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The unclassified parts of Smoke's Important, Mysterious life

Well, it's been a while

April 15th 2009 11:10 am
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Reading over this, it's been QUITE a while. But there was so much new napping to do. We moved. I HATED IT!!! I had to ride in the cat carrier and I got carsick and then we had to stay at a "friend"s house and then a different place and now here. They tell me here is going to be permanent, or at least a good long while, cause they don't like moving either. At least THEY didn't get sick.

But it means I've had to explore a lot and find the best nap spots. I'm getting my people trained, too. I know a lot of you think that training them is awkward, time-consuming, and unrewarding, but I really think if it's done properly it can be very effective.

We've been working on litter boxes. I sort of had to make a few messes until they figured out where to put them, what litter to use, and how often to scoop. I hate having to do it, but they really seem to learn best on just a trial and error system reinforced with rewards and punishments. Especially the male. The female responds better to voice commands than the male does - I don't know if that's standard for the species or just the differences between these two.

This is a really great house, though. They put in a new channel - Bird Feeder!! It's AWESOME. Right outside the bedroom window, so it's quite visible from a comfy place onthe bed. I'm a little mad at Osha about it, though. It really doesn't take long to figure out that if you're goign to sit on the windowsill to watch you need to be hidden by the drapes, but he keeps jumping up there like an idiot when he sees a bird and spoiling it for everyone. We've ALL tried to explain, but he still does it occasionally. Oh well, he's showing a little imporvement, and he isn't always in there. There's talk of putting another one near the living room window, but so far I haven't seen one go up, so it's probably just a rumour.

Ooops - the sun moved. I have to go find a new nap spot. By for now.



OOOoops! Well, I'm Sure They Have Another

December 13th 2006 8:13 am
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Well, this mornign I'm afraid I irked my girl purrson just a tad. It's really NOT my fault - I didn't leave that cup there!! You see, Autumn started this idea where we're all taking turns challenging each other to determine our household status. I wasn't too worried, really, but if everyone else is going to have a household status I want one too!! Come to think of it, that's kinda how I approach getting treats from what the people are eating - and then I spit mine out cause why would anyone eat THAT?

So I started this tussle with Tyr, you know the sort, where you kind of lock your teeth into each other's fur and wrap your legs 'round and turn into one whirling dervish! Well, we whirled right into a glass someone left beside the bed last night, and it broke. Hey - at least there was nothing in it! We sure got yelled at, though! All about places acceptable for fighting and places not acceptable. I mean, it wasn't like we STARTED there - we sorta rolled there! And we got a lecture about not stepping there until she got all the glass picked up.

SHEESH! Some people are just too grouchy when they haven't woken up yet!! I think I'll go watch the fish - we got a fish! I'm sure someone will tell you all about the fish - it's amusing to watch, but it doesn't do a whole lot.

Tezcatlipoca, who DID win the tussle!


Awwww - comfy nap spot going away!

November 15th 2006 6:57 am
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Well! Some people have a lot of nerve! Just cause they walk on two legs (which makes the so much less graceful, if you ask me) and have paws big enough to manipulate a phone they think they're in charge of EVERYTHING. Life has been extra-comfortable for the past week. The washing machine was broken, so there was a lovely pile of laundry on the couch in the spare room!! Right by the window, too.

Well, today they repairman they'd called was able to get here. He hadn't even pulled out of the DRIVEWAY yet before that girl was getting a load ready to wash! You'd think they'd have some consideration and leave laundry out to nap on, but no. And to top it all off, they even try to keep us out of the laundry room. They say leaving the door open creates drafts! As if a draft is important when exploring.

If it weren't for the treats, I'm not sure I'd stay here. But there's the treats. And the attention. And warm sunny windowsills. And toys. And attention. And the waterbed to sleep on. And I do enjoy being worshipped. It's a cat's ancient right and duty to be worshipped, you know. And they made venison stew this weekend and let each of us have a taste. Not nearly ENOUGH, of course, but you certainly don't get venison stew if you're a feral. I suppose I'll stay. But I'm going to keep working on the door to the laundry room.


Today, I watched the Lizzard

November 12th 2006 2:36 pm
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As everyone knows, some things cats do are simply too important and mysterious to put online where anyone could see them. Of course, no cat would give away our secrets, but what if someone NOT of the breed read this! However, there are enough incidents and anecdotes of a Completely Innocent nature that perhaps it will be alright to keep a diary.

Today I watched the lizzard. Come to think of it, I watched the lizzard yesterday, too. I think it's terribly thoughtful of my people to provide a lizzard for us cats to watch, but perhaps they don't know that it would be even more interesting if it wasn't kept in that cage where nobody can get a paw on it? Or maybe they do know, and selfishly don't want anyone to chase it. They don't let us chase the treefrogs, the mice, or the birds either. Though I wouldn't want to chase one of the birds. They allow a HUGE parrot to live here! She's not someone any of us want to get too close to. Once she even bit Osha's tail. Of course, standing so close that his tail went inside the bird's cage wasn't the brightest thing Osha has ever done. MY tail has never been bitten. I'm much smarter than Osha.

I've been taking a break to visit with friends on the computer and vote for everyone in the kitty contest. In my household Osha and Tyr have entered so far, and I made sure to vote for a friend who looks Just Like Me, too! I'd better get back to the bedroom, though - gotta watch that lizzard!!

TezCAT *aka Smoke*

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