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Sarge's week

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Say hi to the new kitty

September 30th 2013 5:49 pm
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Catster FINALLY transfered Jo-Jo's profile to our account. Please go over and say "hi" and make friends. If you can spare the zealies, maybe add something to her page? I'm sure she'd like it.


My First Bridgeday

June 1st 2013 4:09 pm
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One year ago today I had Sarge put down. It was one of the hardest things I had to do. He was the first cat I adopted and cared for and not a cat my parents chose. I almost passed him over. The first time I saw him was the week before I was going on a trip so I was just looking. I tried to play with him and he hissed at me. It was near the end of the adoption event so I guess he was irritable. When I got back I arrived early and he was just put in his cage at the end of the row. He was much friendlier now and I read his bio about how he liked to "hang out with the guys" and decided that this was the cat for me.

He bonded to me pretty quickly. In a few days he was making biscuits on my arm and hanging out in the bedroom when I wasn't there. He settled in and became my buddy. Over the next 6 years I lost many hours of sleep as it became routine that the first half hour or so after I turned out the lights would be a cuddle and petting time with the two, and later three, cats. He always wanted to either sleep on my pillow or to the left side of it when I was on my back. Many times he reached out with his paw to touch me, just to know I was there.

I always tried to be there for him. When I was on trips and the neighbors would look in on him they would say he would be at the door to the garage when he heard the garage door open then sulk away when he saw the people were "not-Dad" and how he would get sick if I was gone long.

Now it's been a year since he was taken from me by cancer and not a day goes by when I don't think of him. I'm still angry at the injustice of it, of how a loving kitty could have such bad genes. I had him in sickness and health, when I had a job and was unemployed. He was there for me and I was there for him.

There's new tragedy in the family as my parents' cat Gus had to be put down due to FIP. Find your cats and cuddle them today. They may resist but just hold them for a few seconds. Smell their fur, hear their heartbeats, and remember what they are like. Remember them now so you can remember them when they are gone.


Birthday at the bridge

February 2nd 2013 12:57 pm
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This is my first birthday here at the bridge. I have lots of friends here but I miss my family. I miss being held and petted by Dad. I miss wrestling with my sister and bobbing my other sister on the head with my paw. I see them from my perch and they're getting along. Lena loves her game of "get the ball" when Dad tosses her ball up the stair case and Lena runs after it as it bounces down. They take turns sleeping in the new cat bed. Wish I had one of those but Dad's pillow smells better.

I just wanted to thank everyone who sent their well wishes and say that I miss you all.


DDPick Again!

December 5th 2012 7:19 pm
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Today I got to be another Daily Diary Pick! Not the main one featured on the front page, but still one of the chosen. One of our new friends was also chosen. Sheela's a lucky kitty. She got rescued twice by the same family. One which took her out of the shelter and again when the later adoption didn't work out. Now she's at home again and getting back to normal. Go on over and say "hi" and tell her humans how wonderful they are.

Dad had to cancel his credit card today. He's had the same number for years and memorized it. But someone got a hold of the information and try to buy chemicals in France! Isn't that cool? Wait, no it isn't cool. Now he has to wait to get the new card and memorize a new number. And he can't get food for the girls until it comes (well he can pay cash but that's a pain). I wonder how they got Dad's information and what they wanted those chemicals for. If this were a movie, it would be one of those cool spy films with gadgets, explosions, pretty women, and a villain who likes to laugh.


6 months

December 1st 2012 3:39 pm
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I had to let you go to the bridge 6 months ago, Buddy. I know you didn't want to go. You were loyal and affectionate right to the end. But you were sick and wouldn't get better. We both knew it was better this way than to let you suffer longer. You wouldn't have lasted longer before the cancer caused you to starve to death. I couldn't let that happen. When the vet gave you the final shot you went so quickly. You knew it was OK to go.

I still miss you and thank about you every day. I remember how you waited six months to be adopted and how quickly you adjusted to living with me. I remember how you made biscuits on my arm just two days after arriving. You always greeted me at the door when I got home from work or if I was gone a few hours on errands. We spent hours together happy knowing the other was close by. Sometimes all you wanted was to touch me and know I was there.

I hope you're having fun at the Bridge playing with the other kitties there. I'll never know where you came from or your history. I hope you think of me too.

The girls are getting along better. Lena no longer swipes at Pepi every time she walks by (now it's just half the time). Pepi will sometimes be there at the door when I get home and meow. I haven't added a third kitty yet. You can't be replaced but I have to be sure the girls are well loved and with my work schedule I only have time for two. If you lead a desperate kitty to our home, it will be welcome. I will make the time. But no one will ever replace you.


My first gotcha day at the bridge

September 2nd 2012 6:16 pm
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If I hadn't gone to the bridge this would have been my 6th gotcha day with Dad. I was with him in spirit and helped him get home from visiting his pawents today. He still thinks of me and the times we had. He found out the online game he's played for 8+ years is ending. *boo* *hiss* I remember sitting on my kitty bed next to the computer hanging out with him as he played. Sometimes he would hold me and pet me while playing. Those were good times. It's like when you sit on your people when they watch TV except it's a little noisier and they move a bit more. But he made due and made sure I was the priority.

It's been three months here and I still miss my family. I hang out a lot with the other kitties that have known Dad and his family. There's Opus and Dorthy, Jasper and Cricket, and Wally. The weird thing is all us boy kitties passed from disease while the girl kitties died from old age. We're seeing it as nothing more than a sad coincidence.


We got an important visitor today

August 25th 2012 4:47 pm
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People don't usually get to stay long at the bridge. Usually they stay long enough to pick up their furry friends and we say good-bye until our own people come by for us. But this visitor was different. A lot of dogs, cats, horses, ect named "Neil" got to meet their namesake.

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, has passed away today. Dad considers him to be a very important person so I had to see him too. So did a lot of pets of people who liked science. He's still not signing autographs (but none of us know how to read so that's OK).

My Catster page has a song about him called Hope Eyre. It has a video too. I encourage people to watch it.

We will go back, Neil. One day we will go back.


Two months now

August 1st 2012 4:58 pm
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I passed 2 months ago today. Dad still thinks of me often. The girls continue to slowly make progress towards accepting each other as I watch from my resting place. Dad's given it a lot of thought and he's going to delay adopting a third cat for a while. This means one of the two kitties he was going to bring home will have to wait for the next family and Dad doesn't like that. But he only really has time for two cats. I took up a lot of time and now the others are asking for their share, especially Lena.

As Lena mentioned in her diary, Dad has started a project to make a kitty fort for them. No one has used my old bed since I left, but he through it in the den he's making on one shelf. Maybe it should be washed first. Anyway it's something just for them they can call their own. That should help them move on.

Sarge's Dad here.
I still miss you, Buddy. I miss how you greeted me at home and always stuck by me. I wasn't perfect but I gave you the best home I could. I want to believe you were happy with me and if you had to do it over again you'd still want me to adopt you. Wherever you are, please remember me.


One Month

June 30th 2012 6:58 am
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It's been a month since I went to the bridge. The tears have been shed. There will be more but not as often, but the ache will still be there. The girls haven't been stepping up to the plate much. They sort of greet Dad when he comes home, but Pepi runs when the door is open. It's not the same. They don't like to be cuddled either which Dad really misses.

And now my rosettes are going to start disappearing. Thank you everyone who sent them. They were a big help when we needed it. Yesterday Dad copied the messages still there to a txt file at work. That's the problem with rosettes, they vanish after a month but the feelings they convey don't. That's why Dad only gives out stars. You can read their messages at any time and stroll down memory lane.

The last of my pictures are up thanks to the pawsome Angel Lady and with the rosettes expiring I guess it means it's time to move forward. Dad's already promoted Lena to family spokescat. I'll continue watching over my family from the bridge. We still wonder what happened with my original family and why they had to give me up. Dad likes to think they were elderly and had to move to a place that didn't accept kitties. By now they might have passed away. That's a question Dad has about the Bridge. When a pet was owned by two different people, what happens? Both my families loved me dearly but who gets custody? Is it who had me last or longest or who gets to the bridge first? Dad hopes I get to be with him since I was so special, but who knows how the system works.

Bye for now!


I'm an Angel Kitty

June 28th 2012 5:14 pm
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Hooray! The nice lady who makes angel kitty photos made some for ME! She did a really good job since my fur in the front is all white and hard to work with since it kind of glows under the flash with Dad's old camera. Dad put them up on my page followed by my Catster awards then some other pawsome pictures of me. It's too bad we can only have 10 photos up on the main page since I was such a handsome cat.

There is some sad news though. There's this artist named Sarah Clemens who does pawsome pictures of a kitty named Magnus and his kitty-sized dragon buddy named Loki and their adventures together. Dad loves her art and even picked some up at the convention he went to after I left because Magnus sort of looks like me with longer hair (actually Dad thinks he looks like Newman). Unfortunately the kitty who inspired Magnus has cancer and only has a few more months left. We hear he's doing OK so far, but apart from making him comfortable, there's little anyone can do. So if you want to see Sarah's paintings (and maybe buy some) their site is: (Dad got the ones called Dragon Feeder and Tuna Roast)

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