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"OH- the cat came back. We thought he was a goner, but the cat- back, the very next WEEK"

July 20th 2010 8:44 pm
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Last night, I came home! I was gone for a week says Mommy. The GIRL came to the house after work to pick up something and there I was on the sidewalk staring at her!!
She walked all triumphantly into the house with me and nobody was there! She found the BOY in his room playing his online game, so we really surprised him! she just walked in his room holing me and he was all happy and we gave each other hugs. THEN I HAD to find my Mom (WHO I believe was out looking for me because I had heard her voice each night last week) I found her in the basement cleaning up and I meowed at her. she thought she was going insane and was hearing cats meowing so ignored me. I waited for a bit then Meowed again "Like, hellllloooooo Mommy, Did you not miss me?" Mommy looked at me standing on the basement steps and says to me "OH MY GOSH Kitty WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" And we gave each other hugs.
I told her my stories of my adventures, but I don't think she speaks "cat" because I heard her telling my BOY "I wish Ty could talk so he could tell us about his adventures"

I have been following Mom around a lot lately. And she has been nicer to me too. She gives me cat cookies!

I am getting sleepy....I think I will lay on the luxurious leather chair. Much better than where I had been sleeping all week. Even though Mom does not understand "cat" and so has NO IDEA where that place was.

But before I go, the "JAKE" dog says I have to sing my new theme song for you all one time. So here I go.

"OH- The cat came back, we thought he was a goner, but the cat came back the very next DAAAAAY" (In my case "The cat came back the very next WEEK")!

Time for bed....meow at you all later.

"SIGH" It is so good to be home.




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