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Fido the sweetie cat!

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Handsome inlaws!

December 1st 2009 8:30 pm
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My my! I see my inlaws changed their pictures recently! Such a good looking family! Especially with Allie in it :)

Can you believe we've almost been meowied for a year!!! OMC!! It'll be a year December 15.

My goal this coming year is to be a solid 15 pound cat. While some cats watch their figure, I have a fast metab and I don't over eat like SOME cats I live with... I'm the tallest cat in the family so I don't show my weight like mom and Mittens/Boogie do (they're shorter MOL).

I gotta go shopping for Catmas as I plan to get my cards and gifts out by next week. Mom and dad HATE going to the post during the holidays--and the fact that our post STINKS like Boogie's morning breath! Yup, as always, mail issues... HISSSSSSSSSSS


Guess what today is!!!!!!

November 26th 2009 12:00 am
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Sure, it's Thanksgiving, but I'm happy to say it's the 4th birthday of my BEAUTIFUL *paws off dudes* wife *ALLIE* and handsome mancat BIL *MURRAY* !!!

Ugh, it's a good thing I have an intelligent wifey! I should have looked at my catbook earlier but was relying on FB to tell me when her bday was. I thought I was late, but turns out I was early! Confoosing! Daddy's was yesterday (thank you everyone for the wishes and nom noms for him) and now it's theirs.

I'm super glad my zealie deposit was deposited in time for their bday but NOT thankful that we only get 30.... Ugh, I have ONE left!!! ONE!!! That's not cool!!! What's a cat to do? And not thankful that her gifty will be a day late... OY!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a safe one! Daddy works (worked on his bday too) but I'll be the man of the house and watch over mom and my bros.

Love you Allie!!!!!!!!!!


Allie's Secretary!!!!!! HISSSSSSSSSSSS

November 24th 2009 9:08 am
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Kidding! Kidding! She is my MIL after all :) Sooooooooooo we just woke up and I see that Allie said everyone is wrong in regards to her bday and Murray's!

BUT! BUT! BUT!! On Facebook, it says Allie's bday is... TODAY!!!!!! That's how I got confoosed!!! Yet mom looked at her cat book and SURE ENOUGH her bday is the 26th!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a Turkeyday baby this year! It gets complicated 'cause the 25th is MY Daddy's bday.

OMC. I think both our secretary's should get fired!!


Happy Birthday Allie and Murray!!!

November 24th 2009 12:49 am
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I'd like to wish my BEAUTIFUL wife *ALLIE* and my bro-in-law *MURRAY* celebrate their birthday's today!!!

I'm waiting for my zealies to be deposited so I can send them a lil' some somethin'... Should be any moment! We've noticed if the deposit date says November 25, often they'll be deposited the day before. That's what ours says now so c'monnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

While I wait, I will drool like her doggies and admire her beauty :)

Happy Birthday sweetie!!!!!!!



November 16th 2009 3:04 pm
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1) Remember wifey's 4th bday: Check
2) Find wifey a spiffy card: Check
3) Find wifey a birthday present ALL by myself w/o Hondo's help: Check
4) Wrap the gifts: Sorta check (where are my thumbs?!?!?!)
5) Ship gift on time: Check providing daddy doesn't forget to do this next week MOL




November 10th 2009 6:39 pm
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Daddy just failed at making Chocolate Chip cookies tonight... He tried, but they were a bit... DARK looking on the underside... :)

Just another reason why mommy thinks he should cook more! Speaking of mom, she was BUSY today!

2 loads of laundry
made a potato salad
cleaned both drinkwells
brushed us all
cleaned the house

and now mom is laughing that Dad had issues with cookies hehe! Daddy is all upset as he wanted cookies, aka his weakness :)


Biggest yawn!

November 8th 2009 2:42 pm
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Dangit! Mom didn't upload my big YAWN picture on my main page for Catster's coolest contest! Why? SHE CAN'T FIND IT on the hard drive! She knows it's there but can't find it! Woe is me!

It could be the money maker shot! Figures... I bet Boogie sabotaged my chances of winning 'cause he's good like that... Evil like that...

I might have to get help when I plot my revenge. He is EVIL!


My Allie!

November 3rd 2009 7:40 am
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Oh my! It's already November! And you know what that means? Daddy and Allie's bday is coming up! I will always remember Allie's bday as it's the day after my dad's!! Daddy will be a whoppin' 29 this year (mom still gets annoyed that she's older by 2 years) and Allie will be 4!!! I too, like daddy, have an older wifey :)

Not sure what to get the prettiest cat in the world... I'm all set for Catmas but her bday is a different story. We both laugh as both our bdays are so close to Catmas. But I've been saving and daddy said I've been a better cat lately so my allowance is bigger :)

I might have to consult my BIL what she kneads... My lady is not high maintenance which is good!



October 31st 2009 8:32 am
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Wishing everyone a safe and fun Halloween! *ahem* As mentioned in the fabulous HP group:




Rock the vote!

October 27th 2009 4:55 pm
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Mom is helping us upload pictures for Catster's coolest cat contest! I'd love for my wifey or any of our friends to win!!! In the meantime, please vote if you have time for myself and my evil brothers. Just look for our badge where the bio fields are :)

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