. In the meantime, I will counsel him in the manly art of purrsonal hygiene!
Will I ever be able to retire???
Until next time,
The Tazvestite


More Health Challenges...But I'm Still Here!

November 17th 2011 5:45 am
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Good Morning, Dear Readers,
It is hades being an Olde Furt. But it sure beats the alternative!
Last week, your Tazvestite had a blood pressure spike that almost sent him to the bridge. I am pleased to inform you that my medication is working, my vision has improved and I am eating like the epicure that I am! My doctor was again amazed to see my kidney values have improved and I am only in mild CRF.
Dear Readers, I am sure that my latest health episode was directly related to my viewing the portraits of me taken with my Daddy. There was extraneous content that was quite upsetting. As you can see, I am furiously editing them for appropriate content!
Until next time,
The Tazvestite


Furty Challenges; Freezeframe

October 28th 2011 12:15 pm
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Hello, Dear Readers,
Your Tazvestite has had a number of furty challenges of late. I have been receiving laser therapy for my severe joint disease and arthritis. Dad gave me his den so I no longer have to endure the disrespect of the younger members of my family.
I had suggested to Dad that he dispose of the unfortunate Orfiend and WS on his vacation-the purrfect opportunity to do so. He crossed the Allegheny and Cuyahoga Rivers, and those rivers were hungry! And such disposal would have inflated flat Orfiend! But alas, they both came home.
This afternoon, Dad told me I am to be photographed with Dad and WS. I don't know why she has to come along. I will be sure to let him know that I don't appreciate her company at our photo session.
Until next time,
The Tazvestite


The Sound of Silence

September 14th 2011 4:27 pm
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Hello, Dear Readers,
It seems as your Tazvestite has another challenge related to his superior age. I can't hear anymore. Sometimes this is an advantage, as today I went to my regular vet visit with the unfortunate baby Marvel Ann. I saw her little mouth open the entire ride, so I knew she was yelling, but I couldn't hear her.
My doctor looked in my ears to be sure I didn't have another ear infection. Nope, they are clear and fine-except I hear nothing from them.
My Dad believes this has happened over time. My parents have had no need to call me--after all, they come TO the Tazvestite. It is sometimes lonely not to hear friendly sounds and voices, and I voice my displeasure at this development for the entire household's edification.
Otherwise, I am doing very well. I get my pokes at home and once a week at the vet, and Dad makes sure I get plenty of good food to eat.
It's been a long day; I think I will take a nap in my freshly laundered heated cup.
Until next time,
The Tazvestite



August 17th 2011 4:38 pm
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Hello, Dear Readers,
My family and I have discovered that Latin Gomer has substance abuse issues. My Daddy prides himself on his prime nip cultivars. Unfortunately, Gomer cannot stop himself from stealing all of the substance he can put his paws on. As you can see, your Tazvestite has undertaken the burden of an intervention to stop this behavior in its tracks.
Where's duck tape when you need it?
Until next time,
The Tazvestite


A Visit from Friends

June 22nd 2011 12:45 pm
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Hello, Dear Readers,
Your Tazvestite had a very exciting day yesterday.
My household was visited by the famous Skeezix, and his Food Lady, Ms. Karen.
I enjoyed visiting with both of them. I was glad to take them on a tour of my home. My sheep buds at Greenfield Village also took good care of my friends after they left my house.
Unfortunately, the visit was marred by Orfiend singing, "If I knew you were coming, I would have worn a Speedo" at the top of his lungs.
In addition, the Old WS had to embarrass me by losing her tooth just before the arrival of my friends. She looked like Elma Fudd!! The pain, dear readers, the pain-we can't choose our relatives!
You can read all about our visit in the new blog written by Ms. Karen, Skeezix' FL: o-taz/
Until next time,
The Tazvestite
P.S. Make sure there are no spaces in house o taz between the hyphens.


My Oracle is Diary of the Day!

June 15th 2011 5:42 am
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Hello, Dear Readers,
Imagine my pleasure at awakening this morning to find that my humble Oracle has been selected as Diary of the Day!
My Dad did finally arrive home for the weekend to relieve your Tazvestite's torment from the old WS. I did have to show him I was not happy to be abandoned to her clutches, however, and I shunned Dad for a day. I announced my forgiveness to him about 2am Sunday morning. I know he was delighted to arise to my howls of absolution.
Until next time,
The Tazvestite


Turn on, Tune in, Drop out

June 10th 2011 4:33 pm
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Hello, Dear Readers,
You Tazvestite has been viciously abandoned by his Daddy this week. Guess who he left in charge of my purrsonal needs? That's right. The old, decrepit and incompetent WS. Dad left her instructions as to my dietary needs, and she has been missing some of my requirements. Today she nearly ran out of my favorite Fancy Feast Appetizer trays. I was almost hoping she wouldn't notice as to have Dad come home with my favorite food missing might result in a divorce filing!! But no, before my lunchtime feeding she came home with bags of the stuff.
I plan to let Dad know what I thought of his trip.
In the meantime, I have had enough! Time to zone out in my Tazvestite Mancat Cave.
Until next time,
The Tazvestite

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