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Faster than a speeding mouse, more scary than a musk ox, it's SPARKMAN!

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Sparkman Strikes Again!

January 6th 2013 8:28 am
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Ha ha! I got to eat Mom's scarf last night!!! It's been months since I really got to eat fabric. Mom says that she has been hounding her guests and visitors and Dad, and then SHE goes and leaves out her scarf on the kitchen table! Ha ha! She woke up to Dad informing her that her scarf was in my food dish, one quarter sized hole and several small rips. It was a tastey tastey scarf. It was made of pure wool and it's flavor reminded me of the highlands of Scottland. Mom says that's because it was from Scottland and part of a tartan plaid. I would have tried wearing it too, if she'd told me that earlier! But as it was, I felt like a real fuzzy highland cow goat gnawing that scarf all night. I purred the entire time... Mom's kinda mad at me. But it was kinda totally her fault! Thanks, Mom! Yum yum yum.


Tooth paste!!!

December 24th 2012 8:17 pm
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Wow I found a new treat! Mom was brushing her teeth with that minty smelling soapy stuff. I was sitting on the sink supervising her. She reached over and pulled a different tube of soapy stuff out of a drawer... It had a cat on it and said "malt" flavor... She put some goo on her finger & shoved it in my mouth! She rubbed it all over my teeth and gums. I kinda felt weird about it, but then I realized that that stuff tasted great! I sat there licking my lips & bathing my face & ears all over. Yum yum yum!

The next night I found Mom bathing her teeth again. I jumped up on the sink and gave her the kitten eyes. Then I sniffed the air and gave her hand with the tooth brush a little headbutt. She petted me & then realized what I was asking for. She put a tiny punt of the cat tooth soap on her finger and offered it to me. Oh, purrs! I licked her finger all over and ate the whole tiny lump of goo. It was just so wonderful. I sure hope this becomes a habit! I LOVE kitty toothpaste! Who knew?!

Happy Christmas Eve, every kitty!


Report From the Construction Zone...

December 19th 2012 6:47 am
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I'm a little shocked... I logged on and saw myself in Diary Central again! Really?! Does anyone else see me there? Am I going crazy?! If so, I bet I can beat PurrC at wrestling even more often! Huh. Ok! More potatoes for me! Potatoes of EVERYKITTY!!! Yippieeeee!

Our house is still a construction zone. Mom says those worker dudes are coming back and has us locked out of the "work area" that used to be the kitchen... After they left last night, we snuck in there and looked at the big plastic fort they'd constructed around the two windows in the kitchen. I wasted no time in ripping a hole and going inside to go sit in windowsill and look out the bay window. The other window smelled funny, kinda like the nail polish or caulking the humans like fumigating the place with... So I sat in the bay window. All the edging is off of it. I'm a little concerned that they're coming back for it.

Mom came in the kitchen, saw the hole, saw movement in the plastic fort and immediately yelled "Captain Morgan! Get out of there!"

Captain?! In trouble?! I poked my head out the hole in the plastic to see if he needed any help, and came eye to eye with Mom. She then yelled "SPARKMAN!?! Get outtah there! Are you the only one in there?"

So I zoomed out! And heard the distinct sound of duct tape being used on the hole behind me. Then they locked us out of that room. Moose keeps making brave dashes in and out when Mom goes to get coffee and such... But she nabs him. Me? I'm done being brave. I'm going to go bird watch on the sun porch and try not to think about the impending doom of workmen!


DDP & Scary Hide Under the Covers Day!

December 18th 2012 4:18 pm
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Yayyyy! I'm a Daily Diary Pic again! I think the Diary Gal must be logging on my page because she likes watching the falling potatoes. I understand. They leave me drooling every time... Po Tah Toesssss!

That said, I spent hours of the day under the covers in bed hiding. Mom and Dad let these crazy guys with tools belts and tools and stuff in the house! And they're ripping out an old and putting in a new window in the kitchen! At least, that's what Captain Morgan told me. That's a better report than PurrC who told me they were sharpening their tools on the wall by the picture window. And Moose told me there weren't any workers, just friendly dudes with better back scratchers... I didn't peak out to see. I was trying very hard to be a tiny, invisible lump in the blankets till they left. Are they gone yet?! I sure hope so, cause I hear Mom getting a potato ready for me, and I need to venture out to eat it! Wish me luck!


Sewing Helper!

December 15th 2012 8:31 am
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Last night I was a big help with Mom sewing. First she was sewing something out of fleece and I sat beside her picking up scraps and showing them to her and asking "This could be my new fetch mouse! ... How about this piece? .... How about this one?" She paused and tied a scrap of frilly white stuff to my neck like a collar... Nice, Mom. But I want a fetch mouse!!! She finally stopped whatever unimportant thing she was doing to fold up one of the pieces, and then hand sew the edges together. Oh, boy! Oh, boy! I know what that means! I started chirping, trilling, purring, and kneading the table. And just to show her I really really really wanted it, I started batting at the half sewn mousie and kissing her fingers with my wet nose. Then I climbed on her lap and held it in my mouth while she finished the sewing. Geez it takes her FOREVER to sew one of those things!

FInally after a long long time, she finished up and threw it out of the room, bounced off the half open door, bounced off the hall wall, and bouncey bouncey right near the bottom step of the staircase! I did a hop, back flip and attacked the mousie with full on attacked it! Then I brought it back and she threw it a few times for me. Eventually my brothers came over to see what the commotion was. And there's nothing like my brothers milling about in the play field to really cramp my style. I got bored and went over to help Mom sew again.

She had a big quilt thing again. I love those! I tunneled under it and purred at her. She was trimming it's edge. I decided it would be better to roll it up in a ball and bath on the new big nest of a quilt. Ahhhh, so wonderful. She stopped sewing after that. So PurrC and I hung out and took a nap and had a good long lick fest. Purrrrrrs


Sparkman gets a THIRD DDP!

December 13th 2012 11:24 am
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Again?! I'm a Daily Diary Pic, AGAIN?! Cool! That of course means, Mom has to give me even more potatoes! I love potatoes. Thanks, HQ & my friends!

Mom and Dad put toys on that tree they dragged in the house a few days ago. They still remember me as a tiny tot climbing it and having a tree fort, so they're still wiring it to the ceiling and putting bells on the lower branches as "Kitty Alarms." Oh, such silly humans! It's like when they put bells on our collars to warn birds and mice that we are hunting... It just means we learn to sneak up even better as to not disturb the bell or the prey!

Dad also put up plastic on some of the windows. Ha ha! PurrC and I are going to have fun shredding that stuff! Ahh, Dad. Always making new toys for us kitties!

I gotta go climb the tree now... Happy DDP, my fellow DDP-ers & Friends! And Happy Holidays to us all! Purrrrrrs


Sparkman Braves the Snow And Lives to Tell the Tale!

December 9th 2012 10:55 am
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It's snowing. It's SNOWING! I went out there to explore and report back to all of you. And here's what I observed: It's wet and cold and those snow flakes feel like someone annoyingly tickling your ears. The snow melts when your pink toes touch it and then your feets are all wet. Yuck! And there's a slight breeze, which I know I hate it when mother nature or anyone blows on my fur!... I went out to the end of the deck in paw deep fluffy snow and then I turned around and came back. Now I'm on my favorite radiator warming up and melt napping... Phew.... No need to go outside now, friends! You have a full report. Brrrrr!


Midnight Lick Fest!

December 3rd 2012 5:39 pm
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It's a good thing I'm such a tiny kitten still. Because I like sleeping on Mom's pillow with her. For some reason, she added a second pillow to our side of the bed! Go figure! But lately it's been even more crowded on our pillow. Purrseus has figured out where I am sleeping! He wakes up in the night (from his normal spot on Mom's feet) and chirps and purrs and runs over to me. Sometimes he goes around Mom's head to get to me, other times he just runs across her face. My favorite is when he stops half way and flops over ON her face! Ha ha! And then he and I have a full out face bathing lick fest. Mom tries to sleep though our passionate happy slurping and purrs, but generally we pause when she's starting to drift off and lick her too. It's a happy clean fun time! Yayyy! Purrs!


Cuddle Time!

November 19th 2012 8:03 am
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It's getting chilly here again! And you know what that means; CUDDLE TIME! I love the winter months cause I get to curl up with my brothers & cuddle. I think today I'll just spend all morning grooming Captain Morgan's ears. They sure need bathing. I don't think that pirate's bathed since last winter! MOL! Yayyy Cuddle time!



October 21st 2012 6:30 am
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One of my buddies at Silly Sabsters left for the bridge this last week. It's always so hard to say good bye to my Catster friends. Always hoping their humans are doing okay... I'm sorry you were so ill, Felix. But I hope you are out of pain now... Purrs & loves, my friend.

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