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Happy Birthday to me!!

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UPDATE I am Officially 5th!!! Thank you Friends!!

September 24th 2009 3:46 pm
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I started the day really early! Mom sang me happy Birthday and gave me lots of kisses at 6:00am!! Could you imagine how sleepy I was! But I am always ready for Mom kisses! Giggles!

I want to thank all my friends that are celebrating my 5th Birthday with me!

Birthday Hat! Nike & Family, Odie & Crew
CupCake! Wanda & Family, Karma & Family
Ice Cream! Kaci & Mittens
Play Ball! Samoa & Family
Thanks Skippy for the nice pawmail!
Thank you Licorice for my Yummy Shrimp
Thank you to my Family for Forever Crown!

Well is time for my dinner now!!! Love you all!


I Am An Animal Rescuer

February 20th 2008 7:27 am
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My job is to assist God's creatures
I was born with the drive to fulfill their needs
I take in helpless, unwanted, homeless creatures without planning or selection

I have bought dog food with my last dime
I have patted a mangy head with a bare hand
I have hugged someone vicious and afraid

I have fallen in love a thousand times
And I have cried into the fur of a lifeless body too many times to count

I have animal friends and friends who have animal friends
I don't often use the word "pet"

I notice those lost at the road side
And my heart aches

I will hand raise a field mouse
And make friends with a vulture
I know of no creature unworthy of my time

I want to live forever if there aren't any animals in Heaven
But I believe there are
Why would God make something so perfect and leave it behind

Some may think we are master of the animals
But the animals have mastered themselves

Something people still haven't learned
War and abuse make me hurt for the world

But a rescue that makes the news gives me hope for mankind

We are a quiet but determined army
And we are making a difference every day

There is nothing more necessary than warming an orphan
Nothing more rewarding than saving a life
No higher recognition than watching them thrive

There is no greater joy than seeing a baby play
Who only days ago, was too weak to eat

By the love of those who I've been privileged to rescue
I have been rescued

I know what true unconditional love really is
For I've seen it shining in the eyes of so many
Grateful for so little

I am an Animal Rescuer
My work is never done
My home is never quiet
My wallet is always empty
But my heart is always full

--Author Unknown--


Thank you Secret Santa!!!

December 22nd 2007 7:59 am
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Yiiipppeee!!! Last night I got my package from my Secret Santa!!!! Mom helped me to open it!!! I got mousies, catnip pillow, balls, Premium Catnip , Temptations treats!!!Very Yummy!!! a very festive pad filled with catnip, feathers toys!!! as you all know I go crazy with them!!!tehehehe!!! everything was inside a very lovely red stocking that it says CATS and it has a cute cat with a fishy in it!!! also there was a very sweet Christmas Card!!! Thank you Secret Santa fur making my Christmas more special!!!! Off to play now!!!



Package for us from ours Friends!!!

December 6th 2007 7:44 pm
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We received two package today one was fur Ashlye from her Secret Santa and one was fur the Troop which means me and my Siblings from our dearest friends Karma Kitty, Charlie Clarence, Pumkin, Bobbi, Peppers, Smokey, Rags, Flash, Scaredy, Spook, Carma, Mooch, Romeo, Frosty, Me-Yow, Oreo, Baby, Snow & Karma...we got a hanging heart that says "Cats Leave Footprints on your Heart" and it has nice cat face on's sooo cute and sweet also one more that it has a beautiful sitting cat that it says "Meow Spoken Here!!!" so funny and cute and we love them both very much!!! Thank you guys!!! and there is more...we got two Whisker City Premium Catnip, three mousies one black, one gray and one white...and we also got one Friskies tender treats of real Salmon & Shrimp flavor and one Whisker Lickin's crunchy Shrimp & Crap flavor Yummy!! Yummy!!!..we also got two beautifuls Christmas Cards wishing us a very Happy Holidays!!! Thank you guys fur our lovelies presents and fur being our friends!!! We love you all very much

Very Happy


My First Caster Anniversary!!!!

October 3rd 2007 8:58 pm
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Today was my furst Anniversary in Catster and I got my CAKE!!! I love love the way my page looks with my cake in it!!! I want to thanks all my friends that help me to celebrate my special day and I know they stopped by my page to had some cake!!! tehehehe!!! Thank you fur my lovelies Anniversary rosette to: *Rocky Ann*, *Cocoa & Family*, ,*Riley & Family*,*Sullivan & Pansy*, *River & Family* fur help me to celebrate my furst Anniversary and fur all the sweet messages that you've sent me!!! I love you all meow much!!!

A Very Happy Big Boy!!!


Thank you Nike & Family!!!!

September 29th 2007 4:59 pm
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OMC!!! What a week I had...First my Birthday!!!! Second I was honored as a Diary Daily Pick on September 27th (Thank you Catster Again!!!) and Today I got a new Birthday present from *Nike* ,*Riley*, *Mercy*, *Milo*,*Sofie*, *Reebok*, *Joy* *Pebbles* ,*Enzo*, & *Melody*and I got to celebrate even longer my Birthday!!!! Yiipppee!!! They sent me a very cute blue & Red Tranquility Blanket & matching Scarf & the most pretty Birthday Card with my picture in it!!! made specially fur me by *Hazel Lucy!!!!* What a nice and sweet surprise it was!!! As most of you know I'm a pretty wild kitty that's why Mom can't get me to wear anything but this time was different and let Mom to put on the Scarf!!!! Oh Boy I bet you that the famous Tranquility Blanket made the trick!!!! You will see my pictures!!! all I can tell you that this blankets really worked as I was so calm in it and let Mommy take lots of pictures and the best thing was I was wearing the Scarf!!! I was so relaxed that I felt asleep!!! Tehehehe Would be that these blanket would be making me change??? We will see!!!! Thank you Nike & Family fur my adorable blanket and for make my birthday even happier!!!! I love you all meow much

A very Happy Big Boy


I am one of Today's Diaries Pick!!!!!

September 27th 2007 7:44 pm
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OMC!!! what a way of start my day!!!! This morning when Mom signed online found a letter from Catster saying that I am one of today's featured diaries!!!! she started to call me and greeting me fur my honor!!!! Thank you Catster fur making my birthday week so special!!!! & Thank you *Sammie & Kiki*,*Snowy* ,*Stipey* &*Spunky*fur my Concats Diary rosettes!!! I love you all very much!!!

Very Happy Big Boy


I want to thanks *Ambro, Ele' & Gimme*,
*Rocky Ann*,
*Cocoa & Family*,
*Mercy & Family*,
*Buddie Finally Getting Better & Family*,
*Charlita ThunderPaws*,
*River & Family*,
*Grover & Family*, fur the pawmails and rosettes!!! You all helped me to Celebrate my day at the spotlight!!! I had a great & Happy Day!!! Love you all meow much!!! Opps I forgot to tell everyone that next Week October 3rd will be My Furst Anniversary on Catster!!!! More to celebrate!!! Yiiiippppeee!!!

Very Happy Big Boy, Me


One more Birthday Package fur me!!!

September 20th 2007 7:22 pm
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When Mom got home there was another big envelope fur me!!! from * Boogie*,* Hondo* & *Fido* so Mom helped me to open it..inside there was a package of Whisker Lickin's Tuna flavor treats, Mega Pack of Chicken Temptations, a four package of catnip filled mouse, one bag of organic Greens Wheat Seed, Pit'r Pat & a cute and very sweet Birthday Card. Thank you Boogie, Hondo & Fido fur being my friends and fur make my Birthday so special. I love you all very much

Very Happy Big Boy


I got my furst Present today

September 19th 2007 7:35 pm
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I got my first envelope from *Cocoa*, *Kashmere*, *Jaspurr*, *Aspen*, *Snowmitts*,& *Picasso*, When Mom opened my envelope everything was wrapped so nice,there was 5 little packages, let me tell you all what I got there was a bag of Whisker City Premium Catnip, one Chicken Flavor of Temptation, two colorful balls in pink and two in blue & two in Gold and blue, a Catnip filled plush toy, a very cool blue collar and the famous hand made catnip pillow and socks that Auntie Barbi made specially fur me they also included a very sweet and funny Birthday card. Thank you Cocoa, Kashmere, Jaspurr, Aspen, Snowmitts, Picasso, Auntie Barbi & Uncle Rob fur making my first Birthday in my new home so special. I love you all very much!!!!!

A very happy Big Boy


New Kitten at Home!!!!

July 6th 2007 6:27 pm
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When Mom gets to the office this morning saw a little kitten running at the parking lot, since her office is located on a very busy Avenue she tried and tried to get the little baby because she wouldn't want nothing bad could happen to her. It was raining but does not stop Mom to try to rescues the kitten, wasn't easy tough because she ran and ran and doesn't let Mommy to catch her. After half an hour of trying without any luck the kitty jump inside of the engineer of one of the car that was parked there so Mom went to get the keys and open it and she was inside very scared and all wet. Mom finally was able to get her and bring it to her office. Mom get a big box and her jacket to give her a nice warm and soft bed, The kitten cry for a long time but finally went to sleep a Noon mom give her turkey and she eat lots of meat....Mom took some pictures with her phone and contacted rescues site that will help Mom to find a forever home fur this precious baby, they named her Maggie May and she already has her own page fur adoption. Maggie will be staying with us until she will find her furever home and Mom will take her to the vet tomorrow fur complete check up...Here is her adoption page Maggie May Check out Maggie's pictures on Sock's page


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