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Ponderings from the Manimal of the House

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I am throwing a Thank you party Tonight...CHESTER- STYLE...Everycat welcome

June 7th 2007 3:44 pm
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I'm home, I'm hungry and I have a zillion people to thank for being so amazingly supportive to mommy and purring for me. So I am throwing a party tonight. 9pm EST (think that is 6 catster) in the Samoa Detective Agency Group (open to all) Break Room/Lounge. Please come, please bring friends, I'll bring food (and maybe Tessy will help me cater). It is pure celebration and thank you time!!!!!!!


I am home and I love you all

June 7th 2007 11:37 am
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I'm home. My great adventure is over. I'm really glad too, it wasnt so much fun out there. And now Winnie is mad at me and hissing when I go near her. I think I smell funny *sniff*.

Guess how mommy got me to show up. She offered FOOD (treaty-treats to be exact). Done in by my own stomach.

I think I am ok, I am limping a little but I have always walked a little weird. Mommy is taking me to the v-e-t at 3:30 just to check me out.

I do not even know how to start to thank every cat on here for all the love and purrs and ribbons and prayers and rosies and stars and everything. Guys there aren't words for it. You made me and mommy and winnie feel so loved and supported and that means so much. I am going to try to send everyone thank you notes but it might take me a bit.

Special thanks to Big T and Morgan who contacted kitties in Binghamton, wrote to the papers and radio station and kept mommy sane as they could. And to whoever made my ribbon. THAT IS SOOOO SWEET and cool I want one please tell me who you are and send it to me!!!!

I love catster and I love all my friends on here!

Now I must go eat!!!!!


So Much That Confuses Me

February 7th 2007 3:51 pm
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Hi. I'm Chester, and my mommy tells me I am the Manimal of the House. Mommies confuse me some days, my sister too, my feet - I think about them too, and toys and catnip and fur. I have so much running around my head I thought I would start a diary. I am not sure how often I will post or how much I have to say or if anyone wants to know what I am thinking, but what the heck, I might as well think out loud. *squeak*

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